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    Any suggestions or help???

    Get a professional. In particular because



    There are about 50 billion websites saying that they are the best, the easiest to use, etc, etc...

    90% per cents of self-made websites are shit. If I want to buy something I wouldn't take seriously a company with amateurish looking website. No site is better than bad site.


  2. Thanks DDBug,


    Now I have to open and close all those little doors of the house til he'll learn to do it without my help, thanks a lot for that. :D



    quality lemonade

    Yes, actually it was first time in my life that I tried real lemonade. Would really appreciate a recipe, or is it some sacred American secret? Do you need some special machine for that?



    Its always difficult to be sure that youve understood everything. I took LEO and asked them to repeat things quite a lot, also I repeated what I had understood, which was several times corrected.


    There is one advantage of language problems - nobody speaks at great length, so meetings are shorter!

    Its not tense on my side :-).

    Well, actually I wanted to suggest you last time to take a professional interpreter with you, not just a friend with good English&German. A professional with good knowledge of the school system, who'd use direct speech (first person) when speaking.


    It's a psychological thing. It doesn't matter how well educated and determined parent you are, if you speak simplified or incorrect German or don't get absolutely everything, what they say, they won't hear you.


    IMO, this is important. I'v been interpreting in court few times, there is a difference, believe me


  4. Kay, are you sure that this French-German school is a Primary School? There was a French lady at the German course which I tried to attend last year, whose bilingual son (the whole family is French, they just live here) went to French-German Gymnasium, but the Grundshule he attended was the normal German one. She was very stressed about the whole thing as well.


    @ DDbug


    About the percentage, I think I saw somewhere numbers of 25 % go to Gymnasium, but I'm not sure how true is that.


    In our class 5 kids out of 25 are accepted to Gymnasium, which is more like your numbers.


  5. @ nightynight


    I just made a quick search on Russian language forum in Germany with the keyword Übergangklasse.


    One post is saying that "Übergangklasse is a nightmare, children of different age from 12 to 16 might be in the same class"


    Another post is saying that quite few Russian Germans had to experience that, and in particular that "it is usually in Hauptschule" presuming that children stay there.


  6. @ DDbug


    We came to Germany on the New Year Eve 2003 (31.12.2003), he started 2nd grade in January in the closest school to our home and it just happened to be Montessori. I knew about Montessori system but I wasn't desperate about it.


    That was in Berlin, very nice school, lovely teacher, relaxed atmosphere, no problematic children in the class. Pure luck. Now, the Grundschule in Berlin is six grades, so they take it pretty easy with the marks, to be more precise they start to give them at the 4th grade.


    We stayed there for one and a half year, my son didn't lose a year. As I said he got extra German classes in the first half a year. In the 3 grade teacher said he didn't need them any longer.


    So, one year ago we came to Munich, he went to the 4th grade. We didn't have any marks in our Zeugnis from the Montessori School in Berlin, so no wonder I was worried. Especially when I noticed that the programm is DIFFERENT, the requirements are much higher here. The amount of the homework he got here every day was the same he got in Berlin for a week.



    what I dont understand is, why my children havent been offered extra German classes in addition to normal school, which is what I understood was the system, and which is my preferred option.

    My son got in Berlin extra German classes during first half a year. I have no idea if they have it here.



    ddbug, I dont think its necessary for any of my children (6, 8 and 9). They have already gone into a french school without any french, now they are bilingual, they can do the same in germany. For some reason though, the school seems to want them out.

    If I were you I would rather agree with repeating one year than going to UK, especially if the older one is going to the 4th grade. Technically the marks for first half a year are the ones, upon which the Übertrittszeugnis is given. We had this year some sort of talk with the teacher as early as in February about where we are going after Grundschule. I was sick worried, that they make us to go to Probeunterricht or something, but thank God, my boy got 2 for all subjects in the half year Zeugnis.


    What school is it? Is there any option? I don't know if it is a good idea to insist on keeping children in the same class, becuase the teachers might make their life hell. I also wouldn't bring bilingualism and its advantages up to the teachers (though I personally all for it), I think some of them are allergic to the topic.



    The transfer to haupschule, realschule or gymnasiun in Bavaria is based soley on your child's 4th grade "note" average in three areas, social studies, math, and German. 2.8 minimum for realschule and 2.3 minimum for gymnasium - only one "3" allowed. (so, for example no 1 in math, 1 in social studies and 4 in German).

    DDbug, just as a mother, whose son is going to Gymnasium this year, 2.33 rate is for Gymnaisum and you can't have a mark worser than 2 for Math, Deutsch and HSU(do you call it Social Studies in English?). 2.66 is for Realschule or for Probeunterricht in Gymnasium. Other marks I don't remember, becuase I didn't have to worry about that.


    I'm also pretty sure, that given sufficient support, kids pick up the language very fast. My son came to Germany two and half years ago without German and went directly to a normal class, well to a Montessori school.



    I have quite a few contacts in the FCO, who presumably have diplomatic contacts all over the world - who thinks I should try and have Pepper's visa application rejected, and then have him arrested by the KGB and shot for crimes against modesty?

    No, instead I wish he'll meet there some fantastic woman, fells desperatly in love and suffer for the rest of his life trying to get her here. :ph34r:



    Well there's a stroke of luck, I have to go to Moscow mid-August for work, so the company have just applied for me, for a 1 year multiple entry visa. As this is work, it should be no problems, but means I can go back whenever I want within the next year without the stress of visa applications !

    God, please forgive me, am I envious now.