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  1. Nice person of the day award

    I want to nominate the Turkish grocer/butcher across the street who very patiently put together a healthy mix of fruits for a mostly deaf and almost blind old geezer who couldn't see what was on display, named the price, took the money out of his wallet and put back the change (1 cent), made sure that the old guy had a good grip on the plastic bag and helped him across the crosswalk.
  2. Topic split: Astra 2F and Astra 2E - New satellites arrive       Please avoid cross-posting, stick to what it says in the title, thank you.
  3. Topic split: Astra 2F and Astra 2E - New satellite arrives       Please avoid cross-posting, stick to what it says in the title, thank you.
  4. The Süddeutsche Zeitung features tips for tenants every Friday, prompting me to post to old topics. However, a dedicated topic seems to be a better solution. I will add anything that seems relevant to the general questions asked under “Legal”, other contributions are, of course, welcome.   For your convenience, please find the topics treated in this thread in chronological order   Table of Contents   The Handover Procedure Eviction - Your Rights as a Tenant What to Observe When Your Apartment is Sold Implications of Shacking Up Heating Questions Clearing Sidewalks and Paths of Snow and Ice Liability for Open-Flame Candles Wrong Flat Size and Rent Soar after Renovation Electrical Standards in Rented Property Deposit Cannot Be Used by Tenant for Open Rent Rent Reduction Due to Bad Smell No Keys, No Rent Landlord Cannot Forbid Smoking In Rented Premises Adjustment of Running Costs ("Betriebskosten") Repeated Late Rent Payment Can Lead to Termination Moving & Deposit for the New Flat Landlord Taking Pictures After Termination Noise And Neighbours - How Much To Accept, How To Deal With Too Much Tenant's Lease Reduction vs Landlord's Lease Termination "Nachmieter" - Tenant Willing to Enter Into Your Lease Rental Agreement Must Be Signed to Become Valid Subletting Or Letting Premises To Tourists
  5. Houston, although lacking in visible downtown life forms, was a treasure trove once I got outside city limits. This was outside a 9th grade school center (i.e. 14-year-olds)   Winter Texans?
  6. Today I did something stupid

    When I left home this morning I picked up the newspaper on the bench next to the door and realized 10 paces further on that it was yesterday's that was lying there waiting to be thrown into the old paper bin (one of four garbage cans outside our door). Today's paper was on the kitchen counter waiting to be put into my bag.
  7. Various German states have been thinking out loud about introducing toll for cars in Germany as well - and lowering car taxes for cars registered in Germany. Seeing as how the SPD is going for both Ministry for Traffic and Ministry for Environment, how likely is this going to happen?   I personally wouldn't mind, seeing as I have to pay my way on the freeways in most European countries. It has always annoyed me that they all use German Autobahnen for free.