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  1. After extensive searching through "German themes", it seems that the majority of postings related to Brexit and German citizenship focus on the procedure and timing of the application process--I have not found any postings that reveal how successful applicants feel after they have been granted German citizenship. With this in mind, I have created a thread to address this topic (apologies if one exists already--please move this there). To explain something about myself, I was born, raised and educated in the UK and worked there for a number of years before moving to the continent where I have since worked in seven EU member states over a period spanning more than two decades. Along the way, I married (a German) and started a family (outside of Germany). As the holder of a British EU passport, I felt quite European and the thought of applying for citizenship in those seven EU countries never crossed my mind. This all changed with Brexit when I recognized the advantages of German citizenship over permanent residency and thus completed the application process, successfully. Having recently received my Staatsangehörigkeitsurkunde should I feel that is somehow more than the result of having successfully completed a necessary formality?