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  1. Coronavirus

        No, I'm pretty sure that @El Jeffo doesn't like PM Johnson and his comment was aimed at ridiculing him.   Maybe El Jeffo will come back and clarify? 
  2. Coronavirus

      I'm not bad, eh!    Anyway, what do you think about that sneaky @El Jeffo trying to misrepresent PM Johnson?    Imagine if that Orange bloke had tried to pull a stunt like that!    There'd be all hell breaking loose!    Funny old world! 
  3. Coronavirus

      It was a general comment to all and sundry. That's why I said, 'guys' and 'people'. 
  4. Coronavirus

      Do you guys think that PM Johnson just jumps in a taxi and tootles down the hospital on his own?    Imagine the whole roadshow that has to go with him and how that would seriously mess up the waiting room while Boris literally waits with his Johnson in his hand!    It would cause chaos and then he would rightly be slated for causing waiting room mayhem!   Please switch on, people.  
  5. Coronavirus

      Chest X-Ray and MRI scans?    Or do you think they will hold his balls, ask him to cough and then give him a lollipop? 
  6. Coronavirus

      If you really think that would happen Dembo then you should probably change your call sign to Dumbo!     
  7. Coronavirus

      Yes, and on closer inspection we can see two families self isolating while longingly looking out of their seemingly huge windows!         
  8. Lockdown 2020 Movie Recommendations

        Is that the one with that kid who is an annoying cunt?  I had the misfortune of watching it once, albeit for 30 seconds, and imagine my surprise when I changed channels and that other annoying cunt, Young Sheldon was on!    Here are some real recommendations!                Any other good Zombie, apocalypse or sci-fi movies?    I'll also consider romance stuff if it is done in outer space. 
  9. Coronavirus

      You have raised a good point, though.   How long do you expect the general public to adhere to the regulations?    After a certain amount time, people will start saying "fuck it" and then we will see civil disobedience followed by the government imposing tougher rules followed by riots followed by the the cops literally on the beat!  
  10. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    A case of, "Do as I say, not as I do."    Coronavirus: Calderwood under fire over second home visit       Anyone here grassed anyone up? 
  11. Coronavirus

  12. Alternative names for Toytown

      It's a lockdown within a lockdown!   It's Lockdowntown!   
  13. Coronavirus

      Would the world have take this kerfuffle more seriously, if China had said, 130,000 people have died from the virus within 2 months? 
  14. Coronavirus

      All pertinent questions.    The Chinese have form when it comes to massaging the figures, though.    You're not Chinese are you, Dembo?   
  15. Three-word story

    . Be happy, gay