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  1. This year we have a calander of Dutch scenes taken from the air and the picture for June is of Scheveningen beach. You can barely see the sand as it is so busy. So, it should be fun for a party type of getaway, but maybe not a peaceful one.


  2. Bill Hicks is great (albeit a bit preachy) but I've recently heard how he is just an updated Lenny Bruce, who's Carneige Hall concert is amazing. It was also a revelation that Richard Pryor was very much more than his 80's films. As Pryor implies in the Mudbone sketch, they're simple jokes but it's deep too.





  3. Prison should be about rehbilitation as well as punishment. Most people will think once a peado, always a peado but it's not the same with those who murder (except in some circumstances for example the kids who killed that Bulger toddler - no one in medialand wants them out and about)


    Anyway, GG is only a pariah in the UK it seems which is why that Glee show is going to release one of his songs.


  4. Not laugh, but a big smile. Our apiarist neighbour's bees are buzzing around, it's warmish and sunny, and buds are on the blackthon and willow bushes - spring is coming!!!


    Didn't smile at another sign of spring - killed the first moth of the year in the food cupboard today.


  5. Pobably not been told here, as we've all heard it once too often ;)


    A German man on holiday in England sees a distraught pensioner next to a river and her dog struggling in the water.


    He jumps straight in and pulls the dog to the path.


    The dog isn't responding, so he gives it heart massage and mouth-to-mouth.


    The dog wakes up and the pensioner is very thankful.


    'That was amazing sir, are you a vet?'


    'Of course. I jumped into the river. I am soaking'


  6. Not being an Occa, I can't give any more info than is here anyway (lots of great suggestions). One place not already mentioned (that I have been recently dreaming of) is the campsite at Pebbly Beach (near Batemans Bay, 4hr drive south of Sydney). One of the best places I've ever been to; miles from the nearest road, just bush and beach. Amazingly varied, but short, coastal walk with each beach slightly different from the next - one was made of broken shells all stained blue. The campsite (which is only for tents I think) is overrun with eastern grey kangaroos which come right up and sniff out whatever you're cooking. It was so awesome to poke you head out of the tent in the morning and be face-to-face with a roo! It was maybe not as amazing as Wilson's Prom, but that is much further from Sydney.


  7. We have a pamphlet from the rathaus which lists all the local doctors who speak other languages and which ones they speak.


    I had a vascectomy a couple of months ago, so went to a doc who listed as an English speaker. The prelim bit was all in (slightly broken) English. However, when I was having the procedure I spoke only German - even though my German is really bad. Basically I wanted him to relax & concentrate on his knife skills not his translations skills!! When I went back for a check up, he tried it on with his German, but I just replied in English and he went back to that, although maybe a bit reluctantly.



    ...why Edeka here doesn't have this cheese (which one is it, by the way?).


    Just been to Edeka ( @ 64665 Alsbach-Hähnlein ) and the cheddar is Dorset Drum.


    Had the Lidl one with raw onion in a sandwich, and it worked very well. Maybe the crunchiness of the onions disguises the crystals.