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  1. Euro 2020 and 2021

      When you've got nothing, your only fallback is whataboutism.
  2. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Crappy design makes everything more expensive. Still, I guess it's still not as bad as using duct tape to fasten components when bolts weren't available.
  3. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Tesla wants $16,000 to repair Model 3, independent shop does it for $700   This is why we need the right to repair guaranteed by law.
  4. Euro 2020 and 2021

  5. Euro 2020 and 2021

    Let the memes begin!
  6. Euro 2020 and 2021

      Arse-nal supporters, right? They don't call 'em the Gunners for naught.
  7. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    I just had my first shot at Messe Berlin, and I can't tell you how disappointed I am.   I had heard about how horribly organized the vaccination centers were, so I brought enough drinks and snacks for 3 hours of standing in line, so you can imagine my disappointment that it took a full 22 minutes from ingress to egress, including the recommended 15 minutes' waiting time after the shot. At least I know what I'm having for dinner, I guess.   From the horror stories I've read on the internets, I expected to see people keeling over left and right, requiring acute medical attention in the recovery area, as their bodies learn to deal with all the poisons and microchips that are being implanted. Again, disappointed.   After I got home, I assumed I'd be able to summon the TV remote from the coffee table with a mere wave, but it didn't work. Magnetism my ass - I can't even get a paperclip to stick to me.   I was also hoping that my home WiFi network speed would be boosted, thanks to the chip that's been injected in my upper arm, but I guess I need the second shot for that to kick in.   Here's hoping.
  8. Create a new conspiracy theory

    Wow, you really get illiterate when you get mad. I can practically feel the spittle hitting the screen as you stab at the keys with your stubby little fingers.   But that's an interesting theory. Let's elaborate, shall we? In the Jeffo's a Sekrit Admin conspiracy theory, I'm clearly the ringleader, making me Kermit. But what does that make you? Are you the ridiculously patriotic and utterly humorless Sam the Eagle? Or are you Fozzie Bear, who is desperate for attention but can never think up an original joke? Or are you Miss Piggy, the vain sow who thinks so much of herself, yet is utterly besotted with Kermit (i.e. me in this scenario)? Or are you Gonzo, who also suffers from delusions of grandeur, yet consistently fails completely in all his endeavors and then fucks chickens?   Wait, I've got it: you and your dozen alts are the pack of rats that infests the theater and is always up to no good.   When you think about it, you're pretty much a whole Muppet Show yourself. So projection as usual.   We now return you to your regularly scheduled programme.
  9. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Luca has serious privacy/data protection issues. I wouldn't download it unless absolutely necessary to facilitate your social life.   Better to stick with the official apps - Corona Warn and Impfpass.
  10. Create a new conspiracy theory

    It's well known in some obscure corners of TT that Admin El Jeffo never resigned and is still a sekrit admin who can have any post or user he wants removed at a whim.   Apparently I'm the TT equivalent of JFK Jr. and Tupac.   Peace out, y'all.
  11. Politics Gen XYZ

      Yup. Private businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone, unless prohibited by Title 7 (anti-discrimination) provisions. Especially if they repeatedly violate the terms of service, as is the case here.   They can't ban gay wedding cakes and eat them too. Or something like that.
  12. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

      You're supposed to be able to request a digital vaccination certificate immediately after you get each shot, but you won't be recognized as having developed full immunity until 14 days after the second shot.   Have you tried using the Corona Warn app to scan the QR codes they gave you when you got your shots?
  13. That's what the ropes are for. 
  14. Breaking News

    Breaking news: jeba is so out of touch with Germany that he thinks N-TV is news.
  15. Politics Gen XYZ

    Seen at a recent T**** rally:  
  16. Politics Gen XYZ

  17. This is getting rather off-topic, but I was today years old when I learned that Berlin has a group called the Berlin Swinging Bears.   Surprisingly, they do square dance, and not the other thing you'd think the name would imply.   Go figure.
  18. Verwahrentgelt for existing bank users, is it a trick?

    Since when do people vote for the ECB?
  19. Sorry, but my crystal ball is on the fritz.   Things are looking relatiely good right now, but they were looking good last summer, too, before Germany entered its second lockdown, which made the first one look like a cake walk. Nobody can say if Germany will have to lock down again in the fall or if you'll even be able to enter the country for tourism purposes then.   Sorry.
  20. Wow, just wow.   Although I have to admit that "sleep with me or society will collapse" is a pretty good pickup line, in a Terminator kind of way. You should try that one the next time you go out on the town. 
  21. You might never find a life partner, @Pesar, but I'm glad you've at least found a hobby in posting your laments on Toytown. Mazel tov. 
  22. Yes, but why go to all that trouble? It's so much easier to blame the people who apparently aren't attracted to him.   With that kind of attitude, he's destined to be forever alone.
  23.   He says he isn't "photogenic". No sense throwing good money after bad.
  24. The end of private in-house caregiving

    Sorry, but you're doing it wrong. You can't use the conditional to describe something that's already fact.   And despite all your wailing, we all know you'll be back here the minute you think you need another vaccine dose or more competent medical care.   jeba gotta jeba.
  25. The end of private in-house caregiving

    Good thing we don't live in the Federal Republic of Jeba. Socialized medicine can only go so far before it becomes an intolerable burden on the working population.   Didn't you already do that? Or do you not live on Cyprus now?