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  1. President Donald J. Trump

    Because of course it was. The cruelty is the point.
  2. What made you laugh today?

      The story
  3. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      It is indeed. Particularly how someone else seems to have drifted back in just as the other was drifted out.
  4. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (German equivalent)

    AFAIK there isn't. If your German is up to speed, I suggest reading this general advice article that NDR published. (If it isn't, try Google translate.)   If you're being pursued by debt collectors with legitimate claims, it may help to consult your local Verbraucherzentrale or a Schuldnerberatungsstelle.
  5. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    I did say "another alt", didn't I?
  6. President Donald J. Trump

    Parnas has promised to release a new photo every time Trump denies knowing him.   Hope everyone brought enough popcorn.
  7. President Donald J. Trump

      Man, this Ukraine thing has to be the longest fizzle ever. Did alt-bicus pay you your money yet?
  8. President Donald J. Trump

    Obviously. He just brought the coffee.
  9. Willkommensklasse or Private Intl. School?

    Where will you be living? If you're going to be in or around Charlottenburg (Westend) or Zehlendorf, you could try to get a spot at Charles Dickens or Quentin Blake, respectively. Kids who are English-only attend some classes with a regular class and get lots of German tutoring on the side. Once they get his German up to speed (you should plan on private lessons and study, as well), he could join a regular bilingual class there - maybe even by this fall.   Since you're American American, you might also ask whether the John F. Kennedy School in Zehlendorf has a spot - if they do, they'll admit your son straight away at first, without any German skills.
  10. VAT threshold

  11. President Donald J. Trump

    That watchdog is obviously part of the DEEP STATE!   Donnie gets to do whatever he wants or he'll hold his breath until he turns orange. Oh, wait...
  12. Pointless plastics..

    You had a newspaper? LUXURY!
  13. I'm no expert, but I'd also ask about signs of malnutrition and/or physical abuse and past serious injuries, all of which can have detrimental effects throughout the dog's life.