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  1. The "thank you" thread

    Americans have it easy on that one - we have the executive, the legislative, and the judicial, too.   For now, anyway.
  2. Opinions on MMR vaccinations for children

    That's not part of "just asking questions".   But it's wonderful that he's so very concerned, isn't it?
  3. He served in the Army as a German. His Syrian refugee identity was a "separate life", as the Spiegel Online article described it.   And yes, the fact that he was granted asylum despite an invented identity and not speaking Arabic is proof of either complete incompetence on the part of the authorities in charge of vetting him or, alternatively, collusion in what might be a wider conspiracy. The Spiegel article also says they found explosives in the apartment of a 24-year-old accomplice of his, so that's a distinct possibility.
  4. Sublet bill for tenant

    Your sublet contract should be enough for him to claim the expenses on his taxes (if he's eligible to do so) and you can send him payment confirmations if necessary.   You can't write any bills, though, because you're not a business entity. Furthermore, like most contracts with fixed monthly payments, ongoing bills are not issued for rent, because everything is covered in the contract.
  5. So you post your home and mobile phone numbers on a public forum instead?   o_O
  6. Drugs scene

    That shooter park has been there at least since 1990, when my wife and I stumbled across it while we were exploring the town, killing time before a concert at the Festhalle.   It's tolerated because it keeps the junkies in one place. They're mostly harmless (to externals).   If it bothers you, your best bet is to just avoid the area. I doubt the city is interested in changing anything.
  7. I've been told that a limited number of tickets are still available for tonight's show - call the box office at 479 974 13 to reserve yours.
  8. Sorry, I believe that ship has sailed, despite your "appology".   You claimed you were caught because you were searching for pictures of girls aged 14-17, but a story I read about you said you were caught offering videos of "children in sexual situations" (not "minors", children) to an undercover cop in a sting operation, and the authorities were worried enough about you ask the parents of children who might have had contact with you to come forward.   You also claim to be married, but a recent online dating profile of yours says that you're looking for a relationship with women aged 18-26.   So who's trolling whom here?
  9. For someone who claims to be unfairly persecuted for his past deeds, you're sure a glutton for punishment.   You may think you're smarter than us dumb trolls, but you aren't really. We all have your number.   You threatened another forum member's daughter online, which I believe is a crime in both Germany and Alaska.   Keep it up and you'll never be able to leave your hometown again (assuming that's where the prison is).
  10. Suspected Migrant Crime increased by 52.7% in 2016

    Otherwise known as "coming full circle".   Or GIGO if you prefer.
  11.   You're not helping. Many people on this thread went out of their way to help you and all you had was denial, insults, and (now) threats. You still have a lot of growing up to do.   I feel sorry for your wife (if she even exists).
  12. Are we talking about nude pics of a 16-year-old girl on your phone (or something similar) or are we talking about pictures of abused children? Sorry for asking, but frankly I need to know whether to feel sorry for you or not.   Were you a minor yourself when this happened? Because if you were, you might try petitioning the court to have you removed from the list (with the help of a good lawyer).   Or like Conquistador suggested, get permission to move to another state.