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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Uhm what are you talking about @zwiebelfisch? The country is the "United kingdom' but they are willing to consider losing the Scotland and Ireland. They are willing to allow the economy to tank, in fact the only thing they can't countenance is a labour government. That looks like 'tribe' before party, party before country, where 'Tribe' is the brexit tribe. It was a 48/52 split, at the referendum that means even if you assume no-one changed their mind, nearly 1/2 the country don't want this, but they will push ahead anyway and damn the consequences. It's a shitty shitty thing.  
  2. einbürgerung in 6 or 8 years

    Relevant law is here. Default is 8 years. This can be shortened to 7  if you complete an integrations course, and then 6 years if you made extra efforts. Note that it is not enough to just pass the exams, you have to actually attend the course.  
  3. Gender neutral toilets.

    I beg to differ. Like so many of these things, until people make a fuss nothing changes. The 'hardcore' fight will undoubtedly need to wind back their position as a suitable compromise is found, but right now shouting about it is the right thing to do.  
  4. Gender neutral toilets.

    Dunno, but the overlap at the trans-support group my son attends is certainly there. There are gay, straight, bi-sexual and asexual trans folks, it's not really a related thing.   In reality my experience with trans folks in the 'wrong' bathroom is that they are more interested in getting in, doing their business and getting out ASAP to avoid any embarrassment and awkwardness. For my son the balance between feeling bad because he is having to use a toilet that matches his 'dead' gender and feeling bad because an asshole calls him out for being in the wrong toilet depends on how dysphoric he is feeling that day, how busy the toilets are, what kind of crowd are there etc etc. All too often he will just 'hold it' to the point where he is in so much discomfort that he just has to go home early.   It's just another shitty part of being trans and I really wish he didn't have to cope with this stuff.    
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    Report is behind a paywall, any chance of a summary?
  6. Data protection act and CV

    This should be covered by the GDPR. Take a look at this:-     This is written for a data-controller rather than from a subject, so for all those 'YOU' statements replace with 'Your company'.
  7. Why are you happy today?

    Typhoo seems to be pretty easy to get.  
  8. Goodbye then Avon. Blakes 7 was a favourite as a child.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    I think this is a bit like choosing between a cow-shit sandwich and a horse-shit sandwich. They are both shit sandwiches and I don't want them thanks very much. There is plenty of blame to go around in the modern Tory party and it aint over yet.  
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    I think it's a pretty close run thing, while DC did the above, TM instituted her very racist 'Hostile environment' and many other oppressive policies. Then when DC resigned like the coward he is, she fought tooth and nail to get the top job. When she took over, she had sufficient majority to get a deal through, although I never ever liked any version of Brexit, she could at that point have gotten some kind of deal through parliament. Instead she sought to grab more power for herself with her absurd plan to hold a snap election. Having screwed that up and created a hung parliament at a time when the UK most needed a clear strong leadership team, she appointed twats like DD and Boris to key roles and wasted her time pandering to the right of her party instead of drawing together both sides and trying to get a reasonable deal. At every turn when there was a choice between party and country the Tories have chosen party.   I don't think any of the other parties have really done much to make it better, if I'm honest I wish a pox on all their houses, but TM is a particularly nasty woman and I have no sympathy for her at all.  
  11. New android (possibly apple) app, help needed

    So if it's not going to become a product, can you tell us what it actually is going to be? I think we are all very curious to know :).  
  12. New android (possibly apple) app, help needed

    Not really possible to answer your question from the information you give Susie. You can make derivative works from existing works if and only if the license conditions attached to those existing works allow it. There are MANY MANY open source licenses, some of which allow derivative works, some don't. If this app was just for your personal use then it might have been easier with the licensing, but if you are doing this as a business then you really must get the legal side of this sorted out. If you have a program that does most of what you want and is open source, then you might just want to get in touch with whoever wrote it and ask them. They might well be able to make the mods for you for a suitable fee, AND give you an appropriate license. 
  13. Company in financial trouble, what are my options?

    I don't really have much to say that can help you here, but I know some of the folks who do help with this kind of question pay close attention to the information in your profile.You might want to update your location information to show where in Germany you are actually located.  
  14. It really depends how confident you feel discussing this stuff with your case worker at the amt and how much you want to go back to the amt if they change their mind. There SHOULD be no need for you to do anything other than the stuff on your list from the person in the Amt, but when dealing with German bureaucracy it sometimes pays to be ready for the unexpected. If it is urgent that you get your Naturalisation as quickly as possible then I would get the citizenship stuff translated 'Just in case'. If it isn't urgent and you have time then you could save the cost of the translation now, and just get it done later if they decide that they need it.  
  15. Anaphylaxis and Epi Pen usage

    Not true and quite relevant on this site. Many people who have passed their test in the UK and then exchanged their license have not had any first aid training cos they didn't need to. I'm sure the same applies to several other countries.