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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    If you want to become german then the relevant law is here If you just want to stay in germany without getting citizenship then the 'worst-case' law is here   Things that are affected by Brexit are the ability to keep your UK citizenship if you go down the route of getting German. (Your right to dual nationality comes from being an EU citizen).   Residency rules will also be affected, but the rules will depend on the exact form of Brexit and which draft laws the DE government adopt.   Honestly the easiest way to find out what you need to do is to go and start the process.
  2. Wow well done robinson, just for the others coming behind, which state are you in that managed to get it processed so quickly?
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Here you go hoops  
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    BBC Says Honda planning to close Swindon plant.
  5. I'm not South African and I didn't have to give up my citizenship, but it's a common thing with countries where you have to give up your citizenship that they wont let you be stateless. Start the process off anyway, discuss it with the person processing your application. They will guide you through it.   As far as I could tell observing from the sidelines when I naturalised, the process is that you tick a box on the application saying you will give up your SA nationality, then they process the forms up to a point where they are satisfied that IF you give up you will get German nationality, then you renounce using the letter from the Germans as evidence that you will not be stateless. But don't rely on what I'm telling you, just get started and let the locals lead you through.    
  6. Hmm, can you send in your application for voter registration in Austria now and just fill in Box 33 (Date) with 14th March? That way you applied before the deadline but didn't put any false information on the application? It might not get accepted but it's probably the easiest one to try.  
  7. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

    The 'edit topic' button seems to have gone from all topics in "Special", I agree it's quite annoying particularly on the Obit thread which relies on this option to function properly.   RE: Spammers, I guess the best option is 'Report Post', allegedly that goes to the entire moderation/admin team.  
  8. I think this is what  Edgar Allan Poe called the "Imp of the Perverse".  
  9. @Cesa Please don't cross post. Answered on the other thread where you asked the same question.
  10. Redirecting mail using Deutsche Post

                It doesn't work for all mail (See below for the details of what is excluded).  There is no 'per item' charge for the standard service, but for some of the items which are excluded (eg parcels) can be forwarded for an extra charge. I can't see the details of that charge on the website, but there is an FAQ Here:    
  11. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Off topic but just for you j2, did you know that 6 episodes of "Quatermass and the Pit" are currently available on the BBC Iplayer?
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Oh don't get me wrong there is no good brexit, and the NI border is only one of a number of shitty problems to solve, but for example if she hadn't called the election she wouldn't be dependent on the DUP and she could have thrown NI under the bus to get what she wanted.     
  13. Brexit: The fallout

      From the day of the vote, it was clear that the country was split almost 50/50 and so there was a huge risk that millions of people would be upset with the end state. If at the start she had taken an approach of consulting with the country and with parliament regarding a suitable compromise she could have invoked article 50 with a clear mandate and a good idea of what we wanted to achieve, then negotiated with the EU in good faith and left.   Regarding why she has to take most of the blame, don't get me wrong there are plenty of other arse-holes who also get to take a pile of blame, there is plenty to go round.   However she gets her share (and the lions share) purely because she fought to be in charge.    She could have stood back and let someone else do the job of leader when Cameron walked out like a coward (Although if rumours are to be believed she also had a hand in him going). Once she took the reigns she could have appointed a competent Brexit secretary, and actually sent him to negotiate instead of letting him off the hook, (David Davis spent just 4 hours of time in meetings with Michel Barnier during the first year of negotiations) She didn't have to waste 3 months on a pointless election which left her significantly weaker. She didn't have to take her obscene red-lines and hard-line obsession with immigration into the whole negotiations in the first place (See her time at the home office for evidence of her attitudes) Her problem was that she was a through and through 'Tory' and desperate to keep the party together regardless of the impact on the country. We had the disastrous situation of a 'broadly leave party' led by a remainer (Tories) and a broadly remain party led by a Brexiteer (Labour). Instead we have what we have now.  
  14. Re: Blocking, I think this rumour started because of the bug reported in this article. Amazon says it wasn't intentional.  Personally I think that given how cheap the ATV sticks and boxes are it's worth a punt anyway.  
  15. Does it still work without a VPN Gman? The Android App has been updated and now says 'Not supported in your region' unless you trick it with a VPN (I Don't have a smart-dns setup to check that). The Kodi plugin also now crashes without a VPN.