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  1. Most Estonian thing said ever - not.   When you start out as a lying liar, don't be surprised when nobody believes anything you say.   Again, take your concern trolling and BSAB bullshit and shove it up your alimentary canal.  
  2. Not only that, but the policy under Obama was to detain unattended minors who were caught crossing the border and send them home as soon as possible. There was never any indication that the conditions under which they were held were inhumane in any way.   Compare that with Trump's policies, which involve forcibly separating children from their parents and detaining them separately - at times not even keeping track of names or ages - and holding them in overcrowded, lice-infested camps, where they are kept in cages, denied access to bedding, soap and toothpaste, and by all accounts, largely left to fend for themselves.   In other words, take your BSAB and faux outrage and shove it straight up your gender-indeterminate ass, alt-bicus.
  3. We passed that milestone looooong ago.
  4. Oh, I'm sure Loretta has a pretty good idea. But as her posting history as SA618 and sorcerers_apprentice shows, she's probably as morally ambiguous as Trump is, as long as the "right" people are being singled out for persecution and she thinks "her" side is winning.    
  5. That just about says it all, doesn't it? All the grift, graft, ethics violations, record staff turnover, baby concentration camps, Trump making himself a laughing stock on a daily basis? Yeah, that's going well.   More proof (if more was needed) that you don't have to pay attention to a single thing alt-bicus says.
  6. TV channels reset all of a sudden

    The cable companies reshuffle their channels all the time. It's one of the most annoying things about cable TV in Germany IMO.   You're right that you have to start a new channel scan. You should chose "Cable (Digital)" or something like that. If BBC is gone after you rescan, they may have dropped the channel or moved it to a different package (for extra payment, of course). You should check their website for more information.
  7. It's a little early in the week for the old "you're the real racists for pointing our our racism" bit, Loretta.   It's Throwback Thursday, not Throwback Tuesday. Tuesday is for tacos.
  8. And that one takes the prize for Wildest Whatabout Ever. Did you get it straight from the Slavery Justification leaflet you picked up at the last white nationalist rally?
  9. Allow me to point out how disingenuous it is of you to cite the Dreamers as an example of why Trump's actions are justified, when he's really just pandering to his base who want to Keep America White.   Trump is the one who suspended protection of the Dreamers (before courts intervened, no doubt Obama-appointed liberal interventionist courts) and is threatening to deport millions of people forcibly.   Furthermore, he and Stephen Miller are enforcing a policy that forcibly removes children from their families and houses them in camps that are so atrocious that it's obvious to anyone but the most obtuse or his most loyal cult members that it equates to torture and crimes against humanity. If there's a humanitarian crisis at the border, it's because Trump caused it.   I'm not even going to go into your concern for their health and lack of retirement benefits. I'm sure it's very sincere.
  10. Republicans hypocrites?   Perish the thought.
  11. I guess Loretta's not a big believer in #MeToo.   Go figure.
  12. Meanwhile, back to the matter at hand:   Too bad Conqy is no longer among us - I know he was in favor of baby jails.
  13. I, for one, never cease to be amazed at how much our alleged Estonian knows about obscure American senators and House members and how pro-Russian she claims to be (in contrast to the vast majority of the Estonian population).   It's almost Loretta isn't who she claims to be. Isn't that wild?
  14. That sounds suspiciously like the alt-member you're replying to.   Fancy that.
  15. So you're actually implying that both sides are bad? What an original concept! So insightful,