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  1. You anti-vax plague rats can do whatever the fuck you want on your own time, but first give the rest of us a chance to get the vaccine and protect ourselves against your freedumbs.
  2. Doubt regarding VAT advance payment

    When you pay for January-March (which you should have already done, unless you have a Dauerfristverlängerung), deduct the amount that you already paid for January from the total amount for the quarter. You should be fine with that.
  3. In addition to the Mieterverein, you could contact these people: https://www.adnb.de/en/
  4. Coronavirus

      Why were the (admittedly very rare) complications and deaths reported in multiple European countries - even leading many of them to stop injecting the AZ vaccine - while nothing of the sort was reported in the UK, despite their much higher vaccination rate with the AZ vaccine? Does British exceptionalism make Brits immune to blood clotting? Or is it the fabulous British weather?
  5. Politics Gen XYZ

    It's always Russia, Russia, Russia.   Gee, I wonder why?
  6.   Makes you wonder why the previous administration didn't do anything.   Oh yeah - attacking your boss is a bad career move.
  7. Coronavirus

    Some do. Others will always piss and moan about how inconvenient it is to wear masks and follow curfews to avoid zombie attacks and complain that the entire zombie economy is at risk.   Guess they just really like zombies.
  8. Complete FAIL

  9. Very strange parking place interaction

    If there is no written contract, the standard notice period defined in the BGB applies - 3 months to the end of the month. Like I said, you would be entirely within your rights to demand payment of the outstanding rent - pointing to the monthly payments you've received previously as proof of the existing verbal agreement   I politely disagree with alderhill that you have some kind of moral obligation to repay the money back to the day the renter died. Someone (the executor of the will?) obviously noticed that payments were going out and stopped them at some point. This is where they would have been obliged to notify you and give notice on the contract. My advice (as a non-lawyer) is to just offer to call it even at this point. They'd be crazy to challenge such an offer unless they're completely unfamiliar with German inheritance and contract law.
  10. Very strange parking place interaction

      No, you do not have to pay anything back. In fact, if you wanted to be a dick about it, you could insist on post-payment of the outstanding rent for the period of up to 3 months after the contract was finally canceled (depending on the notice period specified in the rental contract), with the funds coming from the deceased's estate. I'd suggest that you just split the difference and call it even at this point.   In any case, now that the son has officially terminated the contract, you could officially waive the notice period and start using the parking space yourself again immediately (or rent it out again, if that's your decision).
  11. What made you smile today?

    The sunset over our place last night was insane!     These are straight from my phone camera - no editing (aside from shrinking the image/file size), no HDR.
  12. @MadAxeMurderer: For most of the past several decades, most Canadians I've encountered would be upset if you called them "American": They even sew large Canadian flags to their backpacks so they're not mistaken for Americans. They know they're North Americans, but so does the rest of the world, so they don't really need to advertise that fact.