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  1. Accusing someone else of "never" learning, alt-bicus? Wow.     And speaking of "sources" being "on record":     More here   Barr won't be able to keep up his attempted whitewashing forever. He's supposed to be the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, not Trump's personal attorney.
  2. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

    Explaining why Apple doesn't sell any iPhones or computers in Germany, right?   Sorry, you can't play the anti-American card here. Trying to teach Germans how to brew beer is like Starbuck's and Domino's trying to teach the Italians how to make espresso and pizza. They didn't fail because they were shunned as an American product. They failed because they misread the market.
  3. Health insurance is mandatory. You can't just let it lapse because you become unemployed.   Her insurance start date should definitely the day she starts work - April 15. It's possible that they might send you an invoice for the two weeks that neither of you are working, but I don't think it will be more than EUR 180 (I seem to recall that EUR 180 is the minimum contribution for unemployed people who aren't receiving benefits; you pay that for half a month - EUR 90 - times the two of you).   You could just give them a call (or send them an e-mail) and explain the situation, so you know exactly what to expect.  
  4. What is wohnbescheinigung and do I need it?

    You should apply for the WBS at the city hall of the place you live now. A certificate issued by one city in NRW is valid throughout the state (but not outside it).
  5. What is wohnbescheinigung and do I need it?

    That info is on https://www.muelheim-ruhr.de/cms/uebersicht_ueber_einkommensgrenzen_und_bruttoeinkommen_in_nrw1.html, for example.   It says the limit for a 3-person household is €29,370. There's a note that a WBS certificate can also be granted in exceptional cases if you exceed the threshold by less than 5%.
  6. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

    I guess I'm gonna be one of the hundreds of people who owe Stone's founder a nickel, because I called it when they opened: too big, too expensive, too far away from anything significant. Contrast that with Brlo, for example, which scored a key location right under Gleisdreieck, literally connected to everything.   I can add another thing to that list, too: I think putting the beer in cans instead of bottles for retail distribution was a cardinal mistake. Stone's founder said he wanted to do something against Germany's reliance on cheap beer, but beer aficionados who might be willing to pay more for premium brews hate cans. They're also far more expensive than Lemke and BigDog (which both come in bottles), without any perceptible difference in quality.  
  7. Multiple residences in Germany-- allowed?

    You're pretty much guessed it. You can have a Hauptwohnsitz and a Nebenwohnsitz, but you'd have to register Hamburg as your Hauptwohnsitz to get the kita voucher there.   I don't think there are any disadvantages if you only register your Munich place as your Nebenwohnsitz. I believe both cities charge a Zweitwohnungssteuer, however, so you'll need to calculate those costs in your budget as well.
  8. The mind Ramschladen

      For everyone playing along at home.
  9. You need to call your former landlord and ask for the subscriber number (Rundfunknummer) under which they paid the dues for that flat. You then give that number to the Rundfunkagentur.
  10. Raymond says what? (thrice?)     Oh, sorry, I meant "Throatwobbler says what? (thrice?)"   Common mistake.
  11.   S/he said, while stealing RF's shtick. No fair when he's on vacation. Thanks, but I wouldn't take your advice if you paid me to.   You have to admit that your entire performance here is rather Pythonesque, given that everyone knows that you're SA. You might as well be wearing a giant fake nose and telling us that your name is spelled "Raymond Luxury Yacht", but pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove".    
  12. Thanks for your input, Loretta.   It's perfectly normal to write something like this, right? Just the thing a completely innocent man would do.     He also wants to "get rid of the courts". Yes, he really said that.   P.S. The Mueller investigation seized $27 million in assets from Manafort alone.
  13. As Trump flails and flops around Twitter, insisting that one of the branches of government has no right to exercise its constitutionally granted oversight over another branch and see the unredacted Mueller report, and that House attempts to subpoena his tax returns from the IRS are "presidential harassment", remember these little facts:   Remember them as Loretta our magical Estonian woman and her ilk post those same assertions and repeat Trump's lie that the report completely exonerates him (although even Barr's whitewash summary explicitly stated that it didn't). Tick tock, Donnie.
  14. Looks like the folks at Quatsch Comedy Club have put together another outstanding lineup for next week's shows, particularly headliner Allan Havey, star of stage and screen. From their website:     As always, your host is the lovely and talented Christian Schulte-Loh, that rarest of all creatures, a funny German comedian.   The Quatsch Comedy Club is a great, intimate comedy venue, with just 300 seats, in the basement of the Friedrichstadtpalast on Friedrichstraße 107.   Tickets start at €19 plus service charges, or free of service charges at the box office on the evening of the show (subject to availability).   There are free baby margaritas in the lobby before the show and happy hour afterwards, when you'll have the chance to chat with the comics, if you're so inclined. Doors open at 7 p.m.   Come out and support English comedy in Berlin!
  15. Business form change

    AFAIK an e.K. means one Kaufmann/Kauffrau is in charge, whereas an OHG involves several Kaufleute working together. So the change from OHG to e.K. generally means that the other partner (or partners) have departed, leaving the one person in charge.