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    I guess you could either give a fake address or briefly set up a free GMX email account.

    The'll send you spam on the email address you give them. I suppose one can't give them two email addresses telling:"Here is my normal business address, please put it on the card and here is the one I have opened at GMX for your spam". They also put their website address on the back of the card, so basically every time you use the card, you advertise Vistaprint.


    Especially in Germany, where everybody knows this company, I wouldn't make my business cards by Vistaprint. Potential clients might think that either I'm not serious about my business or that I'm so bad that I can't afford buying proper cards.


    I ordered by the way cards the other day, 34 euros for 200. I hope Finanzamt will accept it as expences.


  2. I was also joking about it when I first arrived to Munich. Now after almost one year here having finally signed my soon 3-year-old in a kindergarten feel enormous relief, that I can, just like DDBug said, perhaps dreem about working during normal times and not to start a working day at 8 pm. Felt really desperate and from time time even asocial for having decided to have children.


    Open own kindergarten, well good luck with that, you haven't have yet probably much experience with German bureaucracy...


    Here is the list of all sorts of day care in Munich.


  3. Who has actually used flydba? I've just booked tickets online, 50 euros one way, back was a bit more expensive. I gave my account details, and after a minute I got a bill to my email box. Still don't know should I pay the bill or will they withdraw it themselves. Any ideas? Oh well leave the ideas, anyone has own experience? Really really want to to get those attractive prices.



    Can remember a few places.


    First of all, along the harbour there's a fish market on most mornings - try those little small fishy's that are smoked and salted, eat them whole. Can't remember what fish they are, but they're tiny (the size of a virgin pube, my trusty Helsinki pal told me).

    That'll be muikku



    Then there's the glass rotunda house at the harbour end of the main boulevard in town - can't remember the name, but it's the big street with a long thin park down the middle. At the bay end of it there's a glassshouse type restaurant/cafe, nice to sit in there and get a buffet style brunch.

    And this is Kappeli, good choice.


  5. It's a bit difficult to recommend as I have no idea what are you interested in. Helsinki is rather small, so you should be able to see almost everything in a few days. Here , here and here is some information. I personally like to go to Kiasma, Museum of Contemprorary Art always when I visit Helsinki. It's pretty central and surprises me every time. You never know what belongs to the current exhibition and what to the building itself.


  6. I opened recently business account in Münchner bank, cos was fed up with absolutely-no-service at the Deutsche Bank.


    Bit expensive, but so far ok. Online banking was one of my priorities, you can do that in Münchner Bank.



    Natalia, thanks!

    I don't really care about a work permit right now for a bunch of reasons, it's the residence permit and health insurance that I wouldn't have to pay for out of my pocket that I'm really interested in

    Just in case you need to marry sort of urgently (for number of reasons) :ph34r: , check this out. The same information here. At least you could check what documents you need.


    I didn't need a visa to enter Germany, so we are still unmarried, but it would save us 300 euros a month only on taxes and 250 euros more on health insurance monthly if I didn't work. From time to time we decide once again to collect all papers we need to marry, and every time I get so frustrated with German authorities that I leave it. Well maybe one day :)


  8. So it was after all very educational question.



    i think this is a direct reference to the fact that sign posts WERE taken down during the second world war to confuse potential invaders. It would be seen as ironic that in todays world leaving said signposts up would confuse them more than taking them down. it has nothing to do with believeing that ze germans are still the enemey

    Thank you all very much for your contribution.



    Kept me childless for about 15 years they did - best birth control for high school girls ever.



    Yep. I also heard that some men suffer impotence due to trauma they got watching this sort of videos. Not sure if it's true though.


  10. Was reading yesterday Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. OK, let's skip those chick-lit comments.




    Midnight. Just back. Arrived v.late owing to typical motorway signpost debacle (if war today, better, surely, to confuse Germans by leaving signposts up?)...

    So in minds of British people is Germany still considered as a threat? Why Fielding didn't write for example French?



    Should I politely decline the invitation to witness an event which means so much to him; or should I join in with the fun after calming my nerves with a few pints of schnaps.

    Do YOU want to see it or not, granted the mother agrees that you watching it (which I personally definitely wouldn't)? For me it would be embarassing that some stranger sees me in such pain.


  12. I didn't read the whole thread (yet).



    I'm usually quite tolerant of spelling mistakes, considering I teach English. That's probably because I spell things wrong all the time too and have edited many many many posts after rechecking my spelling.


    But having seen so many recent cases on this discussion forum, it's starting to drive me a bit bonkers. Let me provide some definitions:



    lose (NOT HAVE) verb past tenses: lost, lost

    That's how I managed to remember this: the word LOSE has four letters as well as the word VERB.