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  1. Which past members do you miss the most?

    Meanwhile, the threads are being filled by the heavy shitters.
  2. Role of a notary when purchasing a property

    Have you asked them what the holdup is?
  3. Olympic Games - 2018

    If I hear Kati Witt say "Pirawetten" in her broad, sometimes-she-has-it, sometimes-she-don't Saxon accent one more time, I'm going to stab myself in the ear with an ice pick.
  4. Ignore user and PM block list

    You're a shithead, a stalker, a troll, a bully, and a liar, @hellfire99. Like a few others on this forum, you poke and poke and poke, then express your indignation that people are upset by your actions. It's quite apparent that you get off on it. You think you're clever, but you're not - your behavior is completely transparent.   There's even a TT Wiki entry for people like you.
  5. Slydialing. Do you know it!

    The current numbers: - Vodafone: 50 - T-Mobile: 13 - O2/E-Plus: 33   Source
  6. Ignore user and PM block list

    Hey, speak of the devil - there he is now. Not gonna look, though. Too pathetic.
  7. Loud music at Work

    It's up to management whether to allow radio at work. If your boss wants to play music, that's his decision, unless you can get it overruled at the regional/HQ level.   Have you tried pointing out the existence of headphones (politely, of course)?
  8. Ignore user and PM block list

    I try to ignore the people on my ignore list, and usually do, but there are a couple who insist on commenting on my every post and I like to see what bullshit they're spewing, rather than letting their lies and projection go unchallenged.   It's like a train wreck: you just can't look away.
  9. Politics Gen XYZ

    It's sad when all you got is "NO U".   Pathetic, really.   #You'reNotHalfAsCleverAsYouThinkYouAre
  10. Politics Gen XYZ

    1. Make wild, deranged claim. 2. When challenged, make a different wild, deranged claim. 3. When challenged on that, tell the challenger to look it up themselves.   How to "debate" like a complete asshole in three easy steps.  
  11. What are you watching right now?

    If you haven't seen The Good Place yet, do so. Probably the funniest - and most thought-provoking - sitcom on TV right now.   Perfect for binging.
  12. I'm told a limited number of tickets for tomorrow's show is still available at the box office. So if you're planning on going, you might want to buy (or reserve) your tickets ahead of time, to avoid disappointment.
  13. Thinking about leaving Germany

    That's what I was thinking. 5 years in the same place and the same job can start to feel a bit restrictive at your age, especially in an insular city like Düsseldorf.   Have you thought about relocating within Germany? If you're in IT there are plenty of markets you can look at - probably a much wider range than in Denmark, too.   My wife and I lived in Ludwigshafen, Heidelberg, Lübeck, and Hamburg before moving to Berlin, and she spent a year commuting to Cologne and two years commuting to Hanover after that, but we decided that Berlin was where we wanted to be. 20+ years later, we're still here happily.   German bureaucracy is slowly but surely digitizing, by the way, but the pace can seem glacial at times.
  14. Olympic Games - 2018

    Professional athletes are often given special dispensation when it comes to granting citizenship. Germany is hardly the only country to do it, either.
  15. Olympic Games - 2018

    I read somewhere that all curlers are on crack, because what else would encourage you to start sweeping the ice with a broom like an insane person?