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  1. Hi, I'm offering the possibility of sailing from Wilhelmshaven to the Island of Helgoland and then on to the Northfriesian Islands with my 14 Meter Motorsailor HELIOS.  Sailing experience is not required and I'm more interested in having crew members on board who are grounded and comfortable to be around.  The cruise will begin in Wilhelmshaven the evening of Sept 16, and end in Wilhelmshaven on Sept. 26 or 27.  Costs are on the basis of mutual participation and cost sharing and are estimated to be 570, € for the 10 day cruise.  This will include virtually all expeses.  A "Board Kitty" will be an additional expense and could range between 5, € to 12, €/day depending on crew wishes.  I am an experienced American skipper, (basically trained as a psychotherapist, Bioenergetic Analysis) living in Germany since 1982 and am fluent in English and German.  I have a more comprehensive cruise description I could share with you, this time only in German.  I still have a couple of berths available for this cruise.  Time is short so if you have any interest, contact me right away at Handy 0176 41020481 (OK for SMS and WhatsApp) or send me an email at:   Thanks for  your interest, sailorfriend, Bob Steiner
  2. Summer Sailing Cruise between Germany and Denmark

    Hi, the sailing cruise is progressing well and we are now lying in the Harbor of Burg-Staken on the Island of Fehmarn.  I'm still looking for 1 to 3 people to accompany me on this cruise, especially in the time frame of July 3 to July 8 around Copenhagen.  If you have any interest, let me know.  There will be costs involved which are negiotiable.  Handy. +49 176 41020481   Thanks, Bob Steiner
  3. Summer Sailing Cruise between Germany and Denmark

    Toytown Germany, Helios announcement 2, 24.05.018   Hello Sailors in Germany,   I’m still looking for a few people to join me on a sail in the area of Eastern Denmark, possible into South Sweden or West Sweden.  The time frame is July 4 to August 1.  I’m an experienced sailor, a semi-retired psychotherapist (specialty, Bioenergetic Analysis), and my 14 Meter Motor Sailor Helios has a lot of comfort.  I’m a USA citizen and also a German citizen since 2016.  I’m fluent in both English and German, having lived in Germany continuously since 1982.  Many sailors in the past have found it convenient to be on board Helios for periods of one or two weeks.  Costs including almost everything will be approximately 400, € per week (6-7 days/nights)  I’m more interested in having caring, loving people around me than people with sailing experience.    If you are interested, let me know per Email or SMS or WhatsApp and I’ll send you some additional information about my sailing concept and Helios as well.  I will need an Email Address to send you more information.  Thanks for your interest,   Carpe Diem, Bob Steiner   Handy,  0176 41020481 Email: Psychotherapy Practice Website Facebook Website for Motor Sailor Helios:  Google Motorsailor Helios     
  4. Sailing Adventure in Denmark, Summer, 2018.   Hi, I’m a semi-retired American psychotherapist, sailor who has been living in Germany since 1982, presently in Wilhelmshaven in North Germany.  Along with my German wife, (Sigrid, retired biologist) we own a 14 Meter Motor-Sailor named S.Y.Helios.  We’ve been sailing Helios now since 1992 and following an Atlantic cruise 1993-1994 (two times across the Atlantic), we’ve sailed extensively throughout Scandinavia, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, England and Scotland.   This Summer beginning about June 9, and ending about August 1, we’ll be sailing between Wilhelmshaven, Germany and Denmark perhaps up to Copenhagen and possible South Sweden.  We are looking for a few sailors to come with us to help finance the considerable running costs and to assist with the sailing.  Sailing experience is not necessary – and people who enjoy life and are fun to be around are desired.   Both my wife and I are bi-lingual between German and English.  In past years, many sailors have been on board Helios for a week or 10 or 14 days, which seems to work out rather well.  Normally our sailing language is German, although it’s also fun to try to remember my English sailing vocabulary.    I have an extensive description of the proposed Helios Summer Cruise for 2018, including many features of our boat and can send it to any interested person as an email attachment.  This document also contains the anticipated costs and basic conditions.  This description is in German, which may be acceptable for many readers of the Toytown Germany Website.   If you are interested in sailing with us, please get in touch with me preferably per email address:   There is a Facebook entry under Motorsegler Helios, with a lot of pictures, which may be of some interest.   Greetings und schönen Grüßen,   Bob Steiner