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  1. Coronavirus

      One of the covidiots I have the unfortunate privilege of knowing claims that the flu numbers are way down because they're all being counted as COVID (because they get more money from doing so, natch). This same person also informed me unequivocally that all the people you see getting vaccinated on TV - the elderly, politicians, healthcare workers etc. - are only getting a saline solution, because they'd be insane risking their health over an untested vaccine.   The stupidity of these people and their ability to deny reality know no bounds.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Just got a notification that Vodafone will exclude the UK from EU roaming starting July 1.   Of course, they framed it positively - "You can continue using it until June 30".
  3. President Donald J. Trump

  4. Coronavirus

    Mongo only pawn in game of life.
  5. Looking for work in Germany after Brexit

    If you say so...
  6. Looking for work in Germany after Brexit

    Let me Google that for you...
  7. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Man, this forum software suuuuuuuucks.   They should install something usable and feature-rich, like Discord.
  8. Husband/Wife Shared Home Office - Tax Deduction Limit

      Yes, that's correct. The 1250-euro limit is for employees who set up a desk at home. The limit does not apply to people who are running their own businesses.   Once you've calculated the percentage that your work room makes up of the entire floor space in your home, don't forget to apply that same percentage to the utilities and other ancillary costs. You're probably already deducting your phone costs, but if you're not, do that, too.
  9. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Don't correct j², cb6 - he's a military!
  10. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Here's one for @LukeSkywalker:
  11. President Donald J. Trump

    Is that like a Chuck E Cheese, murphaph?
  12. President Donald J. Trump

    Acting very presidential on his last full day in office: Can't wait until tomorrow, when we can petition Bob to change the name of this thread to "Disgraced, twice-impeached former one-term president failed reality show host guy". 
  13. If that were the case, then yes, the situation would be different.   But there's no reason to assume that it need be.
  14. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

    Sorry, but not telling you what you want to hear doesn't make it "offtopic [sic] and very rude". The global coronavirus pandemic does not care one wit about you, your spouse, or your unborn child. The hygienic measures have been implemented for your safety and the safety of those caring for you - because if you infect them, they won't be able to help others, either. It's about solidarity and performing the civic duties that come with being part of a society.   If you choose to disregard those measures and ignore the helpful advice of the forum members, all that's left to say is...    
  15. Are you all university students? If so, have you tried asking your local Studentenwerk (student union) for advice?   Normally, rental contracts for university housing are tied to the semester schedule, so I can't say anything about the notice period in this particular case. But you say they gave you 2-1/2 months' notice, which is just 2 weeks less than the standard period for short-term tenants, so I'm not quite sure what you hope to achieve.   In some cases, when tenants are evicted due to upcoming construction works, the building owner is required to find alternative accommodations for the tenants during the construction period. Again, I'm not sure this applies here.   In the worst case, if the student union or other university bodies can't help you: You say there are 200 of you, so if everyone pitched in 1 euro each, that should more than cover an initial consultation with a lawyer who specializes in tenancy law (Mietrecht).