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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    And so it continues. "The security minister, Brandon Lewis, has threatened EU citizens with deportation from the UK if they do not apply for settled status after Brexit."   I hope for the sake of all of you who haven't yet got a solution allowing you to stay, that the Germans don't reciprocate.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    @BMurphy Will you just fuck off with your off topic bullshit. No-one cares about the AFD here. There are other threads to talk about  German politics, this is a place to talk about Brexit.   And on that note, it looks like no deal is currently the most likely option.   Brexit talks in Brussels between EU and UK come to a halt  
  3. WIfey says just use consommé  for  consommé  and  brühe for the rest. French is everywhere in cooking like English is everywhere in IT.
  4. If you want to live or work in another EU country later on in life then having a German passport may be helpful. If you want to get it back after you rescind it might well not be so easy next time, and you almost certainly won't get to keep both.   I don't know anything about the tax or other implications.
  5. Which past members do you miss the most?

    His last post was here. That was on 27th August and he doesn't seem to have been back since. Hope he is OK.
  6. Help deciphering 1901 German handwriting

    Spoke to my wife about this and she says she thinks it might be des Rentiers meaning they lived off property income.   And she thinks that the name of the wife might be Jenny which ties up with Brambles first search too.
  7. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    You can delay until you meet the requirements, but if you apply after brexit day then the rules change and you will almost certainly have to give up your UK citizenship. You can start the application now even if you don't meet all the requirements. The exact list of what the clerk processing your application needs is decided on a case by case basis, so make your initial appointment take someone with you if you don't speak good enough German get the actual list for your explicit case rather than a sample set from the internet. Get the forms submitted and then get started on passing your exams.   You have no automatic right to citizenship until you meet the requirements,  and it is highly likely that they won't even start processing it if you really are at < A1 level, but there is discretion allowed and you are allowed to apply.    
  8. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    Regarding your right to residence, no you won't lose that on day 1, the relevant laws  made by the German government to cover both 'deal' and 'no deal' scenarios give a grace period during which your rights to remain in Germany will remain the same, but your obligations to retain those rights will change. So for at least 3 months after brexit day, you won't be an EU citizen but you will have a right to remain in Germany. During this period you will be able to apply for required visa's and work permits etc to continue living your life here.   Regarding your current nationality, if you are a UK citizen and you start your application now, then it is likely you will get to keep both UK and German citizenship. If you wait until after brexit day then you will certainly have to give up your UK citizenship, but applying for German citizenship is still one of the ways you can regularise your stay in Germany in the transition period.     Edit to add, take a look at this website for more reassurance.
  9. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    The language requirement is actually easier than B2, it is  "a sufficient command of the German language"  see translation of the relevant law here. The guys processing the applications have  a lot of leeway when interpreting that, they MUST accept a B1 certificate, but they can accept less, they certainly did in my case. I would strongly suggest that anyone who is even close to qualifying for a German passport (and that means you @scook17) gets an application in ASAP.   If you can't get another EU passport in time, the German gov FAQ on brexit is worth a read.   Also worth reading the UK gov guidance here its not great but it might get you started.    
  10. Banks have utterly lost their mind...or have they?

    My Sparkasse's website has a secure postbox perhaps ask the guy calling to send you a mail via the secure postbox to confirm he is who he says he is?
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    Yellowhammer papers have been published.    
  12. Does Online Betting count as freelance work?

    Pretty sure the bank won't freeze your account over a single transfer. Since the money is totally legit, why not go talk to someone at the bank anyway. Wrap it up in asking them for investment advice, tell them you just got a windfall and see what they say. I feel like if you do it that way the 'worst case' scenario is that you have to pay tax on your winnings, even at German tax rates that is still going to leave you with a nice bit of extra cash.    
  13. Shop window monitor...suggestions

    Wireless monitors are a 'thing' Several ideas in the article, or you can just use a cheap TV or similar with a chromecast. Or if you want the 'setup and forget it' solution, you could use something like a digital-picture-frame. I think mediamarkt only have one which is close to big enough, and expert don't seem to have any. A few of the Chinese markets like banggood and alibaba seem to have a few interesting things, and this link on  alibaba seems to cover digital advertising devices in general.  
  14. 2nd MBA taken out from the taxes as Werbungskosten

    I think you earn enough to hire a tax adviser.