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  1. Have all admins abandoned Toytown?

      Sorry, with my busy status as Sekrit Admin, I don't have time to respond to pings right away.
  2. Only in America

      I hear McCarthy had to give up some major concessions to keep Matt from voting against him again:
  3. Only in America

    I know, right?   I'mma run out of these soon:
  4. Only in America

    Updated for day 2:
  5. All things Tesla

      Nobody trusts Musk to stop selling Tesla stock, like he promised, because he's already broken that promise once.  
  6. All things Tesla

    I think this sums up all of Tesla's current problems:
  7. All things Tesla

    Tesla stock closes lower than $150 for first time in more than two years as analysts say they can’t ignore Elon Musk’s Twitter ‘nightmare’ anymore.   By contrast: Tesla YOY: -50.04%; YTD -62.53%  
  8. All things Tesla

    Counterpoint: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/tesla-vacancies-staff-shortage-berlin   It's hard to grow 50% per year when nobody wants to work for you anymore. As I stated above, Elon's Grand Twitter Adventure is only reinforcing that. I know I'm not going to convince a die-hard Muskrat like yourself, but I don't think people should necessarily follow your investment advice either.