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  1. Make sure that the legal situation matches the reality.   If your partner lives with you in the bigger apartment then change the registration. If they don't move then don't change the registration.   Either way if you are concerned, contact the person processing the visa application and ask them for advice. It's not illegal to move home during the application process but it is probably not a good idea to hide the fact from the authorities.    
  2. What are you watching right now?

    Just about to start the last episode of that myself Janx, it's fun isn't it.  
  3. No you misunderstood me, I meant that they won't ask you questions from the naturalisation test because that has already been asked and answered, but that if there was some 'Jargon' type question you would understand it from your prep for the naturalisation test. Don't stress about it, they are not trying to trip you up, they are for the most part, bored civil servants trying to get through their caseload.  
  4. It's region specific, and somewhat dependent on who you get conducting your application, but I can say that my guy in Bremen was friendly and sympathetic. The questions he asked were clear and straightforward, and if I wasn't able to answer them he lead me in a different direction until he got an answer he could work with. The work of deciding if you understand how to live in Germany etc is all taken care of by the Naturalisation test. If you are able to pass that you should be able to answer any questions in that regard. Do the practice tests here and good luck.  
  5. What made you cry today?

    This in the guardian really got me today for some reason.
  6. No one of your first 'official' actions after collecting the Certificate is to apply for a perso and/or a passport reflecting your new status. You can apply for either or both but you need to apply.  
  7. World wide TAX on income, if not resident anywhere

    It's not easy to live 'nowhere' most countries have some rule about domicile that are not based on 'time' but 'connections to a place' or 'centre of living'  or similar.   This is an interesting article about it    
  8. Only in America

      The population Portugal is about the same as that of North Carolina, seems like it might be reasonable for the whole of the US to take a little bit longer. But yes I agree it does seem to take an awfully long time.
  9. Yeah, I think they still get power as well, because they still work every night even if there is snow on top for a few days, but it's gotta be reducing the overall power budget quite a bit. I can't see that our local gov would have spent the money to replace them if they couldn't find the savings (Unless they found someone else to pay :-) ).  
  10. The streetlights on my street use LED bulbs and have a little solar panel on the top of each one, I'm pretty sure the usage is negligible compared to the increase in pedestrian safety that comes from having a lit street.  
  11. Odd news

    Dunno if this is ODD news or if it's just awful. How on earth can someone get this so wrong.   : "It's memorial day for Kristallnacht! Treat yourself with more tender cheese on your crispy chicken. Now at KFCheese!"  
  12. Which past members do you miss the most?

    Wow, @Punchbear was posting as recently as September this year, sad to see him go, I remember a few funny threads that he was involved in.  
  13. Yeah as kiplette says the level is B1 not B2 and that is quite a bit easier. Instead of worrying about how hard it is compared to exams you did in school years ago, why not compare it to an English B1 now.   Take a look at an online test for B1 in English. (I won't recommend one, I just googled and did about 3 different ones easily in 10 minutes).   I would be very surprised if you get less than C1 on it because I've seen you write here, that should give you a bit more confidence.