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    what if your child is bilingual (say english-german) and then has to start with a foreign language in the 5th grade?

    It will depend on the teacher. Some are afraid of breaking rules and would persist on your child attending English classes as well. Smart teachers then use these kids as valuable source and give them some other things to do, but not all are like this. By the way, they start English in the third grade. My son attended half a year a primary school in England four years ago and has been talking since then English. He understands a lot more than his classmates, becuase we are talking Englich at home and for example he's listening Harry Potter and other stories in English, but anyway he is attending classes and I don't have anything against it. He is not native speaker after all.



    Concerning your fear that a child who is especially gifted is perhaps not treated well, I never experienced anything like that from a teacher (but unfortunately from class mates). On the contrary, a teacher will usually be quite happy with a child who performs well and participates in the lesson.

    I'm probably the wrong person to estimate whether he is especially gifted or not, I think he is an ordinary child, he just happens to speak four languages, becuase we've been living here and there and I'm making some efforts to maintain his languages.


    Few days ago there was a discussion on bilingual families mailing list which I subsribe on the case: somewhere in Germany, I don't know exactly where, an American-German boy was told by his English teacher in Gymnasium that they are studying BrE and AmE will be marked as wrong. Does it sound like happy teacher's behaviour to you?



    What I really want to say by that is that the system certainly has its flaws, but if the school as well as the teachers are good (you'll always have a few crap teachers, but most of mine were quite all right) and the child is willing to make the best of what is offered I think the Gymnasium provides a very good education.

    That's exactly what I want to know about Munich schools. scf3, did you go to school in Munich?



    The consequence is that our daughter cannot wait to leave the German system and go to university in the UK.

    mic, it makes me feel sick, really :( Basically you've just put in words my fears. Unfortunately we can't afford MIS or BIS and I can't see what I could refer to in order to get into the European School. My son is speaking four languages, he is a smart boy, I'm so worried, because, as I heard, teachers sometimes can't stand it when somebody is something unusual.


  4. Hi everybody,


    My older son just started fourth grade, and I have to admit this is all stress pure. Already at the first parent evening the teacher said that the desicion about where children are going after the fourth grade will be made within six months and we have to control homework if we want our kids to be sent to Gymnasium.


    I've looked through the pages of Schul- und Kulturreferat and I'm planning to go to Open Days of the High Schools and Realschules, but I presume they all will tell just how absoultely brilliant their particluar school is. Therefore some insider's information would be appreciated on or off the forum.


    Thanks in advance



    Tell us more, DD. Why did they take them out?

    I think the reason might be that there are Montessori Grundschule and Hauptschule, and all people I know are avoiding by any means that their child is sent to Hauptschule, becuase as some of my friends expressed it "If you go to Hauptschule, your life is basically over" i.e. you can go to university (if university now could be any guaranty for happiness;)) only if you have Abitur and that you get from Gymnasium, High School. But it's very difficult to transfer children from Hauptshule to Realschule or Gymnasium.


  6. Congratulations! Most wonderfull time in your life!


    Getting married in Germany might be however more difficult than you expect. Reading Marriage & getting married in Germany might increase your knowledge.


    We are not married, as we didn't have money for the proper wedding, but we have a child and joint custody over him. As it's been said you and the baby will get on your husband's insurance, and you will get some tax benefits as a family.


  7. Well, registration for the courses was supposed to start today. Needless to say I'm not surprised at all that this doesn't work. The webpage of MVHS is overloaded and all the phones are busy. Obviously they know ho to do it in the most difficult way. Those interested are supposed to get numbers at Gasteig at 7am in order to get some place at 8 am. Sucks :(


    Die persönliche Anmeldung beginnt ab dem 10. September 2005 in den bekannten Anmeldestellen.


    Samstag, 10. September von 8.00 bis 18.00 Uhr

    Nummernausgabe für diesen Tag: Gasteig ab 7.00 Uhr; in den Stadtbereichen ab 7.45 Uhr


    Ab dem 12. September 2005:


    Montag, Dienstag von 9.00 bis 13.00 Uhr

    Mittwoch, Donnerstag von 13.00 bis 19.00 Uhr