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  1. roots-

    what were you doing job wise during that time if you dont mind me asking... and what made you choose Germany over the U.S.? And are you happy? I dont mean to be so personal, its just a very important subject to me now. Just caught in the middle of a whole bunch of decisions...


  2. wow,

    thank you all so much for your imput. I think the child issue is important. Im still only 25 so Im not expecting anytime soon. Housing isnt a problem, but the income is. I think being self-employed or doing something seasonal or even being a teacher are all good ideas. Thank you all again, its really appreciated... and please feel free to add more... ;)


  3. To make a long story short, my significant other is German and I am an American. We both love our and each others countries very much. I was wondering if anyone knows anything relating to making life work in 2 different countries...not legally, but more job wise, etc. We would love to live in one country (Munich-Germany) for half the year (give or take a month or two) and the rest of the year in the other country (U.S.)so that we are both satisfied. I guess this is more of a "what to do" question or job suggestions or recommendations from anyone on this topic...thanks

    We are both educated (I have a BS in Business with a marketing and e-biz mgt concentration and he has his masters in american literature) we both have high interests in skiing, snowboarding, outdoor sports, etc but that is not all we are limited to...obviously. I think I am babbling now. haha. just looking for some advice...


  4. History of american music is an excellent idea. Its a great way to reflect the thoughts of the people and happenings during that time from political to personal. In addition, it would help the german population to realize there is more coming from america than 50 cent and brittney spears. Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Grateful Dead and the whole culture surrounding this, Woodstock...hey the 60's had a lot going on...and so much more.


    A funny thing I realized is that in Europe they consider us to be 100 percent American, but at home we brag about our 16 percent Irish, 40 percent Italian, or whatever. They get a big kick out of it...