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  1. Politics Gen XYZ

    Omar Navarro, who has lost to Maxine Waters twice and notoriously spams Trump's Twitter threads to support his current House run, has been arrested for stalking his ex-girlfriend, another Trumpanista who hopes to unseat Nancy Pelosi (yeah, good luck with that).     More about simply the best people here.
  2. Non payment from house sale

      Talk to your bank and tell them about the situation ASAP! They might be able to help you with a short-term consumer loan or even just increase your overdraft until the payment finally comes through. 
  3. Climate change

    Yeah, about that source... (my source)   Cap Allon is an aspiring screenwriter who graduated with a B.A. from the University of Florida in 2010. He's a guy with a blog pretending to be a scientist.   Seems to be about as credible as zerohedge and the rest of the questionable shit you post here. Go figure. Maybe you should just get a blog and post all your fiction there, like Cap Allon does.  
  4. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

    AFAIK you have to purchase travel insurance before you leave.   Buying insurance against an event that has already occurred is a fallacy in any case.   He should try seeing a doctor instead of going straight to hospital. You can call 116 117 to find out which practices nearby can see him. More about that.   Best of luck and hope dad-in-law gets better soon.
  5. Where can I find some Gourmet popcorn?

    The trick is to limit your search to German websites, which you can do by adding "site:*.de" to your Google search.   The best-looking one I found is https://www.privatpopcorn.de/   Speaking from personal experience, however, you'll probably find it difficult ordering something with a credit card for shipment to a different address in another country - whether it's popcorn or anything else - simply for security reasons. There's just too much online fraud nowadays. You might have more luck with PayPal, but you'd have to clarify with them whether they'll let you order something to be shipped to an address other than your registered address.   In any case, best of luck to you.
  6. Random pointless comments

    A pro-Brexit, pro-Trump, pro-Tory, anti-choice, staunchly Catholic, gay, anti-immigrant Irishman who has allegedly moved to Germany is about the most unlikely persona I've ever encountered on a forum.   Viva la difference - viva la Toytown.
  7. President Donald J. Trump

      He was probably worried it would be a little too on-the-nose.       (Yes, he actually did it twice, several months apart. Probably because he hasn't seen his own feet in decades.)    
  8. Sorry, no. Unless you're also a citizen of Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, Canada, South Korea, or the U.S., you'll have to get your visa sorted out before you enter the country.   (Source - see "Einreise von Angehörigen privilegierter Staaten")
  9. Only in America...

      Bread and circuses. But it looks like they should hold the bread for this one.
  10. President Donald J. Trump

    Yeah, but sher anecdata was comprised of other people's opinions, the very thing alt-bicus was accusing fraufruit of.   Whatever you want to call it, it takes a special kind of hypocrisy (less kind people might call them "bullshit artists") to contradict yourself within your own two-sentence post.
  11. President Donald J. Trump

      So, using opinion to accuse others of confusing fact with opinion? Yeah, that's about par for the course for you.   As I've said, you're extraordinarily bad at this. Maybe you should find a different hobby, like plucking the wings off flies.
  12. Non payment from house sale

    FFS, jeba - learn to quit when you're behind. You already advised the guy to stop making payments on the mortgage, which is the worst possible thing he could do. And now you're accusing others of not being familiar with how things work in Germany - as the poster child for not being familiar with how things work in Germany.   For once in your life, if you don't have a clue, just shut the hell up already. This is their livelihood at stake.
  13. Christmas Jokes for the Holiday Season

      Ah, yes - the Elf and Safety guidelines. I'm familiar.  
  14. President Donald J. Trump

    Nope - it's reflection. Trump screamed bloody murder that Melania's son (his words) was mentioned - MENTIONED - in Congressional testimony, although his administration is traumatizing thousands of children every day. A 16-year-old died in one of the concentration camps just a couple of days ago.    A whatabout is when someone criticizes Trump and you respond with one of your trusty "but her e-mails" or "but his blackness".   You're really not very good at this, SA. Although this is at least your third account. I guess practice doesn't make perfect after all.
  15. Politics Gen XYZ

    ², in fact.   I hope he doesn't have access to any weapons.