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  1. Post inaguration fall-out

    The Daily Show salutes American presidents on Twitter:   Check the #PresidentsDay tag for more chuckles
  2. Bug while quoting another post

    To clear the old quote, position the cursor outside of the quote, click CTRL+A, then delete. If that doesn't work right away, position the cursor in a different place.   It works eventually.
  3. Post inaguration fall-out

    You misspelled "whine".
  4. That's almost certainly been manipulated. Did they tell you it was owned by a little old lady who only drove it to church on Sundays?
  5. Getting a straight answer at the Job Centre

    He's also been here for less than 6 months and is already looking for handouts. Doesn't that make it highly unlikely that he'll qualify for a Hartz IV top-up, too?
  6. Post inaguration fall-out

    Apropos of nothing whatsoever: What is sealioning?   Sealioning is the name given to a specific, pervasive form of aggressive cluelessness that masquerades as a sincere desire to understand. A Sealion is a person who, when confronted with a fact that they don't care to acknowledge, say, the persistence of systemic racism in America, will ask endlessly for "proof" and insist that it is the other person's job to stop everything they are doing and address the issue to their satisfaction. The name "Sealioning" comes from a webcomic, Wondermark, by David Malki.  #1062; The Terrible Sea Lion Notice the key elements: Pervasiveness - Sealions don't go away. Pretense to politeness and sincerity - Sealions are just "asking nicely" but they are asking questions that have been asked and answered fully many times, and are unwilling to so much as open a tab to look up the answer, nor will they recognize the validity of your sources, your experience or expertise. But, really, they just want to know.  
  7. Get your London and New York comedy feeling now live in the center of Berlin: Exclusively for Strictly Stand Up, Thomas Herrmann's Quatch Comedy Club has first-class club comics from all over the world fly to Berlin to perform their funniest sets! The top class line up changes from show to show but is always hosted by London-based German comedian Christian Schulte-Loh.   Line up February 15th (TONIGHT!):   Charlie Baker (UK), one of our most popular headliners returns! Charlie performed at Strictly Stand-up in February 2015 and absolutely brought the house down. You kept asking for it, so we’re bringing him back. His mix of stand-up, singing and silliness make him an instant hit with every crowd.   Fredrik Andersson (SWE) is an razor-sharp Swedish stand-up comedian. His comedy follows the world famous Scandinavian school of design: his jokes are perfectly engineered, well crafted, extremely popular, highly likeable – and then, they hit you with a surprise edge. His show “Serial Joker” won the prize of best show of 2015 at the Swedish Stand-up Comedy Awards.   Jen Brister (UK) is an instant success with every audience: she’s witty, extremely likeable and hilariously self-deprecating. So it’s no surprise all major comedy clubs book her on a regular basis. Being half-Spanish, half-British, Jen’s comedy is highly international and just perfect for expat gigs and festivals around the world.   Spotlight Berlin: Daniel Stern. He is a Berlin based American comedian and screenwriter. With absurd observations sewn together by threads of unhinged wit, Stern’s performances are a frayed quilt of hilarious anarchy, earnest confessions and stories about riding the bus.   Come early and enjoy a drink before the show (they had free baby margaritas last year, don't know if they still do), then stay late and enjoy more drinks with the comics at the post-show happy hour.   The Quatsch Comedy Club is a great comedy venue, with just 300 seats, in the basement of the Friedrichstadtpalast on Friedrichstraße 107. Help them sell out so they will continue to bring top-notch international comedy to Berlin.   Tickets start at €22 plus service charges, or free of service charges at the box office on the evening of the show. Restricted view seats are available for €19 (evening box office only).
  8. Definitions game

    Stew: name of a paraplegic in a hot tub   dismember
  9. "Ausgleichende Gerechtigkeit"

      Change account name to 2S_orNot2S? 
  10. "Ausgleichende Gerechtigkeit"

    Poetic justice?
  11. Assume that they will be able to find out who left the review, either by suing to obtain the information or threatening to do so (for damages due to loss of reputation).   If you didn't have anything to do with it, send the e-mail and be done with it.   But if you did have something to do with it, if you send the e-mail you'll be perjuring yourself, in addition to potentially being held liable for perceived damages due to loss of the company's reputation.   For your sake, I hope you didn't do anything foolish.