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  1. German citizenship after 6 years

    They probably lost a page or forgot to mark the back :-). Wow thats quite a difference, well done.
  2. @Elljay Here is Jon Anderson from Yes talking about that song and how it came to be written. Some great Vangelis stories before the one about the song and then Jon  performing his version of it. Glorius.    
  3. Hi toBnruG I was really thinking about the fact that the petrol in my car doesn't just disappear if I leave the car for a few months whereas the electricity in a battery eventually will go away. The answers I got about how long that takes were exactly what I wanted to know.    
  4.   Fantastic music John. For me it was the Bladerunner music that I remembered him for.   Here is someone playing the end theme from that movie live if you can believe it...    
  5. What made you laugh today?

    George W at is finest  
  6. Biometric Passport Photos

    Go into the local photo-dose. Give them the exact description you have there, get the photo done. They will know exactly what the rules are.   Alternatively if you prefer a photo-booth, then at least here in Bremen the  the relevant office has a photo-machine in the lobby and I can only assume it will take the right kind of pictures. (be a bit shit if it didn't)  
  7. Only in America

    Yeah we are less than 1/2 way through the year and there have already been 198 mass shootings.   Seems the US averages between 10 and 15 per week over the course of a normal year, which is just unbelievable to me.  
  8. Census 2022, surveys in person

    Got my paperwork on Friday last week, it took about 20 minutes to fill in the online form, but that was only cos I needed to look up when the house was built and exactly what the floor area was. I could have 'estimated' those values and been done in 5 minutes or so.  
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    I think I want this to win Eurovision more than anything right now.     Best bits from the lyrics:- Opening verse... Not sure I told you, but I really like your teeth That hairy coat of yours with nothing underneath Not sure you have a name, so I will call you Keith ... Chorus ... And before that wolf eats my grandma Give that wolf a banana ... Next verse ... See where you’re going, but I don’t know where you’ve been Is that saliva or blood drippin’ off your chin? If you don’t like the name Keith I’ma call you Jim ... All the lyrics are fantastic though, take a look at them here:-  
  10. @CincyInDE @MikeMelga Thanks both, it was just idle curiosity, TBH I'm not gonna buy a new car anytime soon. My eyesight isn't up to driving anymore and so not a lot of point, but I had always wondered so I thought it was worth asking.  
  11. Question for all you electric car drivers, back when we had a car, it was not uncommon for it to sit outside unused for 2 or 3 months. TBH it was an emergency only vehicle and unless we were going to collect or deliver something bulky or to travel on vacation the car just sat outside. How long would the charge hold up in such a scenario on an electric car?  Days, weeks, months?   We have no off-road parking and the road is too far away from an extension lead, so any charging would be done at a remote charge point, meaning if the batteries are flat we would be stuck there.   If the battery had ever given out on the diesel car, we had an emergency battery charger thing which would have gotten us going, and/or we could get a jump start from a neighbour. What would we have done with an electric car?    
  12. No Customer Service at Eventim/FanSale

    With other firms that are frustrating to contact, I have also had some luck with social-media, eventim_de seem to have a twitter feed, perhaps try that? Good luck.  
  13. 3G in Restaurants?

    GRR. I had a big post here with links to the actual data regarding the mean excess death-rate etc. And TT ate it. Ignore me.