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  1. World Cup 2018 goes to Russia

    I was at that game. It was quite the experience.
  2. Power outlet on Regional Trains

    You never know until you get on the train.   Buy a powerbank - even high-capacity ones only cost 20-30 yoyos. You can fully charge a phone 3-5 times and a tablet 1.5-2.5 times. We use them on long-distance travel all the time.
  3. Problem with Zollamt

    Huh. Have you asked them why they're being so anal about it?
  4. Really? Do you think anyone here doesn't remember what happened between the time he made that pledge and the time he actually became president? Are you that dishonest?   What am I saying? Of course you are. And in case you haven't noticed, Obama has been out of office since last year. Yet somehow the deficits continue to increase. It's almost like deficits don't matter when you're a Republican.   Yet here we are.  
  5. Problem with Zollamt

    You go down to the customs office and open the package in front of them. Once they see it contains nothing of value, they'll release it without any charge.   It's the inconvenience more than anything, of course. If this happens regularly, ask your brother to put a customs sticker on future packages, stating that they contain "Correspondence" or "Forwarded mail" with a value of 0. I suspect the lack of customs sticker is the reason why it needs to be reviewed.
  6. American would like to move to Berlin

    Let me start off by wishing you all the best on your endeavors.   Having said that, if I had a dime for every person who's posted on TT about wanting to move to Berlin, I'd have a whole shitload of dimes.   We even have a thread dedicated to the subject. Please read it, or at least some of it.   You might also want to read one of the many threads about teaching English in Berlin - just enter "teaching English Berlin" in the search box on the upper right to find them.
  7. EC-Karte and N26 bank account

    So you're using sic because you want to point out the fact that you can't transcribe "withing" or "dont'" correctly?   I'm not sure that's a winning strategy.
  8. EC-Karte and N26 bank account

    Then maybe the OP is just sick about how he's being treated?   Let this be a lesson for all our Portuguese Toytowners living in Luxembourg and using German online banks. In case we ever get another one, that is. This is news you can use.
  9. EC-Karte and N26 bank account

    Or they wrote "I dont' know" and he wanted to emphasize that they don't know how to spell "don't".
  10. Politics Gen XYZ

  11. Looks like the car cost so much, she couldn't afford pants (trousers)...   Or are the two of them sharing one outfit?
  12. His bizarre - and, yes, unpresidented - attacks on decades-long allies like Canada, the UK, and Germany and repeated coddling up to dictators like Duterte, Kim, and Putin aren't even on that list.   Of course, the above quote is from the Failing New York Times, so I'm sure those who prefer to shut both eyes in the name of STIGGINIT will just shout FAKE NEWS and move on.   Meanwhile, those of us living in objective reality are horrified that Trump is playing pigeon chess on the stage of international diplomacy: knocking over all the pieces, shitting on the board, and declaring victory.
  13. I freakin' love cover songs