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  1. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    Fuck off hellfire, you are not a moderator any more than I am.
  2. A little advice on garbage sought

    Plastic, they should have a grünpunkt logo on the side and go in the yellow sack/bin. 
  3. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    Nah I think I'll leave it. You clearly have trouble with the concepts involved. 'Always' is not the same as 'sometimes' or even 'mostly'. If you insist on everything being black or white this stuff will always be tricky for you.
  4. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    I don't accept your premise J0ker. It's not true that 'the guy always gets the blame' and that narrative is part of the problem. Putting your arm around your female friends isn't a problem unless you or your girlfriend make it so. If this affects you then you need to change, if it doesn't then just move on. I'm not trying to convince the world of anything about you, but if the cap fits...  
  5. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    Totally agree Keleth, drunk consent isn't consent and unless you are in a long term relationship with the other person, drunk sex is a pretty risky business for all sorts of reasons.  
  6. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    If you are really interested, then the legal test in the UK on this is 'could a reasonable person have believed there was consent' and the CPS Legal guidance makes interesting reading on the subject, you don't need to have explicitly asked about every single action, but you do need to be able to explain why you believe you have consent, and why it is reasonable to believe that. You also need to understand that consent which is not freely given is not consent, and that is the point in regards Weinstein et-al.  If you can't get your head around this stuff then in my opinion J0ker you really should just 'withdraw and spend your time in the company of men' (But not if they don't want you to :-)),      
  7. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    People defending Spacey right now are a bit thin on the ground, but the general pattern of defending creeps is certainly there. See for example:- People defending Weinstein, People defending Woody Allen,  People defending Roman Polanski   I'm sure there are other creeps and other lists of defenders.   I think trying to make it party political is a bit stupid though. I don't think the colour of the rosette you wear makes any difference as to your attitude to women. Cf. George Bush Senior, Bill Clinton and The Donald. All of them with a bit of a reputation in that area.    
  8. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    If you as a manager promote someone because of a sexual favour you are in the wrong. Just as you would be in the wrong if you promoted someone for any other kind of bribe. If everything is otherwise consensual then the person promoted could easily be in the wrong as well, but just because 2 people are being stupid about sex it doesn't change a god-damn-thing about the 'groper/gropee' discussion.   Any time there is a power imbalance and it's used to coerce sex then it's wrong.  
  9. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    Yeah, it's my daughter sitting on my shoulders. Drawn about 12 years ago by my wife. Here's hoping that our girls grow up in a world where they are a bit safer than before.  
  10. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    Not going to argue with you, just agree to disagree. Whatever label you want to stick on it it's crap and it needs to stop.   Women need to feel like when they speak up about this kind of behaviour they will be believed and that people will act on it. (At the moment i think society makes that too hard). Good men need to speak out when they see it happening and insist that it stops. (At the moment I don't think enough do). Bad men need to fear that their lives and careers will be ended if it gets out that they acted like this. (Again at the moment i think too many men believe they can get away with it).    
  11. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

      See this is where you lose me. Rape is 'non-consensual sex' not 'forced' there doesn't have to be force involved, the guys who start things with drunk girlfriends, so-called 'date-rape' etc it's all part of a pattern of normalising a man's supposed right to sex. It comes up in all sorts of circumstances, women are told where to go and where not to go if they want to stay safe, girls in short skirts are told they are 'asking for it', and to get back on topic actors who don't put out on the casting couch are labelled as 'difficult'. It's the fact that our society normalises these things and makes them seem less than real rape that makes it a 'rape culture'.   
  12. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Has anyone looked at this:-   " As an EU national, you automatically acquire the right of permanent residence in another EU country if you have lived there legally for a continuous period of 5 years.  If you fulfil this requirement, you can apply for a permanent residence document, which confirms your right to live in the country where you now live permanently, without any conditions. "   Anyone got any idea how I can get such a document out of the Germans?  
  13. What do you wish you'd known / done before moving to Germany?!

    The reason it's confusing is because UK licenses are a pain. A UK license is an EU License, and so it is valid in Germany as long as it is valid in the UK. However... it is only valid in the UK if it has your correct address on it, and if you permanently move to Germany then your address will be in Germany. That is the wrinkle. To renew your license you have to be 'resident in the UK'. So what that means for most people who move here is that they need to exchange their UK license for a German one. It's not a big deal to do that.
  14. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    Yeah probably, it wasn't me that made the leap though, rather it was from the article. I just agreed with the logic that said asking  the women involved "why didn't you complain" is really just victim blaming.  
  15. How do I send a package back to Amazon via DPD?

    If you ever tried to return anything to Saturn or Media-Markt you would know why I buy stuff from Amazon. Real shops can be a pain as well.