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  1. About our plague rats' latest ball of moldy cheese:


    Peter Doshi is an Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Health Policy Research at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. He earned an A.B. in anthropology from Brown University, an A.M. in East Asian Studies from Harvard University and Ph.D. in history, anthropology, and science, technology and society from MIT, and his research involves critical assessment of the pharmaceutical industry and FDA procedures, including arguing for greater transparency and data sharing. He is an outspoken critic of Influenza vaccines, and has written numerous commentaries throughout the COVID-19 pandemic critical of the vaccine study designs and results, and their emergency use authorization by the FDA.


    An educated hack can still be a hack. He has no scientific background.


  2. 39 minutes ago, George G said:


    Right so... a business expense which is completely deducted out the overall amount of tax I pay isn't payed for by me. 


    Who pays the amount then if it's not me? I'm still confused :D




    A business expense is not deducted from the overall amount of tax you pay. It simply lowers your taxable income. This, in turn, lowers your tax burden, but not by the full amount of the expense.


    P.S. It's "paid", not "payed" in a financial or transactional context


  3. 9 hours ago, Fietsrad said:

    Nothing, I make my own food so I know what I getting. On a day out I take a picnic.


    Should you trust food prepared by a complete stranger?


    In the UK eateries have to display hygiene ratings, does that apply in Germany?

    Of all your dumb bad takes, this is certainly one of them. 


  4. 20 minutes ago, keith2011 said:

    Naturally it will cost more, €0.08 per month


    ZOMG: do you realize how you'll have to pay for that? Let me give you a hint:



    They've clearly been co-opted by Big Copper! Get away from there as fast as you can!


  5. 1 minute ago, theGman said:


    Sure, I already said that there exists a minority for whom vaccination may not be an option. But that is not what we are discussing here. Infact, it's this kind of stuff which anti-vaxxers cling to (see Prof. Vulture above) as an argument for nobody to get vaccinated. So instead of leaving just 1% of the population unvaccinated, we have 17% of the adult population unvaccinated.


    To be fair, they seem to be highly allergic to facts. I'm sure they'll find some quack doctor who will be more than willing to confirm this in writing for a fee.