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  1. Politics Gen XYZ

      Actually, that time came several months/years ago, but now's a good a time as any.
  2. Politics Gen XYZ

  3. Politics Gen XYZ

    Today is a good day.
  4. Politics Gen XYZ

      And the horse responds:
  5. Indeed, it means exactly the opposite. Essentially, the building shell must remain as it is. You can tear down everything behind/within it and rebuild to modern standards, within limits defined by the local authorities, but the facade must remain standing.
  6. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Maybe you could fudge and build a covered/enclosed walkway between the main building and the extension. It would technically be one building, but would still be separate for your purposes. It might cost a bit more, but would increase your chances of approval.
  7. I've just posted a silly photo

    In his spare time, Fido enjoyed trying out his giraffe impressions.
  8. If you'd care to post the website - either in the thread or via PM - I can take a look. I used to run an online shop back in the day.   In any case, as noted above, the safest thing is to refuse delivery, ideally having canceled the order beforehand. In this case, she will theoretically be liable to pay the COD charges (as robinson100's link states), but if the site is as dodgy as you say, it's doubtful they'd go after her for that.
  9. Closing a bank account and opening a new one

    I see I'm out of date once again.   Thanks, PandaMunich.
  10. Informal sublet, deposit dispute

    What is her justification for not returning your deposit? Because she's German and you're not?   Neither of you are in an ideal situation here, but you certainly have some leverage over her: tell her if she doesn't return your deposit, you'll contact the Hausverwaltung and ask them to pay you back from her deposit.   That won't happen, of course, but will notify the Hausverwaltung that she was illegally subletting, which could land her in a world of hurt. Assuming she wants to avoid that, the mere threat might make her more amenable to granting your request.
  11. This is highly unusual. Three months' notice is pretty much standard in Germany - often to the end of the quarter. Potential new employers will know about this and consider it in their planning. If they say they're not willing to wait, it severely restricts the pool of potential applicants and makes me question their seriousness.   Having said that, companies seldom want to keep dissatisfied employees on longer than necessary, since it can result in lack of motivation or even outright sabotage. They certainly wouldn't do it just to spite you. If you have another job lined up and give your notice, it's more likely than not that your company will release you from your duties immediately (Freistellung) or offer you early termination (Aufhebungsvertrag).   If early termination is subject to a financial penalty, perhaps your new employer would be willing to pay it if that would let you start working at the new job earlier. Ultimately, nearly everything's subject to negotiation.   Best of luck to you.
  12. Closing a bank account and opening a new one

    Not really. You'll have to notify each company to which you've granted debit authorization individually. Banks (specifically, the "new" bank in this scenario) used to provide pre-printed postcards for this purpose, with your name and new account number already listed. You only had to add your customer/account number at the company in question. I'm not sure if they do this - you should ask the new bank if they have anything like this to support you.   Standing orders are another matter - if you can make a printout of all the standing orders you have, your new bank will often set them up for you automatically. Again, you'll have to ask. Each bank has different policies.