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  1. Why wouldn't they be allowed to use it. There is an android app on the play-store which will read them, it's not like there is anything on the chip that isn't also on the document in human readable form. The point is to be able to check the document is valid by comparing the e-tag to the printed details.
  2. TVMucho app

    TV Catchup works just fine right now, no VPN needed. There is an android app and a kodi plugin to watch on your TV. It's free.
  3. Surely it's about picking ones battles. You are perfectly within your rights to refuse to be searched and to make a big fuss, have the police called etc. but at the end of the day it's not going to get the store to change it's policy, and you are still going to feel like you have been treated like a criminal and be pissed off about it. The security guy has no interest in getting the policy changed because it will just make his job harder.  The store isn't going to change it's policy because the security guard won't pass the information up the line.   If you are made to feel uncomfortable by the policy of a particular store, then either change your behaviour so it fits with the store policy or just stop shopping at the store. If you want to change the store policy, write to head-office and tell them how it made you feel, organise a boycott etc.  
  4. Health insurance in Germany 2017..a belated update

    And the whole point of my question is what are the rules if you earn more than 400 but less than 450.01  
  5. Health insurance in Germany 2017..a belated update

    So which insurance do you need if you have a mini-job with say 420 per month and are not otherwise insured? Can you choose Public/Private or are you forced to public?
  6. Health insurance in Germany 2017..a belated update

    Hi John, is 400 there a typo? Should it now be 450? 
  7. Got Evicted Without Notice and Belongings Removed

    OK Bang goes my theory. Good luck.
  8. Got Evicted Without Notice and Belongings Removed

    Is it possible the OP was conned in the first place, and not renting from the owner of the flat, but from a tenant as a sub-tenant, without the landlords consent and without the OP's knowledge. This would cover most of the holes in the story. If the actual tenant (the person they thought they were renting from) has just done a runner, that would explain why they can't be contacted. The real landlord has evicted that tenant not our OP, which is how they were able to get court papers delivered etc.  
  9. Try this place The notes say  "Any devices that are no-longer in working order or fit for re-marketing are mechanically destroyed in a shredder. This is documented with a proof of destruction certificate at AfB."   So make sure it is 'no-longer in working order or fit for re-marketing' with a hammer or a bucket of water as suggested by RedMidge.  
  10. TT XML / RSS / Atom feed - news from the forum

    It looks like since the update there is an RSS feed for each 'activity stream'. So you need to go to the 'Unread Posts' view or some other custom view, then look for an RSS feed.  
  11. Could someone help me with my rental contract?

    I believe the 'year' means in the last 12 months on a rolling basis, but someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Could someone help me with my rental contract?

    Any individual incident up to  €100, total for the whole year not more than 8% of your cold rent.
  13. Thanks Starshollow, that's reassuring.     RE: Professional advice. Because of your hard work here over many years I was already aware of some of the 'bad seeds' you mention and I'll be sure to avoid them.     At the moment I'm just trying to get a feel for other peoples experiences but once i move to the next stage I'll be looking for a fee based adviser :).    
  14. Its a Private Pension, it was company related, but now independent of the company. The whole point of this thread is to find someone who knows the new rules because HMRC no longer publish lists of QROPS.   Regarding the 'wait and see' approach, I might still consider that, but it's 20 years worth of contributions and yes it's more than 100K.   I don't trust either the UK or German governments not to change the rules again after Brexit,  so I want to start to understand my options.    
  15. In the wake of Brexit, I can see the value of my UK pension pot getting smaller and smaller in real-terms, and I'm getting a bit worried. Anyone got any up-to date information on a good pension scheme to which I can transfer my UK contributions without losing 40% to the UK tax-man?   I looked on the UK gov website for information regarding transfers and I found this:- The requirements to be a recognised overseas pension scheme (ROPS) changed from 6 April 2017. Which seems to suggest that any of the older threads might be a bit out of date.