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  1. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Yeah they actually put a letter in with mine saying that once I pick up the certificate I will be subject to "Ausweispflicht" and so I should apply for a Perso straight-away. In Bremen it's all in the same building so I'll just go downstairs and apply. 
  2. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    OK Another success story.  I pick my certificate up on Monday. Here is a timeline for a 'simple' application in Bremen. Total time 4 months 2 weeks 6 days. I don't think you can call that slow.     July 23rd 2018 I finally got scared enough to do something about it and had my initial interview to get my 'list'.         They wanted:- Completed application Passport Work Contract Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate Qualifications Versicherungsverlauf Einbürgerungstest Certificate Proof of language competency but they mentioned they could test me in the office.     July 26th I went back with everything they wanted except the einbürgerungstest and the language cert. They decided to 'test me' in the office regarding the language part, and gave me a reading comprehension test in front of 3 witnesses. They asked me questions and I was required to answer them, some verbal some written. It took about 10 minutes and they told me right away that I had passed and that they would start processing the application as soon as I had payed. I just needed to keep them advised on when I would be taking the Einburgurungstest and bring them the Certificate once I passed.       August 9th I finally managed to get an appointment for the einbürgerungstest on November 9th     November 9th Took the test. Super easy because I had been preparing for months using the online resources.     December 8th Got the test results 31/33 which will do fine for me     December 9th handed in the Certificate. Application was now "Complete"     December 11th Application was approved and a letter notifying me of that was put in the post.     December 13th Letter received, I can pick up my certificate on Monday (They are not open on Friday).     I don't know how long a Perso and a Passport will take to get but I will apply for them on Monday as soon as I have the Certificate.
  3. Why are you happy today?

    I just got a letter telling me to come and pick up my einbürgerungsurkunde. I'm going to be a German in time for Brexit day. What a relief.  
  4. ApplePay!

    Yeah fair enough. I guess 'cash' gives you that 'at a glance' overview.
  5. ApplePay!

      Huh? If I spend cash I have to go through every individual till receipt to get an overview of what I spent and if I lost one then I have no record at all. If I use a card or my phone, then I get an full list of exactly what I spent where. I can export it to a spreadsheet, track it month to month etc etc. Much better overview IMO. OK if I want to know exactly what I bought in Rewe on the 13th of the month I still have to go back to the paper receipts, but in general having the overview from my bank statement as a prompt makes it much easier to remember and therefore less likely for me to need to go back to the till slips.  
  6. Why are you happy today?

    Einbürgerungstest results just arrived, I passed.  I'll hand it in on Monday and thats the last bit of my application done.
  7. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    Yeah, except that is the status " Stand: 1.6.2018 ", if things change then that status will change too. For example one of the possible options (And I don't think its really likely but it is still an option), is that the UK withdraws Article 50. If they do that then whatever AOK says on their website won't actually apply because the UK will still be the in the EU and the old rules will still apply.  
  8. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    If  the AOK cards are like mine from BKK, then my guess is that because the back of the card is an EHIC that part will no longer be valid for UK citizens in a 'no-deal' situation regardless of our employment status etc.  In reality though anyone telling you what will happen on March 29th is speculating, not stating facts, the only thing that is 'certain' is that we don't know what will happen yet because the decisions haven't been made. If you have any chance to reduce the uncertainty by getting another EU citizenship before Brexit day then do it ASAP.
  9. Dunno, it was a bit ugly. However it looks like it was mostly restricted to problems with the DNS servers. On my machines configured to use an alternate DNS everything carried on working, but for the ones taking the default from the router about 60% of DNS lookups failed.   T-Online seem to have had a blip at about the same time.  
  10. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

    I would somewhat agree with this, but the key point would be how quickly to phase it out. I would say that you could look at a survey like this one which shows that 98% of users under 40 had internet access in 2017. Therefore for users under 40 we are already at the point where online services provide all the services we need.   However for users over 70, more than 50% don't have this access. These people may well rely on TV or Radio to stay informed, connected, and "culturally protected". So I guess as internet penetration increases and older users drop out of the population, we could phase out public broadcasters, but we are not there yet.   Certainly although I never watch German TV there is real value in it's existence as something which my 90 year old Father-in -law with mild dementia can sit in front of to occupy him for a few hours whilst "Omi" goes out and gets the shopping done.   I suppose that over the next decade more and more people will feel like EB and that eventually a politician will pay attention and do away with it, but until they do it's the law of the land and IMO we should just pay.  
  11. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

    Try calling the doctors on this list and see if you can find one:-   BTW to find that I did a google search :- for Sterilisation frau berlin this was the first hit.   Obviously since I'm a bloke living in Bremen I have no idea if any of them are any good, but it should get you started down the right path.   Good luck.    
  12. Capital gain tax for selling flat

    I mean exactly what I said, she has to have lived in the place as her main residence in the year she sells it, and in the two years previously. So if she sold it today then she would need to have lived there during 2018, 2017 and 2016.   You say she has lived there for 6 years, so she should be in the clear, but most importantly if she sells the place she will want to take legal advice anyway, so she should double check then.    
  13. Capital gain tax for selling flat

    Should be the case that if she lived in the flat as her main home in the year she sold it and the 2 previous years that she is exempt from capital gains tax. (see  EStG §23 Absatz 1)   Edit to add: This is not legal or tax advice, I am not qualified to give such. If you need advice then seek a suitably qualified professional :).
  14. back and forth to keep resident permit

    Yeah the whole point here is to convince the relevant authority that your reason for leaving is temporary (i.e completing a compulsory part of your studies), and to get them to agree explicitly to any time outside Germany that you need to take so that the 6 months period doesn't apply. (You will then have " a longer period set by the foreigners authority "). Do that before you go away each time and you should have no worries. Fail to do that and you risk all sorts of pain with your Visa up to and including losing it.
  15. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

    You can create a very customised stream of posts using the editor found under the "My Activity Streams" menu. Perhaps you can create a view you like and then save it as your default stream. For example I use this one which filters out all the regions I'm not interested in and all the adverts subforums. It's not perfect but it works for me.