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  1. AfD on the rise

    I just call you a drunk idiot conspiracy theorist who believes any old crap he reads on the internets. You change you opinions more often than others change their underwear, depending on which website you've visited most recently.   But you have me on ignore, so you won't see this.    
  2. New build with no cable

    Have you tried all the mobile networks (Vodafone, DT, and O2/E-Plus)? Because if none of them offers decent mobile coverage in your area, I'm afraid you're fucked. Even satellite download requires a standard connection (fixed/mobile) for the upload.  
  3. This sounds highly unlikely. Violating postal secrecy is a crime, punishable by up to a year in jail.   Please tell us what you told the police and why they claimed it wasn't their problem. We then might be able to help you further.
  4. "Brexit & You - Free Weekly Newsletter"

    Hope it's as educational as this:  
  5. AfD on the rise

    Toytown used to be full of people complaining about Germany and the Germans, asserting that the country would have to change to accommodate all the new internationals and their habits and customs.   Now some of those same people are complaining about all the new internationals, insisting that Germany must not change to accommodate them or their habits and customs.   That amuses me sometimes, when I'm not annoyed by all the bigotry.
  6. AfD on the rise

    Unfortunately, the people who really need to read that won't ever experience it unless Alex Jones reads it with his shirt off.
  7. I'm El Jeffo - which, if you didn't know, is Spanish for "The Jeffo".   I actually used to speak Spanish, but it has atrophied due to decades of neglect.   Come to think of it, I should probably petition Editor Bob to change my user name to "Der Tscheffo"...
  8. Reporting a vagrant child in danger

    But don't get your hopes up that anything will change except the faces. As I noted above, any time one of these families gets on the authorities' radar, they simply disappear, only to pop up in the next city/country..
  9. AfD on the rise

  10. There's nothing ambiguous about it: When your visa is up, it's up. Unless you get it extended at the Ausländerbehörde, you are expected to leave by the expiration date.   If you plan on doing anything work-related after that point, you will definitely need a visa extension, because even if you were eligible for the 90-day visa waiver (which you aren't), that's strictly for tourism, not working.   Unless you leave Germany, you will not be able to cancel your current private health insurance and get a cheaper travel insurance policy - again, because you lived here and the expectation is that you're still living here.
  11. Reporting a vagrant child in danger

    Your roommate sounds like a very charming individual.   If you're truly concerned about the children's welfare (and not just concerned), you could contact your local Jugendamt and tell them about the girl. With EU freedom of movement, the only arrow the city has in its quiver is Schulpflicht, and if they find out a child is being kept out of school, they tend to go after the parents.   What usually happens at that point is that the family disappears and moves on to the next city/country, but out of sight, out of mind.   As RedMidge said, the best thing is to keep your wallet closed, lest you find your pocket picked at some point. If you give them money, you're only enabling them (and the gang leaders who collect all their "earnings" and use them for conspicuous consumption). Organized Romani beggars have really become a scourge.
  12. Problem with Incompetent Company

    I'm not a lawyer, but you hired the company to perform a specific service - making it a "Werkvertrag".   Therefore, I believe sections 634 ff. BGB are relevant.
  13. Problem with Incompetent Company

    I think you're being far too generous. They failed to deliver the promised service the first time around - due to their "employee's" incompetence, as you describe it - and therefore should not have charged you for rectifying the situation. According to the BGB, they must be given the opportunity to fix the situation before you turn to another provider, but they must do so free of charge.   They cannot add a late fee whenever they want, and, because you are a consumer, they must have spelled out the conditions for imposing late fees beforehand clearly in their general terms and conditions.   Did you find this "company" on TT? If so, I think I know who it was...
  14. Jokes

    A man is out shopping with his young son when the son spots two dogs humping down the street. "Daddy, what are those doggies doing?" asked the son. "They're making puppies," replied the dad. The son seemed satisfied with that response, so they finished their shopping and went home.   That night, the boy went into his parents' bedroom to ask for a glass of water and discovered his father lying on top of his mother, thrusting and grunting. "Daddy, what are you doing?" the boy cried. The embarrassed dad rolled off his wife and said, "Well, son, your mommy and I are making you a little brother or little sister." The boy answered, "Turn mommy over, daddy - I'd much rather have a puppy!"