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  1. Don't worry, j2 - you'll find a friend one day. At least until you display your in-depth knowledge of Killary and all her crimes against humanity. Then they'll drop you like a hot potato, just like everyone else has (sans alt-bicus, of course).
  2. Oh, look - our alt-reality members are swarming. Someone must have sent up the Pratsignal.    
  3. Climate change discussion

    I know, right? And he doesn't speak the language well enough to tell the difference between balls and drawers, either.   It's almost as if he weren't even there.
  4. Climate change discussion

    Quelle surprise!
  5. Defendant Covers Face

    The press isn't allowed to publish the accused's (or even convicted) faces at all. As you suspected, there is one photo op granted on each trial day, during which the perps usually cover their faces with their hands or file folders. If they are photographed outside of this situation, their faces have to be blurred before they are published.   It's about protecting people's privacy. It's the same reason why they don't publish people's last names.   The only exception is when they've launched a public search for a dangerous criminal who is at large. The blurring then (bizarrely) starts again once the person in question has been caught.
  6. Even by Trump standards, the last 72 hours have been insane (written yesterday).     Meanwhile, our resident propagandists and fake news purveyors would have you believe that this was a horrible, horrible relationship   While this is the greatest relationship in the history of the world (and that's what a lot of people are saying, believe me)   So who are you going to believe? alt-bicus or your own lying eyes?
  7. The World According to Alt-Bicus   Bad relationship:   Greatest relationship ever, believe me:   Just in case anybody was ever tempted to take SA618 sorcerers_apprentice alt-bicus seriously...  
  8.   Yeah, the animosity is clear.   Whereas here it's obvious she respects Trump so much she won't even show her face.   Truly alt-bicus has an astonishing intellect.
  9. Oh, and an astute bit of commentary on the Greenland incident over at failing MSM lamestream media CNN:     Full commentary here
  10. Yeah, the relationship between Obama and Merkel was horrible.   You can really see the contempt in her eyes.   Her relationship with Emperor Hirocheeto is obviously much better:   alt-bicus: 10 percent of the time, he's wrong 100 percent of the time  
  11. Hmmm now I wonder why he's really canceled his trip. What a toddler.