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  1. how to make poll??

    How is pol formed?   How survey get pragnet?
  2. changing from public to private health insurance

    We're getting dangerously close to "How is babby formed" territory here.    
  3.   If you're a right-wing nutjob who needs Tucker Carlson to tell you what to think, antifa are the real fascists.
  4. And they say irony is dead.   It must have been just resting.
  5. Pfändung notice from Bank

    I didn't realize you don't have the paperwork from the court yet. Once you get that, you'll know which court is involved (likely Bonn), along with the case number, and will be able to inquire about the reason why the lien was issued.   Have you changed flats since you moved to Germany? I suspect it might have to do with unpaid rent or alleged damage to a previous flat.
  6. Pfändung notice from Bank

    Can you black out your personal information and post the letter (or a link to it) here?   P.S.: Deutsche is a bank. The language (and nationality) is Deutsch.
  7. Stop the XXL Bundestag! Sign the petition

      And the expenses (including staff) are at least twice as much as that. The danger is that the current headcount of 709 could easily exceed 1000 after the election next weekend - that would be more than a 40% increase in costs (and that's not even including building/leasing the Berlin office space that those new 300 members and their staffs would require) without contributing any additional net value to democracy.    
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      Both sets were franchises. The franchise of (near) High Street stores is giving up. The franchise of outlets in travel hubs will continue for now, presumably since the captive audience and price expectations allows for higher profitability. They said they're going to stop supply those locations with fresh food, however.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    A thriving, profitable business became unprofitable due to Brexit and is now being shut down. It doesn't get more Brexity than that.
  10. Worst jokes ever

  11. US Presidential Election Fallout

      This one's funnier (skip to 0:21 for the song):