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  1.   If you're a right-wing nutjob who needs Tucker Carlson to tell you what to think, antifa are the real fascists.
  2. And they say irony is dead.   It must have been just resting.
  3.   Because Freedumbs.
  4. Pfändung notice from Bank

    I didn't realize you don't have the paperwork from the court yet. Once you get that, you'll know which court is involved (likely Bonn), along with the case number, and will be able to inquire about the reason why the lien was issued.   Have you changed flats since you moved to Germany? I suspect it might have to do with unpaid rent or alleged damage to a previous flat.
  5. Pfändung notice from Bank

    Can you black out your personal information and post the letter (or a link to it) here?   P.S.: Deutsche is a bank. The language (and nationality) is Deutsch.
  6. Stop the XXL Bundestag! Sign the petition

      And the expenses (including staff) are at least twice as much as that. The danger is that the current headcount of 709 could easily exceed 1000 after the election next weekend - that would be more than a 40% increase in costs (and that's not even including building/leasing the Berlin office space that those new 300 members and their staffs would require) without contributing any additional net value to democracy.    
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      Both sets were franchises. The franchise of (near) High Street stores is giving up. The franchise of outlets in travel hubs will continue for now, presumably since the captive audience and price expectations allows for higher profitability. They said they're going to stop supply those locations with fresh food, however.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    A thriving, profitable business became unprofitable due to Brexit and is now being shut down. It doesn't get more Brexity than that.
  9. Worst jokes ever

  10. US Presidential Election Fallout

      This one's funnier (skip to 0:21 for the song):  
  11.   I hear electric shocks can kill the Covid bacteria. Maybe we can start a new trend:
  12.   That explains so much.
  13. Anti-vaxxers are now taking their ivermectin doses with a chaser of Betadine, a topical antiseptic used to treat cuts and scrapes and an ingredient in some vaginal cleanses.     I guess they were worried that not enough people considered them to be douchebags, so they're determined to become the actual definition of the term.
  14. What made you laugh today?

      Dude, it's only September. You could at least wait until after Halloween to start with the Christmas jokes...           (I keed)
  15. j² is too drunk to realize he's not on Twitter anymore.
  16. self-isolation rules, bathroom!

    I sympathize with your situation, but it all depends on how seriously you want to take the quarantine requirement.   It has been proven that covid can be spread through fecal matter, among other routes, and the New City Department of Health somewhat humorously issued a guideline based on this fact   To be perfectly safe, you should rent a hotel room for mom-in-law for at least the first five days, until she passes another negative test, They'll probably be happy to have the business. Or have her disinfect the toilet every time she uses it. Whether you're blood family or not, you don't belong to the same household, so the usual restrictions should apply - including any prescribed quarantine, especially if she's arriving from a high-risk area, as you said.   It's more or less up to you whether you choose to comply with this, because nobody's going to knock on your door and demand proof that the person who is quarantining at your premises also has their own private shitter. But think of the potential effects on you, your family, and your acquaintances if something did manage to enter your bubble because you figured it would do no harm to make an exception.   Sorry to be harsh, but that's where we are right now at this stage in the pandemic. Personal decisions can have far-reaching consequences.
  17. Loud banging from heating system

    That's all well and good, but in my more than 30 years in Germany dealing with various Gasetagenheizungen and living on the top floor of several buildings, I've had multiple Sanitärinstallature and bog standard Klempner in several German states explain to me that even a permanent hose between the water line and the heating circulation system is strictly forbidden by the binding regulations, to say nothing of an auto-fill, always-on system.   For whatever historical reason, Germans take their potential potable water contamination very seriously. Fuck with that belief at your peril or risk finding out.   No offense, Shenandoah, but do you have any experience living in Germany? Or are your comments based on what you imagine living in Germany might be, based on the local regulations you know?
  18. Loud banging from heating system

    Sorry, but that kind of setup is illegal in Germany, to prevent contamination of the drinking water pipes by the water in the heating system. If the system needs topping up, it always has to be done manually.
  19. Best place in NRW to commute to the Netherlands

    Right now, politicians are insisting that there won't be another lockdown for the vaccinated. In the worst case, everyone will switch to 3G (tested, vaccinated, or recovered) or 2G (only vaccinated recovered) mode.   What's more, except for the hasty first lockdown, commuting to work was always a legitimate reason for crossing the border.   Your post is a bit confusing, though - do you plan on renting a place to live in Nijmegen or only working there? I'm not sure whether having your primary residence in the Netherlands would make it more difficult for you to justify the cross-border commute. It would probably be easier for you to stay in Germany and work as a Grenzgänger.
  20. Yeah, then there was that time he didn't learn German. And that other time when he didn't get a job.   Now that the whole j² family has been vaccinated aside from him, I wonder if he's moved from the couch to the garage. I'm sure he doesn't want vaccinated people to be shedding vaccine all over him.