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  1. If the kid is moving with Mum, then surely the kid is 'close family' and so counts for  Eigenbedarf?   
  2. Tech guru need your help on Windows 10 login

    OK If what you type and what you want to type are the same thing, then you have forgotten your password and need to find an alternative way into your system.   Windows 10 offers several login methods, I'm going to assume this is your personal laptop not a work machine (if it is contact your work IT department for help) so either you can login with a local account, as was traditional with older windows models, or you can login with your Microsoft account.   Do you know which you used?    If you used a Microsoft account  you can follow the instructions here to learn how to reset your account password and recover your account. If you used a local account then these instructions should get you going.   If neither of those solutions work for you then you are going to need to 'hack' your own PC and I'm not going to help with that.    
  3. Tech guru need your help on Windows 10 login

    In fact better than that, type the password. Don't press enter, instead click on the little eye icon at the end of the login bar. It should show the password in plain text. If it doesn't show what you think you typed, check the keyboard settings.
  4. Problems with late salary payment

    @White Rose of Yorkshire In principle you are probably right, but I'm not sure the reference you have used to support your argument is exactly right..   The page you linked is for an Irish service, the OP works in Germany for a British company. I can't really see them helping out here.   I don't have a better answer, but this one definitely seems a bit wrong.    
  5. It's been 20 years since I setup a UK ltd company, but when I did, I just used an 'off the shelf' one. There are firms that will do it for you then just sell you the finished company. These guys for example will set one up for you. I have no relationship with or knowledge of that company, they were just the first hit on a google search, but  there are loads of companies who do this kind of thing.
  6. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      I don't really think I want to go back, there isn't much there for me these days, but also I'm not sure there is any reason why I can't enter the country with my German passport.   
  7. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    I don't think I will bother renewing my UK passport ever again unless I ever need to go somewhere where the visa process is easier. I don't actually see it as worth the extra cost and hassle.    
  8. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Congrats mate. Welcome to the club. Love the new Icon.
  9. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Just to also be aware Derek, you can't give up your UK citizenship by accident. You must do it via the UK authorities and pay a hefty fee, so nothing they say at this meeting will change stuff relating to that. The reason they want you to take your passport is that it is the only current government issued ID that you have, they need to make sure they don't give your naturalisation certificate to the wrong person. It's really just a formality now, the certificate has been issued and is on the desk of an official who just has to hand it over. There are some forms to sign and if I remember rightly you have to read some words off a card acknowledging that you are now a German with all the rights and obligations etc, then you go on your way.  
  10. BBC is reporting on TV that Clive James has died. He will be sadly missed. Only online confirmation I can find is from the mirror.
  11. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Having seen the dash-cam footage of the bike crash, I'm not sure a human would have done any better. The cyclist doesn't seem to have any kind of side reflectors or lights on their bike and the road looks like quite a fast one.  
  12. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I used to think this, but I've had some thoughts about it recently and I'm not sure I would want to use a system like this without a human operator. Not because I care about the safety aspects of self driving cars (I think they will be significant;y safer than human driven ones), but because of the cleanliness. I've seen how other people keep their cars, and they are often disgusting. I've also seen the state of public transport carriages in big cities around the world. What do you do when the car that arrives to take you to work in the morning stinks of piss because the last person to ride in it last night was too drunk to control themselves? Or after a night out you can't get a cab home because the local "working girls" have all the cars booked out as "1 hour hotels" because it's a cheaper way to get a room for the time it takes to turn a trick? How about 'surge pricing'? At the moment if there is a big event using lots of cabs, companies like uber charge more. What if you need to go to work at the same time as a big football match, but the only public transport is an 'automated taxi'? I think in reality mass transit is a thing that needs to stay even if we have driver-less cars.
  13. It's a bit odd. I've been here 10 years, my wife is German, my kids are German and there is literally nothing and no-one back in the uk which matters to me anymore, but still if it hadn't been for Brexit I probably wouldn't have bothered to apply. German citizenship per-se has no real value to me. European citizenship on the other hand is a HUGE deal for me and for my whole family. I studied in Germany under Erasmus and met my wife during my year here.  My sister studied in France under the same scheme and met her husband under the same programme. My mother and father moved to France when they were made redundant in the UK and because of free-movement they could take  part time work teaching English and supliment their income until retirement meaning that they are now happily enjoying the retirement they deserve after a lifetime of hard work. When the UK voted for the Tories in 2015 I was worried that my whole life was going to be torpedoed by this crap.  I started taking whatever steps I needed to make-sure I could stay. As a highly skilled, well paid and well educated person with strong family and property ties to Germany it seemed unlikely that I would have any difficulty getting a visa to stay, so I started to plan in that direction, but I didn't push too hard.  After the referendum vote made it clear that the UK was leaving I decided I had to do something a bit more urgently. However the fucked up nature of Brexit meant that I couldn't actually apply for a visa until the UK actually left. At that point I started to look at ways around that and it was clear that applying for German citizenship was the one concrete thing I could do to make sure I had the right to stay, the right to work etc. At that point I thought about what German citizenship meant for me and about if I should give up my British citizenship at the same time. Watching the UK rip itself apart has been sad and revolting in equal parts, some days I am so ashamed of the country that I would give it up in heartbeat and never go back. On the other hand, given how selfish and unpleasant the UK has been about this, I feel no guilt at keeping my UK passport just to make sure that long term I have exactly the same rights as I have now. So I'm a German citzen because it gives me European citizenship and I live in Germany.  I'm a British citizen because I was born in the UK and I'm not letting some petty assholes in the Tory party take away my rights just because they have a different agenda to mine.
  14. Even after all these years, I still...

    Any reason you don't just start with a tin-opener? The ring-pull tins can still be opened the old way.  
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    Sigh, it wasn't ad-hominem, I offered an opinion on the rubbish you post, not on you as a poster. However please note that in the event of an EU military force being proposed, the UK would still have an option to veto it if they didn't like the details of the proposal. Ultimately if the UK did take part I fail to see how taking orders from a NATO commander or an EU commander would be any different.