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  1. Ruin a First Date in Four Words

    I believe the phrase you're looking for is "the water was cold"
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Dream on, my demented friend. The AfD is currently polling in single digits and is tearing itself apart over whether they want to go full Nazi or just Nazi light.   Stick to your conspiracy theory thread, please, so everyone can ignore it when you do this:
  3. 4th of July Party Berlin 2017

    Will anyone who shows up wearing a MAGA hat be given multiple cockpunches and shown to the door?
  4. Opinions on MMR vaccinations for children

    John Oliver spends nearly a half-hour picking apart every weaksauce argument DiminuitiveThinking has floated on this thread, especially his evolution from "vaccines are bad" to "I'm not anti-vaccine, I just want safer vaccines".     Watch Oliver's monologue carefully and count how many of NotThinking's talking points show up. It's almost like they're reading from a script.
  5. Live in schengen with German 2 year residency permit

    What does your visa (residency permit) say specifically?   As I said, even if it's a general permit, it doesn't entitle you to live or work in a different country outside of Germany.
  6. Glass shower door smashed - who should fix it?

    AFAIK household insurance is for your stuff that's damaged due to fire, water, etc. Since the shower door is part of the apartment fittings, I believe your personal liability insurance would have to cover it (which you hopefully have).   Nonetheless, I'm afraid you were negligent in not reporting the loose bracket to your landlord, to give him the opportunity to repair it. If you ask him to pay for it and he balks, I wouldn't put up a fuss, because you're really the one to blame. Even if you had photographic evidence (which you don't), he'd ask why you didn't report it earlier, and he'd be right.
  7. Live in schengen with German 2 year residency permit

    If your residency was granted for you to study, you lose it automatically when you exmatriculate.   As Krieg said, your German residence permit does not entitle you to establish abode in another EU country, much less work there.   You're free to try to wing it, but there's a real chance that yes, you'll be caught at the border at the latest, and banned from re-entering the EU for 5-10 years for overstaying your (invalidated) visa.   In the end, it's your life and your choices.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    Because he spouts stupid shit that he has no idea about all the time.   It's his raison d'être on the forum.
  9. Legal ramifications for being moved within company

    I'm not a lawyer, but as I understand it, switching you between accounts is something your employer could do freely, but switching you to a different department (with different responsibilities) is more difficult for the company, especially without your consent. If they claim business need, they can do anything they want, including firing you, but re-filling your former position is a no-no for them. So you might have a claim, depending on what's stated in your employment contract.   black1's advice is also very good: effectively, once you go to a lawyer, you're pretty much kissing your job goodbye. Having said that, other methods of recourse short of the legal sledgehammer may also be available to you: does your company have a works council or union? If so, talking to the reps would be a good place to start.
  10. Ruin a First Date in Four Words

    "Your sister's really hot!"
  11. Ruin a First Date in Four Words

    Make America Great Again!
  12. The new TT tagline, ladies and gentlemen...
  13. Essentially, your doctor is saying "trust me". Either you trust him or you don't. Your life, your decision.   Having said that, his claim that he would lose his license to practice medicine if anything happened to you seems dubious at best. Doctors don't lose their licenses over experimental therapies - they can always claim that any adverse reaction was unexpected and unpredictable. You will presumably be dead or severely debilitated in that case, so you will not be able to argue on your own behalf.   I agree with Uncle Nick that antibiotics would seem useless - even counterproductive - in this case.   Best of luck to you, no matter what you decide.
  14. Germanismen

    I guess everyone needs a hobby - even if it's public masturbation.
  15. Don't German prison sentences seem light?

      That's how you end up with this: (kidding)   But seriously, are you really suggesting that Germany impose sharia law, SpiderPig?   Remember that the primary aim of the German penal system is to rehabilitate, not to punish. Only the most heinous of crimes (largely rape and murder) are given sentences of 10 years or more.