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  1. Random pointless comments

    Antivaxxers of a feather bullshit together.
  2. Computing power rolled back 4 decades

    This thread would be ideal for the Singularity section. Where'd it go?
  3. What's wrong with the German subreddits?

    It's Reddit.
  4. Quatsch Comedy Club has put together another stellar lineup with the very best international comedians for their next show on April 18. From their website:     The Quatsch Comedy Club is a great, intimate comedy venue, with just 300 seats, in the basement of the Friedrichstadtpalast on Friedrichstraße 107.   Tickets start at €19 plus service charges, or free of service charges at the box office on the evening of the show (subject to availability).   If you're looking for something different to do on a Wednesday evening, go out and see the show. It's always a lot of fun. There are free baby margaritas in the lobby before the show and happy hour afterwards, when you'll have the chance to talk to the comics.
  5. E-Scooter Prices

    Around here it's mostly teens and tweens, with the occasional hipster douchebag in a suit.   And yesterday I saw not one, not two, but three young teenagers all riding the same scooter at the same time. I resisted the urge to shout at them to get off my lawn.
  6.   You might get farther in your inquiries with the correct translation: "Certificate of naturalisation".   I suspect murphaph is correct, however, and your wife ceased being a German citizen when she took on UK citizenship.
  7. Politics Gen XYZ



  9. What sites do people use to find groups?

      Or he could just go on Google to Google how to do Google searches
  10. What made you smile today?

    Talking to your body parts for lack of friends is no way to go through life, son. Especially when they start talking back.   Get help.    
  11. Politics Gen XYZ

  12. Things to ponder

    Good that you finally understand Volksverhetzung. You were on the border for a while with all your anti-refugee crap. It's something you should avoid.   It's not always about you, BTW. You've been listening to too much Carly Simon.
  13. When did German TV decline?

    If I had the power to ban people, do you really think you'd still be around, cupcake?   #JEFFOanon
  14. When did German TV decline?

      In case you haven't noticed, he does that on Every. Single. Thread.
  15. When did German TV decline?

    I don't have anything to contribute to the subject except a cat story, but I'll post anyway, just because.   FFS
  16. Politics Gen XYZ

  17. Conspiracy theorists

  18. What made you smile today?

    More like "Don't make jokes about the war when you're in the bunker and bombs are falling around you", fucknuts.   Have you never heard of "too soon"? Thought not.
  19. What made you smile today?

    Forgive me if I fail to see the humor in a cartoon that promotes corona conspiracy theories: specifically, that reported corona cases/deaths are too high (and therefore not credible) because doctors and hospitals get paid extra if they state that coronavirus is the diagnosis/cause of death.   This is the original cartoon, BTW, before some COVID denier got hold of it: (source)   What's next? Holocaust jokes?
  20. What made you smile today?

      Gone over to the j² side, have you John?   Sad.
  21. Conspiracy theorists

      They're not "mentally ill", they're "eccentric".
  22. Terminating a work contract

    Okay, you didn't mention that. Obviously unemployment benefits aren't relevant in that case.   There's a chance that your employer might agree to an Aufhebungsvertrag, which would release you from your duties immediately. You could suggest that when you resign.   Please let us know how it works out (and what your lawyer says).
  23. Terminating a work contract

    If you resign, you'll forfeit the first 3 months of your unemployment benefits (assuming you have an entitlement). Hopefully your lawyer will advise you of this.   Your last day of employment will depend the wording in your contract. They often stipulate that you have to quit as of the 15th or end of the month. If it just says "4 weeks notice", then it's 4 weeks - so September 13 if you give notice on August 16.