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  1. Grinners hausmeister rant made me remember a question I had yesterday.   As I walked into our apartment, there was a note on the door wishing us all a Joyful Christmas and New Years, and thanking us all for the "small gifts" he had received.   Now we didn't give any small gíft, and had no intention of it. Are others tipping their Hausmeister?   I hope Germany doesn't go the way of the States, where everyone wants a tip for EVERYYTHING. He is a salaried employee, why the tip? He does a job and gets paid.   Now if he did something beyond the scope of his job specifically for me (helped me carry in a big piece of furniture or something), then of course I would tip him at that time.   So does this mean next time I have an issue in my apartment I will get the SLOW treatment?