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  1. Money-Saving Tips

    optimista said:- "Oh dear, you do not take into account the unquantifiable immeasurables" You are right I didn't. I had included some part of that in my original version of the post because being outside and picking fruit does have benefits for some, but since this is the 'Money Saving Tips' thread I kept my comments to tangible financial benefit so that I could answer Keith's question abut Sanddorn and stay "on topic". It's possible to value everything, and a pleasant walk, some bending and stretching, then coming home with food stuffs can of course be "fun". I suppose if I wanted to pitch fruit foraging and jam making as 'Money saving' and so on topic for this thread then one could argue that it's significantly cheaper than playing golf and going to a high-end restaurant.
  2. Money-Saving Tips

    Sanddorn is known as "Sea buckthorn" in English, and it's been a very trendy item on high-end menus and cooking shows in the UK over the last few years. It grows like a weed all over the Baltic coast and is really common in some of the seaside towns where it is made into jam's jellies and deserts, or even as a liqueur. It's not to my taste, (Wrong mix of sweet/sour for me) but it's a thing. Like any soft fruit (or anything really) you only save money if you actually use it. If you do then foraging is going to be the best 'money saving' way of getting some, but like all these money saving tips, you trade financial cost for time cost and for most of us who are not yet retired, time has a measurable value in Euro. At minimum wage in Germany, you would need to gather the berries and make the jam in less than 1 hour to save the cost of even an expensive jar of Sanddorn jam.
  3. One of my favourite 'easter eggs' in NCIS was a scene where someone was saying how good looking "Ducky" (The David McCallum character) was in his younger days and someone else compared him to Illya Kuryakin (His character in The Man from U.N.C.L.E).
  4. "why are they now referring to England, Scotland and Wales as Nations" Because it's complicated. ( Here are the BBC editorial guidelines:- However if the place you saw this was in the context of Rugby Union, then the answer is because the name of one of the most important tournaments in the game is the "Six Nations Championship" and each of the teams is treated as a 'nation'. In general I don't have a problem with it, in particular because the BBC is slowly merging the international and UK news organisations, I expect to see it used more and more often rather than the more familiar "Countries" or the less accurate "Regions". There needs to be some word for that level of the administrative hierarchy and "Nation" seems as good as any other. It's been in use in government and in common speech as far back as I can remember.
  5. Packing Up to Leave and emojis for absolute beginners

    An interesting side-effect of blocking javascript is that if you visit the local with javascript blocked, their annoying mechanism to stop you reading without subscribing also breaks and you can read whatever you like. I wonder if making that public knowledge will prompt them to get things fixed.
  6. Randy Meisner, a founding member of the Eagles, dies aged 77
  7. Selling an Apartment: How long can it be empty?

    Not answering for Cincy but just to say, there is a widely acknowledged housing crisis in Berlin ( Adequate housing is a basic human right ( Generally it is reasonable for the state to uphold the rights of it's citizens Legislating to prevent usable housing space being empty is a logical if partial solution to a housing shortage. Other better solutions may or may not exist, I'm not a politician and I'm not gonna argue with you about it.
  8. Hey Panda, you keep talking about currency speculation profits, is there also the possibility that the rate changes mean you have losses, and if so can they be used in some way?
  9. The English Teacher's Corner

    And "Full of shit" for some of the regular posters on this site.
  10. What made you laugh today?

    "What do they do about toilets?" There are 2000 "Long Drop" toilets, 1300 Composting toilets,+ 700 meters of male urinals and unknown number of portaloos, 700 volunteers kept them all clean and working, it's a major operation.
  11. How to post on TT without JavaScript enabled

    @robinson100 the easiest way to turn off javascript is to download an addon called noscript or ublock origin Noscript is a generic tool to turn off javascript and ublock is an ad-blocker. Personally I use ublock. Here are some instructions on how to use it to block javascript,turned%20off%20on%20the%20site. The instructions are for the chrome version of the addon but the process is the same in firefox.
  12. new dual citizenship law

    It still doesn't say anything, No law has been passed. Wait and see.