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  1. Leoparden und Marder for Ukraine

    Stayed at home. There fixed that for you...  
  2. Politics Gen XYZ

    Needs the update Wulfrun      
  3. how to attach picture in this forum ?

    Indeed they do, but I'm really annoyed by how rubbish the wiki is these days. Most of my post was complaining about that.
  4. how to attach picture in this forum ?

    All very well in theory Tor, but the page linked to at the start of that thread was last updated in 2012 and the forum has gone through several revisions since then. It bears no resemblance to the current process and says nothing about the limits etc.   Edit to add that the 'main' link to the help pages ( doesn't work anymore, and over 1/2 of the wiki is completely fucked up because of a bad update during a migration. The combination of those things have meant that user updates to the wiki are rarely made and routinely ignored. The forum is dying and if we want the few newcomers who do arrive to stay, then we need to adapt a bit from the old TT mentality of bluntly telling them to 'search for it' and being a bit more welcoming.    
  5. The language requirement for naturalisation is actually ausreichende Kenntnisse der deutschen Sprache  Or " sufficient command of the German language " What that exactly means is not defined in the Nationality act at all, but it is widely interpreted to mean B1 because other laws use that as an equivalence.  What this means in practice is that most people will need B1, but it's worth starting the process without it because they are allowed to grant you citizenship without the certificate.   Source: Law here, english translation here:   For reference I got my German citizenship and I don't have any formal qualification in German.
  6. Odd news

    That is the same link twice  John.
  7. how to attach picture in this forum ?

    Each reply, or topic start, basically each time you click a button marked Submit... 
  8. how to attach picture in this forum ?

    Max of  245.76kb per post, so if you attach more than one picture to your post the limit is shared between all of them.   
  9. how to attach picture in this forum ?

    Each photo has a max size and this website is stupid. If you have received this message you need to refresh the page at least once before it will work. Sometimes you need to flush your cookies too.  
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Why not, more Kate.  One of her less successful singles.    
  11.   I've liked that  track since I first bought Sensual World, but I never saw the video. That was nice. Was that Noel Fielding at the end as well?  
  12. Wow that is wild. I wonder why the sister waited until she was dead to say anything? This would have been news in 1973 as much as it is news now.  
  13. What paintings and artists do you like.

    I've never seen any Hopper "In real life", but for many years Nighthawks was the wallpaper on my PC, it's lovely.   As a university student I went to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and all the paintings were breath taking, but there was something about his paintings of the yellow house in Arles that really moved me. It is also one of those which I often mention when explaining the difference between seeing a painting and seeing a picture of a painting. The way those paintings capture a feeling of "place" is something that I have never really experienced when looking at anything else.   I also really like René Magritte's work, but when we visted the Musée Magritte Museum in Brussels I didn't get the same feeling of the difference between reproductions and the original works. M.C. Escher's works in the museum in The Hague were the same, gorgeous, engaging, interesting, but fundamentally not that different from the online versions which are easy to find.   My wife's favourite was this Monet called "Camille" which is in the Bremen art museum. When you see it close up, the quality of the cloth on that dress is something spectacular.  
  14. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Was three years ago but here is an article about Norway, can't find the one about Iceland but it was a similar sort of thing.  
  15. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Yeah but I think the whole point is the UK position is so weak right now that the EU has no incentive to offer something like Norway or Swiss model. The 'Norway' model that was always touted was based on the UK being part of the EEA, this option is not available to the UK because both Iceland and Norway have said they would exercise their veto's to stop this. The Swiss model of being in the in the 'single market' but not the EEA or EU only works because CH is part of Schengen. I really don't see any way for the UK to get back inside the tent even a little bit without them signing up to the Euro and Schengen, and both of those are currently still 'red line' issues for both major UK parties. Now the Tories are U-Turning so fast we could probably solve the energy crisis by attaching a turbine to the PM, but I can't believe they will come to rest on an EU facing seat for another few years yet. I think we need at least one non-tory parliament to try to 'make Brexit work' and when they fail then the political classes might have the balls to do the right thing. I'm sure that eventually the UK will want to join (or the EU will be replaced by something bigger and better) but I can't see that being much before 2030.    
  16.   In ours they have switched off 1/2 the escalators and the elevators are still on. It really just means that you are always at one end of the shop when you go up or down, but the escalators are at one end and the elevators the other so it's not real inconvenience.  
  17. BREXIT positives and negatives

    I think a number of the eastern European nations and possibly also Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece might insist on the UK also joining the Euro if they were to be allowed back in, similarly I can see France and Germany insisting on them joining Schengen. I suspect a few of the other smaller/newer members would want to flex the 'Veto' powers to get some concessions too, so I'm not sure it will be as easy as you think murphaph. There will be a cost to the UK for re-joining you can be sure of that.    
  18. BREXIT positives and negatives

    See the problem is all those options like "Norway" or "Swiss model" or even a simple customs union are poison to the current shower in charge, the most likely long-term solution they can come up with is some kind of "Singapore on Thames" type model. Extra friendly to the rich and the corporate, screw the poor they don't matter. And by the time they are forced from power in a few more years time, there will be nothing left to rescue. Not that I think the current Labour party could fix this shitshow even if they took over now. Brexit was an absolute disaster and every possible mitigation was ignored or actively fought against. Every concession from the EU was taken as weakness or a dirty-trick and now a large percentage of the EU think that letting them back in would be poison and they would fight against it.  
  19. Just re-watched the first episode of Cracker, it's compelling TV. Gonna have to watch this all again now. He will be missed.  
  20. How to repair a Rolladen

    I'm working from a machine translation, but if I understand this page properly..   It's possible to have an electric system that can be also operated by hand. Alternatively there is this page:-   Which seems to offer solar powered electric shutters so I guess that might meet your requirement too.  
  21.     My dad once commented that when interviewing people it is important to understand the difference between "x years of experience" and "1 year of experience x times". Some people really don't learn anything new after the first year or so.   I totally agree with you, I think the whole degree/masters/doctorate program as it stands today is a bit dumb but just replacing it with years of experience and/or years of study isn't gonna work. You do need people to actually have learned something from their time and to do that you probably need some sort of qualification gate at the end of each stage. Once you agree on that there seems little harm in retaining the traditional titles.  
  22. 3G in Restaurants?

    That happened a long time ago, but the powers that be have all fucked off and so there is little anyone can do about it except move on and not participate. I'm like you though and I can't seem to put it down. We should just leave them to it.  
  23. Hmm it seems to me that your permit becomes invalid if you leave for a reason which is "not temporary" or you leave for more than 6 months.   Detail seems to be here Unofficial English translation here:   It looks like you can ask for more time if you need it though which would be the ( or within a longer period set by the foreigners authority ) part of clause 7.   So if you need to go for more than six months, why not just ask?  
  24. Random pointless comments

    Wish her well from all of us and tell her that we miss her :-)  
  25. English-speaking lawyer with reasonable rates needed

    Do they have any contact details other than your email address? If not then fuck-em. You don't have to prove there is no contract, rather they have to prove there is one.