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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    A polite apology for all the bother, perhaps, followed by an invitation for a bracing spot of tea?
  2. Freelancer without an insurance

    I'm not a lawyer or expert in EU law, but as I understand the arrangements, given that your primary residence has remained in Finland and you're only here for a limited time (and not even all the time, either), the decision by the Finnish authorities seems to be incorrect.   Is there a higher body or authority in your country that you could appeal to? Because no private health insurance company is going to go to the trouble of enrolling you only for you to leave the country in March. A public fund would take you, given that the 3-month window to transfer from the Finnish to the German system is still open, if you started in November as you said, but again, it's hardly worth going through all the paperwork, only for you to leave again after a couple of months. That applies to both sides.    
  3. TV Solutions – complete solution for UK TV abroad

    What happens when the content providers sue you and force you to end the service (or parts thereof)? Will the paid money be refunded (partially)?
  4. Pronunciation of A.S.A.P.

    In English it's "Ay Ess Ay Pea".   Germans who like to use English buzzwords say "Aysap".
  5. Buying a flat off plan in Dresden.

    While this is usually wise advice, I disagree in this case. I've been in Germany for over 25 years and have never heard of this happening. Why did the Finanzamt become involved in this private commercial transaction at all? IMHO it could only have been because the bank notified the FA, because one or more red flags were raised by the information RF provided.   The only reason why they would care to get involved is if they suspected tax evasion. That's why I think it might be more prudent to disclose everything up front, to prove there hasn't been any monkey business. If RF were cagey about providing the information requested or only did so in fits and starts, it might trigger a multi-year tax audit. Full disclosure and proof that all the assets involved have been fully taxed already might be the only way to avoid that.
  6. Actual TV listing in the Sunday Herald:   Bravo, TV listings editor, bravo.
  7. Photo placements on The Local

      Wow, that yellow stream turned out to be really prescient, didn't it?
  8. With all due respect, that's not how Toytown works, nor any other forum, for that matter. Toytown members are helpful and generous with their information, but they are not your free research service.   All of your questions have been answered and discussed at length. To find them, use the search function or go directly to Google and use "site:toytowngermany.com" as one of your search terms. If you have any specific questions after reviewing the relevant threads - as opposed to the A-Z laundry list you requested above - I'm sure people will be more than happy to try to help answer them.
  9. Yeah, how dare that ethics enforcer comment on Trump's completely unethical plan to "separate" himself from his business empire. Off with his head!
  10. Heating in older buildings in Berlin

    If you own your place, you can bring it up at the next owners' meeting, but will probably be voted down due to cost concerns. If you're renting, you can move, preferably to a place with Gasetagenheizung, which lets you control your heating independently of the rest of the building. Those are essentially your choices.   As I said in my reply to your initial post, in which you asked exactly the same question, this is standard behavior throughout Germany and has been since the invention of central heating.
  11. Apartment finance after bank bankrupcy

    The loan is assumed by whatever entity (another bank, hedge fund, etc.) purchases its assets in the ensuing disposal and you continue paying your agreed installments to them.