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  1. Shop window monitor...suggestions

    Wireless monitors are a 'thing' Several ideas in the article, or you can just use a cheap TV or similar with a chromecast. Or if you want the 'setup and forget it' solution, you could use something like a digital-picture-frame. I think mediamarkt only have one which is close to big enough, and expert don't seem to have any. A few of the Chinese markets like banggood and alibaba seem to have a few interesting things, and this link on  alibaba seems to cover digital advertising devices in general.  
  2. 2nd MBA taken out from the taxes as Werbungskosten

    I think you earn enough to hire a tax adviser.
  3. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    @Actonyou might want to look at this Q&A from the British Embassy in Berlin.   In particular take a look at the question on the top of Page 15.   You may want to check now rather than rely on it being OK and then getting caught out.    
  4. Nicest place to live in DE

    @fredchatel Winnebago Last visited 5th Feb 2018. He made one post to the thread regarding Brexit and German Citizenship which seemed to imply that he was having trouble getting citizenship, so perhaps he decided not to come at all.  
  5. Why are you happy today?

    I just got a letter from the Bremen "Senator für Inneres" inviting me to a citizenship ceremony. I assumed because I opted to pick up the certificate earlier in the year that there wouldn't be a ceremony, but it looks like I get to go after all. I'm once again happy to be reminded that no matter how badly they screw Brexit, I should be OK here.
  6. Really nothing has changed since April, the link from Paulwork is still the most up-to-date info out there. If you want to stay post brexit, then still the best approach if you can is to get an EU citizenship of some kind. If you can't do that then what happens will depend to some extent on the deal which is done.   Borris will try to renegotiate the deal, so the statement regarding the "geregelten Austritts" is not something you can rely on but which might be a fair guide to how things will pan out. Of course he has also made very clear that he is happy to leave with no deal, in which case we are into the status of "ungeregelten Austritts" and it's probably safer to rely on that section of the notice, in so much as it is entirely within the control of the German govt and doesn't depend on the UK or the EU to uphold our rights.   In that document, the word they use consistently is " Aufenthaltstitel" so I think you are probably right that at least at first it will need to be renewed.   From what I understand, anyone who has been here with an Aufenthaltstitel for 5 years can apply for an NE, but I can't find any reference at this point to say that time spent here as a UK citizen before Brexit would count for that, so I can't really tell if you can get an NE 5 years after you first registered in Germany, 5 years after Brexit day (whenever that may be) or 5 years after your application for an Aufenthaltstitel. I don't see any reason why UK citizens would be required to renew forever though.       
  7. Help me choose a company name (UWB radio tech product)

    You are doing the right thing by contacting them, I hope you are right and you can just resell it, but I know it can be a problem to sell modified licensed goods in some circumstances.
  8. Help me choose a company name (UWB radio tech product)

    Take care with using the Tardis in the final device, BBC worldwide protects Doctor Who Merch fairly heavily from what I understand.  
  9. Maybe something like this:-  
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Uhm what are you talking about @zwiebelfisch? The country is the "United kingdom' but they are willing to consider losing the Scotland and Ireland. They are willing to allow the economy to tank, in fact the only thing they can't countenance is a labour government. That looks like 'tribe' before party, party before country, where 'Tribe' is the brexit tribe. It was a 48/52 split, at the referendum that means even if you assume no-one changed their mind, nearly 1/2 the country don't want this, but they will push ahead anyway and damn the consequences. It's a shitty shitty thing.  
  11. einbürgerung in 6 or 8 years

    Relevant law is here. Default is 8 years. This can be shortened to 7  if you complete an integrations course, and then 6 years if you made extra efforts. Note that it is not enough to just pass the exams, you have to actually attend the course.  
  12. Gender neutral toilets.

    I beg to differ. Like so many of these things, until people make a fuss nothing changes. The 'hardcore' fight will undoubtedly need to wind back their position as a suitable compromise is found, but right now shouting about it is the right thing to do.  
  13. Gender neutral toilets.

    Dunno, but the overlap at the trans-support group my son attends is certainly there. There are gay, straight, bi-sexual and asexual trans folks, it's not really a related thing.   In reality my experience with trans folks in the 'wrong' bathroom is that they are more interested in getting in, doing their business and getting out ASAP to avoid any embarrassment and awkwardness. For my son the balance between feeling bad because he is having to use a toilet that matches his 'dead' gender and feeling bad because an asshole calls him out for being in the wrong toilet depends on how dysphoric he is feeling that day, how busy the toilets are, what kind of crowd are there etc etc. All too often he will just 'hold it' to the point where he is in so much discomfort that he just has to go home early.   It's just another shitty part of being trans and I really wish he didn't have to cope with this stuff.    
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    Report is behind a paywall, any chance of a summary?
  15. Data protection act and CV

    This should be covered by the GDPR. Take a look at this:-     This is written for a data-controller rather than from a subject, so for all those 'YOU' statements replace with 'Your company'.