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  1.   Rest your fingers, catjones. He doesn't want answers - he's just here to spread FUD.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

      Good enough for me.
  3. Coronavirus

      Maybe you could try closing it once in a while when you don't know what you're talking about. Then it wouldn't be so easy for everyone to shove words in there.
  4. Not paying GEZ fees

      It's not a tax - it's a fee (it's the Rundfunkbeitrag, not the Rundfunksteuer). That's why it's the same charge for everyone (unless you qualify for a waiver).   Warren Buffet says he has a lower tax rate than his secretary, which is likely true because most of his income comes from long-term capital gains, which are capped at  20%, whereas income is taxed up to 37% in the U.S. He almost certainly pays more in absolute taxes than his secretary.   People who don't understand the difference between tax rates and tax amounts are probably the same people who don't know the difference between debt and deficit.   Anyhoo, happy Friday everyone!
  5.   I thought it was more like a kind of situation.
  6. Infinity = Wireless communications provider Infiniti = Car marque ignorant jebasplaining = priceless
  7. The 45th POTUS (aka Donnie Two Scoops, Dolt 45, the Fanta Menace, The Lyin' King, and many more) is widely acknowledged to have been the most dishonest U.S. president ever. The Washington Post says   Who can forget hits like "Inauguration crowd size", "sharpie hurricane path", and "throwing paper towels at Puerto Ricans"? From his bigly healthcare plan that was always just two weeks away to his billion-dollar border wall boondoggle and his countless Infrastructure weeks, he sold his fans and the nation an endless stream of lies, where redemption was just around the corner if  they just closed their eyes and ignored everything that was going on around them.   Now that he's out of office, he's lost his presidential immunity - and potentially faces a variety of state and federal charges in the weeks and months ahead. The socialist liberals over at Forbes, for example, report:   All this is in addition to the impeachment trial that's pending in the Senate, where they can vote to bar him from ever holding another federal office. If he's actually impeached, he will lose his presidential pension, his security detail, and his $1,000,000 annual travel allowance.   The three oldest T**** children (aka Goya Princess, Prince Cokehead, and I'M ERIC; known collectively as the Traitor Tots) may also be facing similar charges, from both their roles in aiding and abetting in the incitement of the insurrection on January 6th and the T**** Organization's unlawful activities.   So it should be a fun year if you're into things like karma, schadenfreude, and democracy. Watch this space for more.
  8.   You've clearly given this a lot of thought, so I'll bow to your superior knowledge (and hopefully not personal experience) in this case.
  9. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

      The tail is getting longer...   ...and Leon's getting laaaarger!  
  10. Only in America...

      Sounds like you should've been packing heat to protect yourself.
  11. what phone do I need for vaccination proof?

      Some kind of digital solution has been promised for the summer, but right now that card is your official proof of immunization.
  12. Addition, rather than a fix.   The biggest problem with letting the virus rage through a population unchecked is that it gives the virus so many more chances to mutate - into something deadlier, more transmissible, and/or better equipped to evade detection and vaccine protection. Both the Kent and India variants are proof of this.   In contrast, fuckwits who refuse to wear seat belts are only a hazard to those who might be struck by their dismembered body parts as they're expelled from their vehicles during a collision (and, of course, to the mental health of the emergency responders who have to deal with the carnage).
  13.   The fuckwits who refuse to wear seat belts because they claim it's more dangerous to be strapped in are the same kind of fuckwits who refuse the coronavirus vaccine because they say the 0.0002% chance you have of experiencing ill side-effects is more worrying than the 1-2% chance you have of dying from contracting the virus.   My only consolation is that Darwin will catch up with them eventually - hopefully before they manage to produce new virus mutations that can evade the vaccine.   And sorry, John G., there is no vaccine against violent death from home invasion. I assume that's why you posted it here.
  14. Why are you unhappy today?

      Ah, yes - I remember that scary movie Safe Room now.
  15. Why are you unhappy today?

    Nope, not unless the pages you read were translated by the Local.   A safe room is where you keep your valuables.   A panic room is where you'd hide in the case of a home invasion.   A bunker is where you go to sit out the global zombie apocalypse, which some on this forum would have you believe is inevitable as mass infection with mRNA-based vaccines continues to accelerate.
  16. Not paying GEZ fees

    You don't get sued, they just block your bank account until you pay them what you owe.   It's been described in many threads on this forum.   But I'm sure they'll make an exception for you...
  17. Not paying GEZ fees

  18. Politics Gen XYZ

    GQP ousts Liz Cheney from her leadership role for refusing to back the Big Lie that Trump actually won the election and it was somehow stolen from him.  
  19. Why are you unhappy today?

      Then you should know it's called a "panic room", so the builders know what to do.
  20. Coronavirus

    Christian Drosten says if you don't get vaccinated, you'll inevitably get the virus:   Source   "This virus will become endemic, it won't go away. And if you actively decide against vaccination, you will inevitably get infected." Nothing can be done about this, because the measures are being retracted more and more over time.   The virus will then continue circulating among the population, for example, unnoticed in the throats of the vaccinated and among younger children, who can't be vaccinated yet. "The virus will continue to spread unnoticed under a blanket of immune protection. And then it will also encounter people who have not had the vaccine, who will be totally susceptible."   Therefore, there will still be Covid-19 cases in intensive care stations in the coming winter, according to the virologist's assessment. He believes that "those who actively decide against vaccination have to be aware that they are also actively deciding in favor of a natural infection. Without any judgment," said Drosten. It's a free decision." (translation courtesy of me)   Plague rats gonna plague rat.  
  21. Random pointless comments

    If a gobshite is shouting random nonsense in the forest, but no one is listening, does it really make a sound?
  22. Brexit: The fallout

    I think the main problem is that two of the foundational values of the EU are reciprocity and equality. BoJo and the preceding generations of posh, pig-fucking Eton lads never believed in equality (because they're better than everyone else) and thought they had no need for reciprocity because the EU needed the UK more than the UK needed the EU.   Either that or they have no idea what either concept really means. But hey, you got blue passports (made in France) and get to boast about "taking back control". Just let us know when those £350,000,000/week show up for the NHS.  
  23.   Thanks, FF - now I have coffee all over my monitor.
  24. And the utterly delightful Randy Rainbow dropped a new song yesterday, too:   "Calm down, Mr. Fister". LOL.