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  1. SpiderPig, it's too bad that you edited your post, now I don't know if Telekom Deutschland GmbH tried the same trick with you as with me.


    First, on 19 February, one of the door-to-door sleazeball salesmen pressured my daughter into signing a change of contract. Even though she told him that her signature is not valid under a contract where I am the receiving party he accepted her signature. I cancelled this - invalid - request for a change of contract on 21 February, leaving TDG with a legal flea in their ear.


    Then, after having received the cancellation, TDG sent me a confirmation for change of contract dated 25 February. I called the service number, waited maybe six minutes on hold and then spoke to a very nice service lady who told me that this was not a door-to-door contract with a signature, this change of contract was requested by me in a telephone call on 25 February.


    Unfortunately for TDG, I had witnesses for almost every second of the day who could confirm that I did not speak to TDG; also, the land line that they would have called me on was not connected to the router.


    Meaning that TDG fraudulently claimed that I had agreed to a change of contract and tried to tie me to a 24-month new contract.


    PSA to everyone out there: If you get a letter from TDG or Deutsche Telekom with the subject Auftragsbestätigung make sure that you understand its implications and act fast.



    Who can find out what my registered address is?

    Everybody. The registration records are public, anyone who pays the fee can submit a name and address to verify if a person is registered there. This was my daily bread for years.


    There is the possibility of blocking your address for such inquiries.


  3. It seems that he was recently heckled during a live performance and responded with some serious insults. He is claiming mental stress and does not feel up to the grueling routine facing him. Better out now than being a no-show at the event.


  4. I have been on the receiving end of countless questions on how to do a job, some of them repeadtedly. Believe me, after a few months of it you are heartily fed up.


    non-legal advice: Ask for another round of formal training.


    Regarding the review: Contact a labor lawyer.



    ... she will kill herself if she has to go into a home which would be my fault.

    Sell tickets to the event. After all, executions used to be public.



    I so wish I were strong enough to tel her %*}>~>~{#. I'm just too soft though my husband is very close to the point of no return.

    Hang on, after inflicting his mother (and sister/s, IIRC) on you for years he is impatient with your relatives?


  6. AFAIK she has to liquidate her own assets before the State can demand your contribution. Also, your contribution must not leave you destitute yourself.


    Tell her to provide the results of her research before making any unfounded statements. Also, tell her to move in with your witch-in-law, she seems to have room.


  7. That is an absolute no-no. Don't even think about using the recording or even playing it to anyone else.


    One of the first termination cases I handled back in 1983 was against a branch manager who made the mistake of mentioning recorded telephone calls with the general manager. His ass was a streak of lighting as he went out the door without so much as a brass handshake.


    About your co-workers: I would send a letter to HR and top management, copying in the Betriebsrat for good measure. And yes, find a different job if you can, once you have your reference tell the other two that you are glad that not all Germans are like them.


    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. Please have all legal advice you receive here verified by a legal professional.


  8. The only pressure the lawyer can put on you is an eviction claim. If you are planning to move out anyway that's not much pressure because it will take the court about four months to set a first trial date, bringing you to July. I'm not sure how willing your landlord is to waste money on such a claim.


    Tell him that you will respond to his letter after consulting your legal adviser.


  9. You conveniently overlooked that the venue is announced on Monday. Sometimes not until 3 PM, but it is announced. It has been a while since the next three venues were posted on the topic, that was walmerroad's modus operandi. At the time, with generally 20 people or more attending, it made sense, providing ample time to plan ahead.



    Seeing as nobody had chosen anywhere I assumed that I was at liberty to do so. If you had any objections it would have been nice to hear from you earlier. I waited for about 3 hrs before calling the restaurant.

    Not everyone is at liberty to log in at all hours of the day. Since you had checked the archive you will have seen that enview sometimes posts the venue bright and early, sometimes he doesn't announce it until around noon or even mid-afternoon.


    There are benefits to attending this event regularly:



    Additional discussion time: we discuss and agree venues face-to-face at a preceding curry night, leading to more participation.

    Curry harmony: since we plan and agree venues in advance, there's less need for brinksmanship, less controversy and less chance of a dreaded curry war.

    While it is true that:



    Personal preference: if someone wants curry night to visit a particular place on a particular Wednesday it's easier to accommodate because (i) there's advance notice of the plan and (ii) potential objectors can request their own favourite venue to be frequented soon.


    proposing a location to the person who has voluntarily taken over the not always easy task of organizing this event is definitely netiquette, preferable to simply setting the venue.