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  1. So that means Russia should be allowed to invade Ukraine and install a Putin loyalist as its head of state? And Putin should be allowed to invade other former East Bloc countries at will?   Talk about showing your true colors...   You'd have been more believable if you stuck with your plague rat bit.
  2. Politics Gen XYZ

    Great news for the UK: Brexit is finally paying dividends!   Bad news for the UK: In Ireland...   We now return you to your BoJo cake ambush saga.
  3. Politics Gen XYZ

    They report, you decide:    
  4. Who will run for US President in 2024

    You want fucks? Biden still has fucks to give! FFwd to 10 seconds to hear the f-bomb!    
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Maybe she could ask her gay husband how "fashionable" it was when he was growing up.
  6. 3G in Restaurants?

      How do you define an "unsafe vaccination"?
  7. Problem with a weird transport company!

    You can search for the company name here: https://www.unternehmensregister.de/ureg/  
  8. 3G in Restaurants?

    About our plague rats' latest ball of moldy cheese:   An educated hack can still be a hack. He has no scientific background.
  9. 3G in Restaurants?

  10. Don't worry, we're laughing at you, not with you.
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

      Neither is jeba
  12. What made you laugh today?

      I prefer the original:
  13. What made you laugh today?

    Laughing at aggressively stupid people who refuse vaccines and masks because they "have a healthy immune system" and swallow horse paste because they "do their own research" is, in fact, hilarious.   And if that person was in a position to influence and encourage others to follow their idiotic behavior, it's a laugh riot.   Sorry, antivaxxers.  
  14. English speaking accountants in Berlin

      A business expense is not deducted from the overall amount of tax you pay. It simply lowers your taxable income. This, in turn, lowers your tax burden, but not by the full amount of the expense.   P.S. It's "paid", not "payed" in a financial or transactional context
  15. English speaking accountants in Berlin

    Tax-deductible = lowers your taxable income   That's not the same as "you don't pay for it".
  16. English speaking accountants in Berlin

      Narrator: That's not what it means.
  17. Zahlen, bitte!

    Of all your dumb bad takes, this is certainly one of them. 
  18. Interesting spam e-mails received

    Not quite spam, but I just got an e-mail from easyJet with the subject line "there's up to 25% off, what are you waiting for?"   Uhhh, maybe for the pandemic to settle down just a tad?   Fuckwits.
  19. Digital Impfpass, Vaccinated in USA

      That one would almost certainly have been the Sinovax, wouldn't it? And it's not recognized by the EMA.
  20. 3G in Restaurants?

      ZOMG: do you realize how you'll have to pay for that? Let me give you a hint:   They've clearly been co-opted by Big Copper! Get away from there as fast as you can!
  21. 3G in Restaurants?

      Nobody's forcing you to get the vaccine. But by failing to meet your obligations to protect your fellow humans as a member of society, you forfeit your right to participate in said society.   Your body, your choice - but it's also our choice as society to not have to deal with your bullshit.
  22. 3G in Restaurants?

    We know, everyone should get vaccinated but you. Because you're a special snowflake.   Economists call this the "free rider" problem.
  23. 3G in Restaurants?

      To be fair, they seem to be highly allergic to facts. I'm sure they'll find some quack doctor who will be more than willing to confirm this in writing for a fee.