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  1. Only in America

      I hear McCarthy had to give up some major concessions to keep Matt from voting against him again:
  2. Only in America

    I know, right?   I'mma run out of these soon:
  3. Only in America

    Updated for day 2:
  4. All things Tesla

      Nobody trusts Musk to stop selling Tesla stock, like he promised, because he's already broken that promise once.  
  5. All things Tesla

    I think this sums up all of Tesla's current problems:
  6. All things Tesla

    Tesla stock closes lower than $150 for first time in more than two years as analysts say they can’t ignore Elon Musk’s Twitter ‘nightmare’ anymore.   By contrast: Tesla YOY: -50.04%; YTD -62.53%  
  7. All things Tesla

    Counterpoint: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/tesla-vacancies-staff-shortage-berlin   It's hard to grow 50% per year when nobody wants to work for you anymore. As I stated above, Elon's Grand Twitter Adventure is only reinforcing that. I know I'm not going to convince a die-hard Muskrat like yourself, but I don't think people should necessarily follow your investment advice either.
  8. All things Tesla

      Take out a d and I agree. A P/E of ~44 is ridiculous for a high-volume car manufacturer. Subaru has a P/E of 13.4, Nissan is 10.7.   Aside from that, Elon seems determined to drive Twitter into the ground and is selling tons of stock as a result, although he claimed earlier this year - in a major announcement - that he was done selling shares for the year. That in itself could trigger (yet another) investigation by the SEC. Tesla's reputation is taking a huge hit from all of Elon's online antics and that shows no sign of improving.   He's also stripping key people from Tesla to try and salvage something of the now-barbecued bird he overpaid for. And he's facing a class-action lawsuit from Tesla buyers who are tired of him overpromising his Autopilot and full self-driving vaporware.   If you bought shares early and cheap, you're free to hodl, but anyone buying the dip right now risks falling into a bottomless pit.     Just my 2 euro-cents.
  9. Complete FAIL

  10. What made you laugh today?

    Tis the season...
  11. Only in America

    Once again,   Historian's note: The time stamp on that tweet is the chef's kiss.
  12. The War in Ukraine

    The Ukrainian goverment says over 11,000 children have been deported.   Fucking inhuman goblins.
  13.   It's possible. Elmo loves to buy social media platforms where people are making fun of him.   I hear dozens, perhaps even scores of euros were offered as the purchase price.
  14. The War in Ukraine

      Appease harder. 
  15. Why are you happy today?