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  1. Neighbor noise issue

      No but I've had one a 100 times worst and still managed to move despite owning the house.   https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/153000-how-to-deal-with-a-psycho-neighbour/    
  2. Neighbor noise issue

    There is no law against talking in your flat so all this crap about quiet times etc is not usefull advice is it?   Move somewhere else with better build quality, flat on top floor, on a outsidewall to limit your shared walls. Or get used to it that families talk, they have arguments, childen cry etc, and maybe your the one with the problem if you want peace and quiet go visit a church.    
  3. Flatmate attacked me, not sure how to proceed

    You expect a piece of paper is going to protect you in the heat of the moment?   Are you married to him? Do you own the flat together? Do you have kids together?   Then whats stopping you from just leaving?   
  4. Flatmate attacked me, not sure how to proceed

    Why did'nt you just switch bedrooms 10 years ago. I find you slightly annoying just by reading your post.