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  1. Would someone explain the meaning behind the ways that phone numbers are formatted in Germany?   My mobile is 12 digits and begins with 015. I notice this, or 017, at the beginning of other mobiles, so I presume that has something to do with it, but I've no idea what it means. Is this a German thing, or EU, or what?   On the other hand, there are many phone numbers that have as few as 6 digits...! How to get one of those?   Furthermore, is there a correct way to write out a 12 digit handy number? Ie, in the US, standard format is (123)456-7890, with 123 being the area code. What information is contained in a phone number?   When I write or type my mobile number, i do it in 4 groups of 3 digits, cos it looks mnemonically accessible that way, but it's likely not the correct way.