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  1. F***ing hell, just noticed that Kassen- und Steueramt had withdrawed 221 euros from my account. Have no idea what for. Looked up at the This is an office obviously responsible for Gewerbesteuer (as long as I understand). But I'm not registered as Gewerbe, I'm freelancer. I'm clear with the taxes for last year.


    Before you tell me that I should call there (well I know that I should call there, I just should first gather some courage to call some civil servant in German) I just want to ask if anybody ever had similar experience.


    Even if I do have to pay something shouldn't they first inform me?! :angry: Or is it a normal procedure that they just take whatever money they want from my account?


  2. My son flied alone for the first time when he was 7 - from Helsinki to Frankfurt, was taken to cockpit and given shitloads of sweets and some presents from the flight attendants as well as some unplanned presents from me becuase I felt being bad mom.


    Last sommer (10-year-old) he flied alone from Munich to Helsinki and back. I think it's o.k. nowadays.



    So you can point out her mistakes and get the paper marked accordingly and hope she uses a dictionary next time. You can't teach her English in a 15 minute session! Complain above her head, and you cause trouble for the child. Either you ignore her and teach your child proper English at home, or you find a school with better qualified teachers.

    While I agree that it is probably too late to improve the teacher's English skills, I don't think the situation is so easy. As far as I know, one can not easily change primary school here. In the place where HW lives there is probably not that many primary schools in the first place.


    It doesn't help HW to teach the child proper English at home neither (apart from the fact that he actually learns it), if he gets bad marks from the teacher, becuase it might reduce his average mark thus resulting in being not eligible for going to Gymnaisum.


    I just wonder why no one else realises that the teacher is not quilified. Even non-native speaker i.e. a German parent should be able to do that.


    Or is it Gymnasium teacher we are talking about here?


  4. We live in Giesing, but there were also quite a few foreigners in the class of my son. In my opinion, after my son attending primary school education in England, Finland and Berlin, Munich schools are not bad at all regardless of their location, especially if a parent pays attention to the performance of their children.


    My son is in 5th grade of Gymnasium now, one of five children in the class who managed it. Two of the four others had foreign background as well.



    I have this neighbour and his wife left him for another man and took one of the dogs with her leaving him with the young terrier that has been discussed on a separate topic. Anyhoo. I am very worried as he is looking very depressed. Well, he does not look that depressed actually. He is selling the house for 750.000 Dollars, drives a brand new Lincoln, has 2 motorbikes and a rather stunning new girlfriend and looks pretty happy but apparently he is depressed because his ex-bitch left him...

    God, how anyone could be so lousy in bed


  6. @Ronny,


    All state kindergartens start working next week, so what you should do is to go to those around you and apply for the place. Fill in the paper, say that you and your wife are working and you want to expose your child to German as much as possible. The time to do that in all kindergartens is EVERY TUESDAY from 4 to 6 p.m. You'll need your Anmeldung papers. Good luck.




    We moved from Berlin to Munich a year ago when our younger one was two. In short I'm afraid I have to say that situation with Kinderkrippes in Munich as compared to Berlin... well, sucks. :(



    ...before I kidnap his youngest and burn down his house.

    I understand your feelings but you should not even joke this way. Seriously.


    Relax and wait two weeks. This is Germany. I know loads of people who, despite strict regulations, don't do their taxes for years and are still happy people.


  8. Absolutely no way, if you ask me. Don't feed the illusions of your sister. There are plenty of highly quilified people with the knowledge of more than one or two languages, who are unemployed in Berlin. After my bf lost his job in Berlin we were getting Sozialhilfe, believe me, there were people with PhD sitting in the same queue.


    I know so many young people, who went to Berlin just because it was cool. So cool it is not. My bf is saying now that he would return to Berlin only if offered a job of Bundeskanzler. :lol:



    Can anyone recommend any printing shops in Munich?


    I don't want to use the net for this sort of thing. Not least I want to feel the quality of the paper used and discuss options with the printer.

    I printed first time at some place near me chippish cards for 40 euros (200) just becuase I was in a hurry on my way to conference, but I'm planning to print new cards and other pieces of corporate identity at Zuerl. Huge selection of paper, you can touch it, you can have all in the same paper (card, flyers, envelopes etc.). Seems expensive on the first hand, but bigger order are fairly priced. For 100 cards you pay 90 euros, for every additional 100 3 euros.


    I don't have yet any personal experience with them, so it would be very kind of you, if post some.



    So you can only imagine (!) how boring and frustrating it was for your son to have English lessons? Maybe it wasn't?

    I didn't say my son was bored, he was o.k. in the class, enjoyed his time in the school as such. English is his weekest language actually. I said that I can imagine how a native speaker might be bored, when a child with just a bit higher than average skills was getting best marks.



    Went to school (mostly) in the Netherlands and took German and French rather than English, as I got the English bit at home.

    O.K. so you were excused from English classes. :P



    I grew up bilingual and frankly I think it would have been fun for me to have had this 'playing around with English' lessons.

    So you think it would have been fun, because obviously you didn't have to do it. Where did you to go school then? If in Germany were you excused from English lessons?


    My son was the best in his class in English during 4th grade eventhough he went to school in England only for a half a year few years ago and I can only imagine how boring and frustrating it might be for a native speaker.



    The Master & Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, it is just such an amazing book and one that made me think a bit about things. It was never even published in the authors lifetime.

    Bravo!!! I am very very surprised to see the name of this book here. This book if any influenced my life enormously, as I believe, it has influenced the life of many other Russians.


    Why... Well, first of all, in utterly atheistic country it was the sort of substitute for the Bible, much stronger one, not to mention other eternal issues one comes to think about while reading it.


    It's not that I have read it once or twice, I usually do it once a year or so, even I know some parts of it by heart.