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  1. job contract terminated before pregnancy

    Take the other role don't mention your pregnant until you have moved to the new role, then in 6 months your on maternity leave anyway, then after that you will receive elten geld which will based on your currant wage. Also if your married you could change your tax class to 3 then next year you will receive more elten geld, once you start receiving elten geld next year, change the tax class again so your husband is 3 but you have to do this as soon as possible as I think it has to be done 7 months before you start receiving elten geld.
  2. Seriously it sounds like your ready to throw the towel in.  You have had one conversion with your direct manager who is just testing the water. Why would you waste money on a lawyer at this stage nothing has happened, I would'nt have contacted the works council, its like your pushing it, to take it to the next level.   Just sit tight and do nothing and say nothing,  its not your move its the managers move. 
  3. Don't know why people on here are telling you to accept 6 months severance pay etc. If he asks you again just say you are very happy with your work and company and you have no intention of leaving. You are in a very strong position and he knows it.  
  4. Pioneer receiver vsx 324 k.p   (htp-072)  with 5 speakers and sub It needs a new remote which can be bought from ebay or amazon for about 10 euro. Front centre speaker has a few scratches on the top side.   50 euro pickup only Mühlheim am main 63165   https://intl.pioneer-audiovisual.com/products/home_theater_system/htp-072/specification.php
  5. Winora Dakar 28  Cross Bike frame size= 54cm for 175cm tall plus 70 euro   2nd cross bike frame size 50cm can t remember name of it. 50 Euro   Both work but need minor adjustments to gears as some click. Pickup only in Mühlheim am main 63165 inbetween Hanau and Offenbach        
  6. Missed Deadline for 2019 taxes, am I screwed?

    What refund are you expecting when tax class 1 and 4 are more or less the same. 1 is for single and 4 is for married who both work. Class 3 is where you would have a got a refund but then your wife would need class 5 which gets hit hard on tax
  7. It is usually possible to ask the new buyers to take over your existing credit. Then they just get a 2nd credit if needed for any additional amount required.
  8. Divorce and a common apartment loan

    Try contacting the bank to make interest only repayments or at least reduce the tilgung rate if possible.