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    Yup, gaelic first-name, pronounced like the German "Toilet there" or "Klo da".


    I guess I will not test their sense of humor by writing "Toilet there" in my translation this time. Funnily enough I almost probably will never forget now how to pronounce it. Thanks.


    Thank you, everybody.



    I am British my wife is Ukrainian, sorry now a German very soon, just waiting for the finalisation eg the passport etc.

    She wants to invite her mother a Ukrainian national, yes my mother in law to come and stay with us in Germany.

    Is it possible that she can live with us?

    Can I ask you on what basis your wife is receiving German passport?

    As a German citizen she can try to get her mother stay wih her on the basis of § 36 of Aufenthaltsgesetz, but usually it is very difficult to get through, I have heard of many cases, when people tried to get their parents here, but I haven't heard yet even of the first one, who succeded in this. Maybe you will make history.



    Does anyone know what the maximum stay period is with a visa?

    For one visit 90 days. Then she'd have to go back for three months and can come again for 90 days, thus 180 days a year, your feeling is right.



    Then we may want to apply for her to stay with us either longer or indefinitely.

    Does anyone know how we find more ifo on this?


    Is the Kreis..w...ung place where we need to go?

    Yes, Kreisverwaltungsreferat or KVR at Poccistrasse.



    I wanted to put out feelers or get info from elsewhere before we gave them any specifics eg our names and numbers etc.


    Any help and ideas gratefully recieved.

    It will be very tiring and expensive. I read somewhere about rights of EU citizen to bring their dependant relatives to Germany, but very oddly German cititzens only could do that in the case of so called außergewöhnlichen Härte. This is this §36 to which I gave you a link above.


    You instead can try to do it on the basis of

    § 3 of the same law, but better get a lawyer to do this for you. The biggest problem will be that no insurance company will want to take her or the insurance will be very, very expensive.


    Good luck, anyway, please keep me updated.



    English tuition costs 20-30 euros an hour

    Or even more received from a highly qualified teacher. But have you ever thought that a good teacher spends considerable unpaid amount of time for preparing lessons, so the hourly rate is not that high after all.


  4. You are not going to post it on Internet, are you? :lol:


    I was proposed once via phone


    him: Hi dear, how are you?

    me: telling for ten minutes how I am

    him: we are invited to my sister's wedding

    me: fuck I don't have any proper dress to go there

    him: Natasha, mennään naimisiin (let's marry in Finnish)

    me (terrified and trying to put everything into a joke): You mean what? this Saturday? No, I can't

    him: pity


  5. The amount of homework sounds the same my son had last year in the 4th grade. Now in Gymnasium IMO it is less than that, but for example Math teacher said us at the parents' evening that we should give a child to do some additional work.


    I don't do homework with him, I check what I can check (he is far better than me in German) and say him, in which exercise he had made a mistake and tell him he needs to correct it and do one more additional exercise. What irritates me most is that he never do real mistakes, he just doesn't pay enough attention i.e. subtracting instead of adding etc.



    oh and it's frustrating when you annoy yourself because you don't have the balls to tell people things.

    Underbloodysigning that TWICE.


    Probably people on the streets think I'm s



    I am making a list (and checking it twice) of "holiday" card recipients (Christmas to me, but what the hell). We have some new contacts in India, and our policy is that new contacts receive a holiday card. Is this the custom? Will they be offended, amused or confused?

    Thank you for feedback.

    Oh sarabyrd, thanks for reminding. Does anyone know where to buy nice cards, preferably with Munich/Bavaria views? Would really like to have something interesting, but not too expensive. Not going to send twenty bottles of wine to Finland.


  8. @McGee


    Obviously to became a father officially in Germany is possible in three ways:


    1. To be married to the mother at the moment of birth (it's not your case)

    2. To recognise paternity (but the mother has to agree to that, so it does not seem to be the case either)

    3. To establish paternity by court (and I guess we have a winner).


    In German it is called Vaterschaftsfeststellung and according to this site the first place to ask for help is Jugendamt. They are protecting children rights and I think every child has a right to know his/her parents.


    Therefore this link (Jugendämter in Berlin) might be useful.


    If I were you I wouldn't leave it for too years. Chlidren memory doesn't work so long, even if you come every now and then to see your daughter, she might not recognise you and would have to learn to know you all over again and again. With the mother so much against you... :unsure:


    The talks about two years on the basis that she would have to go working is BS in my opinion. The job situation in Berlin is, well, BAD. I can't believe that jobless woman with a child is more attractive for an employer than jobless and childless woman, unless she is something very special from the job market point of view. Anyway, the state will continue to support her in the mode of Sozialhilfe as long as she needs it after her Erziehungsgeld period is over.


    I would also suggest to get a lawyer specialising in Family Law. Good luck and lots of power.



    In addition she will get "Kindergeld" (154 € per month), and "Erziehungsgeld", depending on how much she earns, for a maximum of 2 years and max. 300 €.

    I think they changed it recently and from the beginning of 2007 there will be Elterngeld, which as long as I understand will depend on one's income. I tried to find out how Elterngeld works with freelancers, but didin't have enough patience.



    BTW, it doesn't really matter, but how you can call yourself single father, if you don't live with the child?


    I agree with sarabyrd here on it might be just difficult time for your girlfriend, if you want to be with your child you should provide support to her, did you do that?


  10. Thanks guys,



    maybe they just take it out if you owe? Usually they'd inform you that your papers went through..

    No, in 2005 I earned ridiculous amount of money, and earlier this year got Steuerbescheid stating I don't have to pay anything. Maybe I should reread it. With the dictionary this time.



    The Verwendungszweck part of your bank statement should tell you exactly what the payment was for.

    Today I was only able to see it online, there I couldn't see Verwendungszweck.



    Edit: The only thing I ever had to pay the Kassen- und Steueramt for was a Strassensperre to make space on the street for the removal van when I moved into a new apartment.

    Aha, how much did you pay? I didn't move recently.



    Kassen- und Steueramt don't have anything to do with Finanzamt and income tax. Natalia, did you register as anything recently? I wouldn't bother calling the guys and trying to explain, fax them a copy of your bank statement and ask for an invoice. Follow up on the fax by telephone about a week later.

    Thanks sarabyrd,

    No, I did not. Thanks for the advice. Sounds reasonable.



    They should have informed you, but it may have been a while ago. At some point you must have also given them your bank details and authority to make the deductions in the first place... The "Verwendungszweck" in the bank statement should summarise why they took it.

    Yes, sure, when I submitted tax declaration for 2005 I gave my bank details. :unsure: