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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      I'm unfamiliar - is that the one on the nose or the wing?   Or is he deadheading in the cockpit?
  2. Brexit: The fallout

      What is that - a post for ants?
  3.   Toronto plumber making Halloween safer by installing "Candy Chutes"    
  4. selling provision free

  5. selling provision free

      Don't worry - if you've lived there the whole time, capital gains tax is waived, even if you haven't been there for two full years (which is the usual lower limit for exemption).
  6.   Yes. It's what Ford did to/for Nixon. Too bad, too, because a thorough investigation might have stopped decades of Republican ratfuckery to come.   But even if Pence pardons Trump for all the federal crimes he's committed, Trump will still face state charges - in New York and elsewhere. That's why he's so nervous.    
  7. Plenty of TP everywhere I went in my corner of Charlottenburg today, but I had to hit up 4 grocery stores to find one that wasn't sold out of cumin. Nonetheless, I only bought one jar. 
  8. President Donald J. Trump

      About half the pictures look like that. Must be his tweet-face.
  9. President Donald J. Trump

      What a perfect specimen of manhood, eh? He just oozes charm and elegance, doesn't he? No wonder so many of our fellow forum members get moist panties at the very sight of him.
  10. Brexit: The fallout

      The reality:
  11. Brexit: The fallout

      In other words...
  12. President Donald J. Trump

    Even Fox News thinks the New York Post's story on Hunter Biden's e-mails is bullshit.