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  1. Tegernseer Tal from Kreuth: sign-up list


    Meeting point: 7.50 a.m., Sunday 17 March, Munich Hauptbahnhof outside Radius Tours, behind the BOB ticket office by platforms 27-36 (map:


    Please see post #1 for information on what to wear and what to bring.


    1. STB

    2. Editor Bob

    3. Natalia




    ===LIMIT 15===


  2. Ruhpolding - Förchensee: sign-up list


    Meeting point: 8.30 a.m., Sunday 24 February, by platform 9 of Munich Hauptbahnhof


    Please see post #1 for information on what to wear and what to bring.


    1. nomis

    2. STB

    3. ScannAr (meeting us there)

    4. srg

    5. Irina

    6. Newinmunichberlin

    7. Dieter

    8. NewChris

    9. Julian.b

    10. Natalia






    ===Maximum 15===


  3. Oberstdorf, Allgäu Alps: sign-up list


    Meeting point: 8.30 a.m., Sunday 10 February, Munich Hauptbahnhof outside Radius Tours, behind the BOB ticket office by platforms 27-36 (map:


    Please see post #1 for information on what to wear and what to bring.


    1. STB

    2. CandyQuackenbush

    3. MrBeFishy

    4. MrBeFishy + 1

    5. Newinmunichberlin

    6. nomis

    7. Natalia



  4. 1. Editor Bob (own skis)

    2. Newinmunichberlin (own skis)

    3. MrBeFishy (ski hire, PMing details)

    4. CandyQuackenbush (own skis)

    5. Colin2 (own skis)

    6. Starks (ski hire will PM details)

    7. Lapochka (ski hire will PM details)

    8. Ash (ski hire - will PM details)

    9. DDream (ski hire - will PM details)

    10. DDream + 1 (ski hire - will PM details)

    11. Ryan.mrj (ski hire - will PM details)

    12. Ryan.mrj +1 (ski hire - will PM details)

    13. Phil (ski hire - will PM details)

    14. Eli (own skis)

    15. NewChris (own skis)

    ===LIMIT 15=== 


    Waiting list

    16. leyre (ski hire)

    17. Ophelia_30 (own skis)

    18. pookieza (ski hire)

    19. Nagi (ski hire)

    20. Natalia (own skis), who can't believe the list has filled so quickly.


  5. Hi!





    i'm a personal trainer and i offer a regular, free fitness class in the Englischer Garten every Monday at 6pm (probably 7pm starting in Feb)


    if you want to know what the training looks like (don't let the lederhosen scare you, it's highly professional training still!):



    This seems very interesting. Are you doing it regardless of the weather? Are there a lot of people in this weather coming? How long does it take? I don't know where the Haus der Kunst is :unsure:


  6. Klassenarbeit were called Schulaufgabe in our Gymnasium, and they are far more important than exes. Our school usually published a list of all Schulafugabes, that were planned for the year. There were 2-4 of them during the academic year and they tested quite a big portion of covered and sometimes uncovered stuff. Teachers usually said the dates and topics beforehand and it is better to make sure that your kid revises the stuff, as mark 6 does not mean 0 knowledge, it means maybe 30% or 40% of material, mark 4 means 50%, in my opinion it is rather difficult to get 1 or 2. Children in the 5 grade often do not realize how important it is to let parents know the dates of Schulaufgabe.


  7. Hi!


    I don't know how much you earn now and I'm not sure if it will help, but a year ago or so an acquaintance of mine (combination Ru-De-En with a Russian mother tongue) straight after university got 36 000 per year from a car maker. First she was working for them via Zeitarbeitfirma, but after a couple of months the company wanted to hire her directly. She asked for 36 thousands and got it. The Zeitearbeitfirma said that actually she would have got even more. I think that as an English native speaker you should be worth more.


    Good luck and feel free to ask for details in PMs.



    On the school front there isn't anything I can say about how it compares to the US, I just want to reassure you that academically, school here is much easier than in Russia “ - wow, if that's so – I think I should really stop worrying :-)) And thank you so much for introducing me to specific foreign

    areas in Munich, PandaMunich.



    Oh boy, this is the most favourite BS that Russians like to tell each other about German schools. Primary school probably might be considered easier in Germany because unlike in Russia no-one here expects children to know how to read and count when they enter the school, which is a common attitude in Russia. Here they teach children to read in the first grade. My son was also bored to death the first half a year in German school because after a reception year in England he could read fluently.


    But this statement is absolutely no true in terms of Gymnasium, in particular not in Bavarian one. In Russia children go from one grade to another even if they are bad in school, here you have it year after year after year this Sword of Damocles of marks. If your kid has bad marks, you don't have many options, he or she can re-sit exams, then repeat a year after which you will be offered an option of leaving the school. Your oldest son will have difficulties to get good marks if he doesn't speak a word of German if you choose a Gymnasium, nobody will take into account that his German skilled are not sufficient. So I wouldn't recommend Bavarian Gymnasium to anyone with low resistance to stress. That is why the industry of tutoring is flourishing here.


    If I were you I would put your 15-year-old to MIS or BIS, because they provide excellent education and opportunity to enter any university in the world, whereas private German schools can not always guarantee you an access to higher education even in Germany. If you can not afford an international school at least for the oldest one, do take the opportunity of being a guest student for one year i.e. without marks.


    And needless to say, all six of you, but particularly the 15-year-old should be learning German NOW every single day. There are tons of free material on iTunes and pretty decent free courses at Deutsche Welle website. Every word you learn now, will make your life a tiny bit easier later on when you arrive.


  9. HI!


    Do you speak Russian yourself? I suggest you put an ad on the board at one of the Russian communities in Munich. The one I know very well is Club Gorod. Write them an email or (even better) visit them when you arrive, they are absolutely lovely people and will be happy to help. or


  10. Well, I presume neither of you have been married before and ze German is from Munich. And apart from I think that you are lucky. For people with some personal history it is a nightmare, for women with Eastern European origin it is a double nightmare. And I didn't even need a visa to stay here, I live here anyway. Thank God Denmark exists. :rolleyes:



    There must be some native speakers somewhere amongst us somewhere to help out???

    Yes, yes, yes! Me, me, me!


    I did some teaching so I can speak veeeery slowly. And I'm able to have a conversation speaking Russian, while the other person is speaking English. Will the rule be the same as at the German-speaking Stammtisch - everyone speaking English before some certain time (i.e. 9 pm) buys a round? Just joking :lol:


    Just please don't do it next week Wednesday, because I'll be busy attending other TT event (hopefully) :D


  12. No, no, Crusoe, it's ME who is chained to the computer normally :lol: . If you ask me, my favourite is Altschwabing, because I haven't been there yet in evening. Glockenspiel is the best option for those who have to go home by S-bahn, and food there is ok, I've been there once. Then of course Lebenlust would be also just fine.


  13. If he is good in school now and interested in learning you should go to Gymnasiums and try to talk to the rectors and try to get him in as Gastschuler for one year. He won't get evaluated and will have to repeat this year, but this is imo the only and the best way to learn German fast. Otherwise he will simply not manage without German.


    My son goes to MTG, I'm more or less satisfied, we didn't have luck with one teacher, but otherwise it's ok.


    List of Gymnasiums


    I just recently heard that Isar-Gimnasium is very good. It's private, but it is cheaper than MIS and BIS.



    Planning to visit Russia for 1 week during summer. Anyone interested just PM me and we could work out for suitable dates. I have found all required documents and information for a tourist visa from Russia Counsulate.

    Go to a Russian travel agent, for example there is one right next to the consulate here in Munich.


    Hostel in Moscow... methink bad idea.