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  1. Coronavirus

    @fraufruit From the quote you linked...  
  2. My Bold, I interpret this as saying that Lewton did not take the loan. I think that might be what was overlooked.  
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    And yet more:- Britons in France could lose driving licences due to post-Brexit impasse   Truly the bounty never stops. "EU children in UK care system could become 'undocumented' adults, charity warns"   And that's just today.  
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    Tossup between the what-made-me-laugh thread and here, but I think here works.  
  5. Brexit, New residence permits

  6. More Motorsport bad news. Sabine Schmitz has died of cancer aged just 51.  
  7. Brexit, New residence permits

    Your GB card gives you the right to reside or work in the country you lived in on Brexit day for as long as you remain a resident.  It gives you no right to work or live in any other EU country. A Blue Card being an EU document lets you live or work in other EU countries too, but it can be limited to a 4 year period. What I can't see from that document is if you are allowed a blue card AND a GB card, but I think unless you intend to move to another EU country you're probably not affected either way.  
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    Sounds about right.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    If BJ said that water was wet I would go check the taps to make sure. Sometimes he tells the truth, but lying has become such a habit for him that he is even willing to do it before parliament and then refuse to correct himself when its pointed out. 
  10. Fitting wire in telephone socket

    OK Since no-one else has answered, to get the old wires out, just pull them up from between the blades of the contact in the white block with a pliers. To put new ones in you will need a "punch down tool" (wiki-how on how to use it). You can get a punch-down tool at most DIY stores, or order one from Amazon for 10 to 20 euros. The amazon search I used was "auflegewerkzeug telekom" I don't know if it's the correct technical term but it got me the right tool.   BTW I'm not 100% sure you are actually allowed to reconnect the Telekom line, it might just be best to call them even if it is a bit more expensive.
  11. Paying an ordered court judgment

    Lots of things could be going on, but not chasing down the defendant and ignoring this problem is almost certainly a bad idea. The debt won't go away and there may well be interest to pay etc. Eventually it will be handed over to a collection agency and their fees will be added etc. Since you already had contact with a lawyer (the court advisor) about this, why not call or write to them and get this sorted out?  
  12. Neu eingebürgert. Pass oder Perso oder beides?

    I got both because my UK passport was near expiry*. When your Irish one runs out it might be easier/and or cheaper to get the German one, but otherwise I can't really see any reason why I would need 2 passports, unless I was traveling somewhere where a visa was needed for one nationality but not the other.   I've not bothered to renew my UK passport and after the stuff some folk posted on another thread I may never bother. Agree 100% about the Perso though, get one of those anyway cos it's a handy document to have in all sorts of circumstances.   Oh and congratulations and welcome to the club :).   *and because I am a little child inside who was excited to get new documents.
  13. Yeah I read all this and thought 'Fuck that', I guess I'll not have a British passport for a while then.  
  14. Coronavirus

    @MikeMelga Can you not phone a friend or a neighbour to conduct the sale for you? If you are in isolation following your trip to Portugal, then you really shouldn't meet up with anyone until the wait period is over.