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  1. 3G in Restaurants?

    That happened a long time ago, but the powers that be have all fucked off and so there is little anyone can do about it except move on and not participate. I'm like you though and I can't seem to put it down. We should just leave them to it.  
  2. Hmm it seems to me that your permit becomes invalid if you leave for a reason which is "not temporary" or you leave for more than 6 months.   Detail seems to be here Unofficial English translation here:   It looks like you can ask for more time if you need it though which would be the ( or within a longer period set by the foreigners authority ) part of clause 7.   So if you need to go for more than six months, why not just ask?  
  3. Random pointless comments

    Wish her well from all of us and tell her that we miss her :-)  
  4. English-speaking lawyer with reasonable rates needed

    Do they have any contact details other than your email address? If not then fuck-em. You don't have to prove there is no contract, rather they have to prove there is one.  
  5. Online British Food Shops

      I recently bought some stuff from these guys they were a bit more expensive than I would like, but the bacon, sausage and black-pudding were great. The stuff arrived quickly, was well packed and still very cold. Tasted great. There was a minor problem with my order (one of the things I wanted was sold out) but they emailed me and were super friendly and nice in the conversation about how to handle it. All in all it was a positive experience, but not something I will do too often because of the cost.  
  6. Obituary thread of notable or obscure folk: Cindy Williams

    Littlefeather represented Marlon Brando at the 45th Academy Awards in 1973, this was her speech to the academy.      
  7. What are you watching right now?

    Mrs Harris goes to Paris. It was a lovely, silly, escapist way to spend an afternoon. Complete nonsense of the sort that I genuinely thought the world was too cynical to make anymore.  It was a total delight of a movie that didn't tax my thought processes at all, but still kept me engaged and entertained.  
  8. Can a German be rude when speaking English?

      Yeah but rude is for the 'receiver' not the giver to decide. The closest you can get is to say 'It is impossible to be unintentionally rude to jeba' which again explains a lot. I now understand why you get quite  so pissy when you think someone is attacking you, the idea that it might be accidental rudeness doesn't occur to you. If it triggers the 'rude' bone then it must have been intentional.   If you found that rude, it wasn't my intention, and to be clear here is some intentional rudeness, Fuck Off, the idea that one can't be unintentionally rude is bollocks.  
  9. Can a German be rude when speaking English?

    That really is interesting. If every time you are rude on this board is deliberate then my opinion of you has gone down significantly. I think you are just wrong here jeba. It's quite possible to do something culturally inappropriate because of a lack of knowledge. Classic example would be eating with your left hand in India, it's rude, but easy to do accidentally if you don't know.          
  10. Obituary thread of notable or obscure folk: Cindy Williams

      No I mean he wrote a rap song I liked.  The point about rap is the "words". Obviously Stevie Wonder wrote a banging tune and some good words for passtime paradise, but the lyrics and the rap parts of Gangster Paradise meant something. It is quite possible for something to be derived from something else (like Gangsta Paradise clearly is) and still be good (Which again).
  11. The problem is if they don't know exactly what the reading was when the price changed (and unless you have a smart meter then they don't) then they have to estimate it somehow. There are a bunch of different ways they could legitimately do that, and some are more likely to be advantageous to the gas company whilst others will be advantageous to the customer. If the reading is as accurate as possible on the day of cutover then it is less likely to be impacted by this guesswork. I have no idea what the rules are for calculating this, but you can bet the gas company is going to act in it's own best interest. In reality the difference is going to be fairly small and I don't think I can be bothered to do anything, but it does sort of make sense if you are concerned about it.  
  12. Obituary thread of notable or obscure folk: Cindy Williams

    Coolio wrote probably the first rap song I ever actually liked.    
  13. Politics Gen XYZ

    The trouble is that is supposed to be comedy, but I agree with every single word of it.  
  14. BREXIT positives and negatives

    That isn't actually true though. Austerity happened because the tories are ideologically wedded to it. It was unnecessary cruel and in some cases breached international human rights agreements. It was an evil made by an evil party.
  15. Politics Gen XYZ

    And the Daily Star headline here is genius.  
  16. Politics Gen XYZ

  17. Can a German be rude when speaking English?

    Let's pick this apart.  Rude is a cultural standard applied by the listener. Clearly it is different in Germany, and English speaking countries like the US and the UK but also there is some overlap. You can be rude intentionally or unintentionally. You can learn cultural norms in school if your teacher is good, but you can also pick them up from plenty of other places too, movies, tv-shows, books, conversation with others.  Intentionally rude is when one deliberately oversteps cultural boundaries. Some people (and I really don't think this is a German thing, just an asshole thing)  pay no attention to the cultural boundaries even when they are pointed out.     I would argue that being intentionally rude requires a fair understanding of the cultural standards of the person you are speaking to. This is hard to do if you have not learned this well, but there are still enough common standards between German and English that a non-speaker of either language could be intentionally rude to another non-speaker.   Being unintentionally rude is trivial, but should also be much easier to forgive.    
  18. BREXIT positives and negatives

      All of us, those in the UK and in the EU.  The structural instability in the EU caused by brexit will impact the UK and the EU. We will all be worse off. If the UK hadn't left, then the the damage would both be smaller and spread amongst more countries, the whole of Europe (including the UK) would be better of if they hadn't left. At the end of the day, the disaster capitalists in the UK will profit, the man in the street will suffer. There is nothing good about brexit unless you are already very wealthy, . 
  19. BREXIT positives and negatives

    That was true before brexit too, so again how does brexit help?
  20. BREXIT positives and negatives

    And the UK at 4.2 yesterday. I don't see that the UK is doing any better outside the EU than it would have done inside, and would argue that brexit was structurally damaging to both the UK and the EU and without it both sides would be in a stronger position.  
  21. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    The law sets the minimum standard, the carrier sets the actual requirement for their flights. (Oh and the law at the destination will also form part of that decision). If Luftansa say you need a mask, then you need a mask.   I didn't need one last week with KLM to Singapore but you might with Luftansa to wherever you are going.   Call them and ask if you are really concerned, or just take masks anyway.
  22. 3G in Restaurants?

    This is the best answer. Sorry for my flippant reply, the general tone of questions on this thread puts me in a very particular mood :-).  
  23. 3G in Restaurants?

    Just ask when you make the appointment?  
  24. What made you laugh today?

    According to the post-office website existing postboxes will stay the same. No announcement will be made regarding new ones until after the funeral.