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  1. What made you laugh today?

    Sorry, Jimbo - there are lots of horse's asses out there, but only one is sullying the Oval Office.
  2. LOL - did you even read the links you posted before claiming parity? Let me help you: the first one says "U.S officials" - that means plural - said nothing of value was found. In the second link, Donald Trump, who is waging war on the U.S. intelligence committee, along with many U.S. allies, the Republicans in Congress, Nordstom, Kristen Stewart, etc. insisted that valuable information was found.   You call it bias, I call it being skeptical of anything Trump says, especially when multiple sources are claiming the contrary (also see "Obama ordered a tapp on me", "my inauguration crowd was the biggest ever", "I would have won the popular vote but for the millions of illegal ballots cast", etc.).    I have never seen any evidence that Donald has ever told the truth, except when admitting he wants to bang his daughter and that he likes to sexually assault women. Which he did on camera on both occasions.   Sorry, you'll have to do better than that.
  3. Hit and Run case - called in as witness

    Since you're the aggrieved party in this case (the Geschädigter in German), you can have a lawyer assist you, but I don't believe a lawyer can testify for you in your absence.   If there's a valid reason why you can't make the court date, they might be able to reschedule for you, or you might be able to submit your testimony in writing. I'm sure they'll be supportive when you get in touch with them.
  4. Not only that, but the "credible" threat that certain parties are propagating allegedly came from Trump's failed Yemen outing that killed a Navy SEAL and dozens of civilians, and resulted in the loss of a $60 million Osprey. The claim is that the intelligence they gathered during the raid indicates a direct threat from laptop bombs or something like that, although all the reports after the raid said that no noteworthy documents had been retrieved.   Maybe my tinfoil hat needs adjusting, but to me this sounds like yellow cake and mobile chemical weapons labs all over again.
  5. Hit and Run case - called in as witness

    No, you don't need a lawyer to testify as a witness, because you're not being accused of anything. But you should let them know if you need an interpreter - one will be provided at no charge to you.   Please take the time to testify. Hit-and-run is a really cowardly act, especially for someone who drives professionally.
  6. Rohit would say she's crying because not enough infidels died.
  7.   Oh joy - ol' gaberlunzi, woke AF, is here to help me take my blindfold off and open my 3rd eye.     My day is truly made.
  8. Oh, thank goodness the batshit crazy conspiracy theorist has arrived. I was worried this thread might turn into a legitimate debate.
  9. Ooh, "statistics", huh?   First off,   Secondly, I guess you've never heard of Mark Twain.   More's the pity.  
  10. My deepest condolences to the victims and their kin.   My deepest contempt and loathing for everyone who once again is trying to blame the actions of a lone, disturbed individual on all adherents of a religion of 1.5 billion.   And for what? Do you really think that even if every Muslim in the world suddenly vanished from existence, all bad things would stop happening forever?   You're as bad as the terrorists, and you in fact embolden them through your rhetoric of hate and bigotry.   In other words, you're not helping.
  11. What made you laugh today?

  12. What made you laugh today?

    Who wore it better?
  13. Illegal to pay for a contractor's education?

    Yeah, not illegal, but not deductible as a business expense, either.   And as Panda said, your friend would also have to tax the tuition as a payment-in-kind.