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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    In which BoJo learns that you cannot enjoy membership benefits of an organization of which you are not a member.     More under my link above.   Man, that mystery box is looking worse all the time.   Oh well, anyway... I'm sure they'll find a way to blame the EU for going to war against them.
  2. No, "antivax" refers to those (like you, Jonny) who repeatedly insist that the vaccine is unproven and experimental, which means not taking it is just common sense. You're Just Asking Questions™ and you have the freedumb to refuse to take the vaccine, based on the vast research you've conducted on Facebook and YouTube as a Citizen Scientist™, even though not doing so endangers your own health and the health of those who actually can't get the vaccine (like under-12s).  
  3.   It's early yet. I have faith in them to post something even dumber.
  4.   Did your "source" on Google indicate that that meme was actually created to warn about the direction the U.S. was going under Trump, with the Muslim ban, people from "shithole countries", and Mexicans being thieves, racists, and "bad hombres"?   Because the right has nothing but stupidity, outrage, and temper tantrums, they've of course co-opted it as their own, imagining that they're the ones being persecuted for their freedumbs to get sick from a preventable disease.   Because both sides are bad or something.
  5. Other people and organizations have ludicrously tried to compare mask mandates and "discrimination" against the non-vaccinated with treatment of the Jews and other minorities during the Holocaust. It didn't end well for them.   The entire comparison is completely ridiculous, of course, because the Holocaust was all about killing those who were deemed unworthy of life, while the antivax/anti-mask faction seem to be set on killing themselves while fighting against government efforts to keep them healthy.   When you think about it, "plague rats" does seem to be a bit harsh. They're more like lemmings, actually - hurdling themselves over a cliff's edge because their leader instructed them to.
  6. The key point here is that someone's best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with a girl who saw someone drop dead after getting their coronavirus vaccine.   I guess it's pretty serious.
  7. Sane people: Oh no, even some people who have had both vaccine doses can still contract coronavirus, although 99% of them avoid getting seriously ill. Maybe we should take extra precautions, like continuing to mask up in public, even though we've been vaccinated.   Plague rats: Some vaccinated guy got the rona. That means it doesn't work. Might as well fuggedaboudit and go back to normal. But keep your 5G tracking chips away from me.    
  8.   Correction: It was proposed, but then torpedoed by Roland Koch, who was then premier of Hesse.   It was never codified in law and probably never will be.
  9. Why are you unhappy today?

    So sorry for your loss, @AlexTr.
  10. 1) It's not an experimental treatment. It has been administered hundreds of millions of times. 2) Your chances of suffering ill effects from the disease are several orders of magnitude higher than suffering ill effects from the vaccine. 3) Nobody is forcing you to get the vaccine. If you think you need to "speak intelligently" with your doctor, you're probably a Karen/Chad.   Please continue, though - you almost have a bingo.
  11. Brexit: The fallout

      Never gonna happen. Brexit has proven to be such a clusterfuck that all they have is "taking back control" (and blue passports (made in France)) - they'll hold their breath until they're blue in the face before they surrender to the evil EU bureaucracy.
  12. Coronavirus

    With all the apples and bananas you keep mixing, no wonder all your posts read like fruit salad.   I'd say the UK government has proven equally incompetent in matters of Brexit and Covid (the latter aside from their initial success with vaccinations). Other governments and international organizations, not so much.