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  1. Letter of Attorney for an apartment handover??

    I'll give it a stab... Then sign it, with place and date. Be sure to let the building manager know about the arrangement in advance.   IMO the only major risk you face is that the new tenant might have already caused new damage since he moved in, but if they deny doing so, there isn't much you can do about it now. Hopefully you took the meter readings when your new tenant moved in, too, or you might end up paying for their excess gas/electricity use.  
  2. BT intercept message when calling UK meaning/reason?

    There are two possibilities: 1. Only Deutsche Telekom allows call-by-call preselection, because they are forced to do so as the incumbent former monopoly provider. If you have a different phone company than Telekom, you can't use it. 2. You're trying to call a freecall (or discount-price) number and its availability is limited to domestic calls. In that case, find a non-freecall number for the business you are trying to reach and - assuming 1. above doesn't apply - you should be able to get in touch with them.   I use teltarif.de to get the cheapest provider of the hour whenever I call people in the U.S. It's never failed me.
  3. Oh, look - SA618 is putting words in people's mouths again.   And failing as miserably as ever.
  4. Ooh, sovereign citizens. This story keeps getting dumber all the time.
  5. Kita says 45 hours/week is too long for the kid!

    Sorry, j², but you have absolutely nothing to add to this conversation. Your advice was complete bullshit and far removed from your cushioned reality, in which you parked your kids in front of the TV when mom was at work and dad was "exhausted".   Good luck finding a resolution to your situation, @bobMorane. I think the nap-time idea is a good one,
  6. The neighbour and the Hosepipe

    I can think of quite a few things you could do. You could install one of those huge outdoor motion-triggered spotlights and "accidentally" aim it into their bedroom window, for example. Or if you can rent a burrowing digger, you could drill holes underground from your side of the fence under their property and then flood them. Or "accidentally" scatter herbicides (or just salt) on their lawn.   If you have a good lawyer, he might also make some discrete inquiries about their financial status with the benefits office. People on Hartz IV are only allowed to keep their homes in very limited circumstances. Without a check, it's not certain they actually qualify.   The important thing is that you put your foot down once and for all and make them afraid of fucking with you any more.
  7. Nightmare Tenants, Insurance, The law

    You should sell your story to the Bild-Zeitung. It might enable you to recoup some of your losses and get some closure.   Best of luck to you.
  8. Politics Gen XYZ

    Thanks for proving once more that you're a deranged conspiracy theorist.   You should really get out more.
  9. Politics Gen XYZ

    Because in their warped minds, there's nothing worse than being a "lefty". Even if the alternative is being a traitor to your country.   Case in point, spotted at a recent Trump rally:   These people are truly deranged.
  10. Politics Gen XYZ

      Ask j² - he's our resident Qanon "expert" IIRC.
  11. Politics Gen XYZ

  12. Man, the stench of MRA in this thread is overwhelming.
  13. White men are so oppressed. It's sad. Won't anyone think of the oppressed, white Christian men any more? Won't society ever give them a break?