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  1. Although I'm sure this wasn't the purpose of the policy, I think massive numbers of high-street closures wouldn't have been great either. I must say I'm not really sad for the land-owners missing out on their rent, that was going to happen anyway of the shops went bankrupt.  
  2. Therefore he us renting from your father not from you, therefore you are not the 'hauptmieter' and can't write such a letter.   That said, if both of you and your father are OK with it, since the current arrangement is all based on oral contracts you could change that by agreeing to a new contract. Your father could give his permission and then your friend could make a written contract with you and start paying you the rent instead of paying your dad, making you the hauptmieter from the next months rent. If your father is too ill to even discuss this with you over the phone then just don't do it, it would be fraud.   Disclaimer: This is not legal advice, it's the opinion of some uninformed bloke on the internet. Only a registered professional can give legal advice in Germany and if you are making new contracts it would probably be best to talk to a lawyer first anyway.     
  3. Coronavirus

    BBC is reporting that Boris Johnson has got it. BoJo's official twitter feed confirms it here.
  4. Coronavirus

    Like just about everything to do with US health-care, the cost depends on your insurance.       The article linked also talks about one of the common social-media stories doing the rounds of a guy who ended up paying for a bunch of tests because he thought he might have corona.    
  5. Dunno, we moved on from the Wii before it became an issue, but there is an article here:-   I would say, don't go via the analogue cables (The coloured ones), go direct to digital.   A quick amazon search ( ) finds lots including some of the ones mentioned in the article. I would rely on your TV for the 'upscaling' from 480p to 4k because it's probably going to do a better job. Buy the cheapest one you can find from a vendor you are willing to trust, and just give it a go.     Also some youtube guy here  suggesting that the HW build quality is pretty garbage but that it works well enough. So 'you pays your money you make your choice'.    
  6. Coronavirus

    Yeah WFH  might be OK for the second and third-line technical support staff for the tech-companies, but for the first-line staff who answer phone-calls all day and for the staff dealing with finance systems etc, its a whole different game.  Even for those who can work from home, it's going to put a huge strain on the domestic internet and mobile-phone networks in India and it's going to have a global effect.  
  7. Coronavirus

    The worlds strategy of out-sourcing to India is going to have some interesting consequences now that they have gone into lockdown. So many of the big tech and finance firms use Indian call-centers and technical support staff, it is really going to be quite challenging to manage getting things back up and running without those guys being able to work.  
  8. Coronavirus

    Tokyo Olympics delayed until next year
  9. Coronavirus

    In the other thread perhaps, but not here.
  10. Coronavirus

    I can't find a better online source than this, but a BBC news report this morning was suggesting that Nigeria is seeing a surge in people trying to buy Chloroquine despite the fact that there is no clinical data supporting its use against this corona-virus. It is very dangerous in overdose, and no-one should self medicate with it. This is why IMO it is important to take care when reporting interesting research findings.   Edited to clarify that my sources are not BBC sources and I am not 100% certain of their quality.
  11. Thanks everyone...

      Make a claim on the insurance of the transport company. This is all their fault and you shouldn't be suffering here.  
  12. Kenny Rodgers has passed. So many of his songs were a part of my early childhood. My dad loved his stuff.
  13. My dog escaped...

    Sad news,  knotheadusc has just had to start a new thread because for some reason she can't post to this one, but it looks like the poor dog was hit by a car last night and found dead. I'm so sorry for your loss knotheadusc.  
  14. Coronavirus

    You can freeze them apparently.
  15. Coronavirus

      BBC was saying this morning that the US is also starting human trials. Even so it will take months before it is known how effective it is.