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  1. Denim stains on my all white Nike

    Buy some stain remover from your local drug store and wash the shoes again with the stain remover.   If that doesn't work, try pure bleach.   Then read up on color separation when doing laundry.
  2. Tip for staying sane during the stay-at-home restrictions:
  3. You can cancel at the end of each month, but you'll be subject to a retroactive charge equal to the annual discount you received (two free monthly tickets).   See here for instructions: https://sbahn.berlin/en/tickets/subscription-tickets/?acc=a5896-t7    
  4. Your concern is palpable, but nothing will go on his record if he isn't sentenced to 90 or more Tagessätze. A little drunken damage to public property is nowhere near enough for that.  
  5. Coronavirus

    Expect death counts in the UK to skyrocket in the near future: NHS trust confirms intensive care will be limited to those "reasonably certain" to live.    
  6. What made you laugh today?

    Creative ways to shave your pussy
  7. Coronavirus

    Well, there's the problem right there.    
  8. Google "Judge Jeanine" if you don't get the reference. Apparently she had an interesting show last night. Like two whole bottles interesting.