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  1. Extending apartment size into the hallway

    Just make a opening in the load bearing wall for either a door or leave it open and just add a small  concrete support beam above the opening, all houses have load bearing walls with doors or openings to connect rooms. Its will be a lot less hastle then trying to mess with the hallway and dealing with neighbours who will probably reject your plans just because they can.
  2. Got to build a driveway

    20cm of schotter, hire one of compressing machines from local baumarkt cost about 40 euro for 4 hours. Then 3-4cm of splitt layed on top. Then the Pflastersteine, then hire compressing machine again with rubber mate which stops the new Pflastersteine getting broken or chiped.
  3. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I wish MikeMelga and his groupie would shut the hell up regarding these stupid Telsa and EV cars.  You know the ones that only cost 40k that do 400km but don't charge it above 90% and don't let it go below 20% so that 300km(if it not cold then its less). Charge it up in 30mins(during which time you can walk around freezing ur nuts off) after searching around for half an hour to find a charger, probably have to drive extra km on each long trip to follow the chargers. Sounds like one big pain in the arse. 
  4. Amazon deny refund - stolen/lost item

    If an item has been replaced in a package and resealed, it would not have happened at a UPS sorting facility.(could only happen on route to UPS sorting hub after being picked up, and even so the drivers are well paid and mostly long term employees and they would also know who picked up the package). As far a I know amazon returns are sent to one destination and loaded in a container which contains only amazon returns and when the container is full they send the container directly to amazon who would then unload it themselves, which is why it takes a few days to receive your refund. Where I work any opened empty boxes found are dealt with by one small team, who would then contact amazon to find out extactly what was in the package. Then a locked unit would be checked to see if the item(fell out box etc) is stored there.  Also as I said before when sending items back always pack in a box etc (well sealed) so you can't see the contents, also remove or colour in orignal delivery label as on the bottom of the label it vaguely describes what was in the original delivery, eg electronics, cosmetics etc.  
  5. Amazon deny refund - stolen/lost item

    I really hope you placed the phone in a box etc to hide the contents? I work at UPS and so many people just send the stuff back, without any outside packaging(which Amazon themselves advice) which for a 1400 euro is asking for trouble, considering the amount of different hands which will come into contact with the return.  Amazon are probably also sick of people pulling fast ones.
  6. Tips on bathroom renovation

    No as I already did it on the floor, and also because the cuts on the tile would be seen unless you tile all the way round the room, then the cuts would be hidden in the corners after you add silicon.   Heres the main bathroom, in this one I just did the tiling, and granit window sill(all the germans said it was wrong and I should tile it instead, but as I love granit so I did it anyway looks much better. Sink, bath just standard stuff like your quote shower tray is 120x90 with separate large shower head(about 300 euro extra) Its a sliding shower door, but its a pain to clean so avoid sliding door if possible.  Wall and floor tiles as per your quote, but I prefer the 50x20cm wall tiles in the dach bathroom.  
  7. Tips on bathroom renovation

    This cost about 5000 euro in total the only things in the room before I started were the radiator, toilet holder frame with cistern which is hidden behind the toilet, water connections for taps, waste pipes outlets, and the combi boiler which is inside the cupboard I built in the second picture. I also skimmed over the cement plaster to make it smooth(I would have paid someone for that if I knew what a pain it was).   villeroy & boch mirror 1000 euro villeroy & boch sink with under draw 900 euro villeroy & boch toilet with soft close about 300 euro And hoesch 190X90 acrylic bath 600 euro(well worth the money). It took about 3 weeks, a few hours a day during the week and the whole weekends.      
  8. Tips on bathroom renovation

      You will regret not getting underfloor heating(especially as your laying new estrich anyway) we have 1 bathroom with and one without, its better to get rid of the radiator then you will have more room in tha bathroom later for cupboards etc. I think there are two types one is foot warm or something and the other footboden you want the 2nd one, it will only be 4 or 5sqm as you are getting a shower and bath, will probably cost the same as a radiator anyway. Also as they are laying new estrich this will take time to dryout to enable tiles to be layed (4-6 weeks) normally but as its such a small area it might be quicker not sure, but the cold weather won't help (the tile layer will have a moisture tester and a good tile installer will not lay tiles until it reaches a certain level) . If you have sloping ceilings which normally means plasterboard it well get destroyed from the moisture as the estrich drys out.   Also just saw that your tile cost of 8.181 € did not include mwst so that 10,000 € that is crazy on such a small bathroom. 
  9. Tips on bathroom renovation

    And your quote is for wall and floor tiles which is why it probably says 12m. If your getting a bath and a shower then you only have about 4 or 5 meters to tile on the floor the rest is for the wall tiles.
  10. Tips on bathroom renovation

    The tiles come to 8.181 € in your quote there is probably about 1000 euro of materials tops, you should be doing that part yourelf, or hire someone else. I did all the tiling in my house, never did it before just watched loads of youtube videos. I bought all high quality tiles from a dedicated shop, not bauhaus shit. They lent me a high quality cutting machine for free and made holes in the tiles which went over the pipes for free. It helps if you have a 2nd bathroom so you don't have to rush. And before you buy the tiles measure everything and buy the tile size that fit best. But you have to work slow, and start in the right place and as I said the most important thing is work slow(no nagging wives mine did my head in).  
  11. 70k EUR gross for life in Dusseldorf

      This type of question(with the amount involved) seriously irritates me. If you earn 75k a year I would have thought you are not stupid.
  12. How to make more money in Germany?!

    House prices got out of control due to the demand of people taking advantage of the low interest rates.  If interest rates stay at this level or go even higher, plus the added problem of energy prices. There's going to be a lot of people in the shit, when their fixed rate mortgage ends, payments increasing by 4 folds. Then a lot of people are going to have to sell, and find then themselves in negative equity because house prices are going to crash big time. There is no way I would be buying a new property now or in the near future.   If I were you I would be saving everything I can, and get yourself in a good postion for when people become desperate in the next five years or so, and low ball them. In my small town right now there are about 40 houses for sale, when interest rates were 1% there were about 8 at anyone one time. But people are still asking(expecting) to get the same price as before.
  13. https://froebelschule.info/unsere-schule/schueler/  Was built last year its located between Mühlheim am main and Offenbach.
  14. If you are using the S-bahn to get to the airport the S8/9 lines have direct links. I live in Mühlheim am main a small town between Hanau and and Offenbach which feels rural yet has all amenities schools, shops, bike riding routes along the Main swimmingpool and sports facilities.
  15. Just go sick for 4 weeks turn your phone off, don't answer e-mails and you will probably find they will sadly let you go.