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  1. Language requirement for 2nd residence permit?

    It depends on exactly what permit you are trying to get, and to some extent the person handling your case on the day. The relevant law is available on the internet here with a translation here. My understanding is that to just come and live with your German husband, A1 (Basic knowledge) is probably enough (reference to relevant law here ...  English translation here)   If you want to work then you will probably need B1 and you may need an integration course first. I'm not going to dig up references for that (too much effort) but if you know what permit will apply to you then you can look for yourself, or you can just ask. The law uses terms like "Hinreichende deutsche Sprachkenntnisse" to define the required levels. For the purpose of visas etc, the mapping between these and the qualifications in the EU common language framework (A1,B2, C2 etc) are defined at the start of the law I referenced above ( English translation here)   Summary as follows:- "Basic knowledge of the German language"                 A1 "Elementary knowledge of the German language"       A2 "Sufficient command of the German language"            B1 "Good command of the German language"                  B2 "Advanced command of the German language"           C1 Note for all the references to various laws: The English translation has no official legal status and is offered as a convenience (if in doubt the German version is correct).  
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    UK forced to reopen sensitive Ukraine trade pact after errors in text   Reminds me of schoolkids getting caught copying each others homework.   
  3. It's the same clotted cream that was listed in Karins first post on the subject. Clotted Cream still isn't heavy cream and that brand still tastes like ass.  
  4. Lions rugby tour

    Ahh OK. I was hoping for a Now-TV solution, but thanks for getting back to us.  
  5. Lions rugby tour

    So the polite thing to do in that case is to share the solution not just delete the post. The site works best when it's searchable. Still for reference their are 2 ways to get a post removed, either edit it to contain just three dots (...) in which case a removal bot SHOULD come and remove the post, or use the 'report post' button and ask a mod to remove it.   So what was your solution for watching Now TV?  
  6. Clotted cream is not the same as heavy cream (And that particular brand is horrid tasting). Using a mix of cream and Mascarpone works well though for many purposes.   Another option that has worked for me in the past if I needed whipped cream was to ask in the local bakery, they had a machine and would make me a pot of whipped cream which I could then use.  
  7. Landlord claims I damaged his doorstep (without evidence)

    1st point, you haven't told us that you didn't do it, so I will answer both versions :-).   Assuming you didn't do it. Telling your Haftpflichtversicherung that you caused the damage when you didn't would be fraud and you shouldn't do it.  If he wants to blame you then he has to prove it, so tell him you'll see him in court if he is certain you did it.    Assuming you did but he just can't prove it... Just make the claim on your  Haftpflichtversicherung.    
  8. Is this a practical or hypothetical question. If practical, declare any citizenships you hold at the time you apply and let your case worker tell you what to do. If hypothetical then it's really simple since Germany doesn't recognise the country you can't possibly hold citizenship of it, therefore you can't give it up.
  9. Coronavirus

    Not all Apotheke can issue them, and there were a few teething problems with the computer system at first, but it seems to be working now. Go here: feed them your address/post code and they will give you a list of nearest ones which can provide the service. I did mine a few days ago, was free and quick.  
  10. What made you laugh today?

    On the same story.  
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    Talking of 'calling it'... Leave campaigners ‘surprised’ by decay in relations with EU, says David Frost   I think anyone with 2 braincells to rub together could have called this, but obviously not the man in charge of actually managing brexit.    
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Another victory for the leavers, UK Phone Operator "EE" reintroduces roaming charges for UK users in Europe
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    To be fair, it's more expensive if you are from the US and want to leave. They charge $2,350 which google tells me is the most expensive in the world.
  14. What made you laugh today?

    [hide] You can come on in, we're all fully vaccinated. Except the spare room off the living room. Don't go in there, we're not fully vaccinated in there. [/hide]   (      
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    Unless you explicitly gave up your UK citizenship, you are now a dual national. (You would know if you gave it up because the UK government would have charged you £372)