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  1. Coronavirus

    I have triple layer cloth masks with a wire at the nose so they fit tightly. I made them myself to fit perfectly. It even has a pocket to add an extra filter. My co-worker wears an FFP2 so loosely that there is hardly 20 % of the mask in contact with the face.   Ugh.    
  2. Coronavirus

    If you can sew a button on, you can just take a strip of felt, sew a button on one side, then fix (either a safety pin or just a staple or anything) one ear elastic to the other side. This would be no more trouble to get on and off than over the ears. Or, just suffer the ear elastics.   I ran a cord through all my masks that goes behind my neck and up over my head because I cannot tolerate the ear elastics.  I have this setup:   mask   and yeah, total PITA with hats and scarf, but oh well.
  3. Coronavirus

    Just google "ear savers". You can crochet them, cut them out of felt, buy them...tons of options.