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  1. Sensitive/Difficult Neighbour Complaining About Everything

    Evidently she has you in her sights, she sees you as a vector to relieve some of the tedium of living a dull and gray life and you are her only entertainment other than the reality TV show she so craves. I rather doubt that any pacifying will make things better, also any attempt to comply will be seen as conformation of your "failings" she is full of her own righteousness and perceived self importance and sees you as the foreigner as a lower creature than herself. It builds her up a little to have shown the "foreigner" their place. I would think about how far you want to escalate and next time when she springs her grievance to tell her in no uncertain terms to fornicate off and leave you alone. As a German of a certain age she will fear authority, so you have to be the authority and make her flinch.
  2. Winter is when I am quite happy with my tiny one room pokey hole under the roof. Two candles and the place warms up really fast, three if it gets really cold.
  3. How integrated are you?

    Best I can do is that at one time, not too long ago, I had a British passport, a Swiss driving license, a Maltese ID and lived in Germany. Imagine the German burocrats confusion.
  4. How integrated are you?

    Moved here first time in ´72, nineteen that is. Lived for most part in Bavaria, then 1999 moved to Malta via. Denmark, Mexico and Switzerland and since 2019 back in the Fatherland. There is nothing in the UK for me since my mother passed on last year, and I now tend to treat the UK like any other foreign country. Looks like I will make my stand here.
  5. Train Fine

    See your point, if you know you were in the wrong then it´s a fair cop. If, on the other hand, you are innocent or a genuine mistake and the Schaffner is trying to shaft you, well that is another matter.
  6. Train Fine

    That is not the point, it wasn´t a running away, it was more a retreat in a huff. last time I checked one did not need a ticket for a bicycle and before you tell me that I should have known, I didn´t, it wasn´t advertised on the Automat and if I were to read the T&C´s, I would be still on the platform. And if a cycle needs a ticket then I would argue that the woman with a pram the size of a Fiat 500 currently blocking the aisle also needs a ticket along with the oversized Hindenburg family with five giant suitcases would need two tickets each and one for each of their suitcases. Now the Schaffner do not have the right to take your Ausweis, only the police can do that, they can however detain you until the cops arrive. They can detain you like any other citizen in a citizens arrest, then it is a case of how far do you wish to escalate.
  7. Train Fine

    Recently had a run in on the train to Dießen. Got my ticket 4.50 Euros, I had my bicycle with me as the train has space to take cyclists and did not think twice. Controlleress came round, I showed my ticket and she wanted my bicycles ticket. I´m all: "What, bicycle ticket, Häh! What, since when?" Never knew you needed one, never needed one the last time I took my bicycle. (Ok, that was over 20 years ago) She is all: "Give me your Ausweiß, it´s a 60 Euro fine" To which I: "Get bent" They don´t have the mandate to take your Ausweiß, only the police have that. So I got out at the next stop fuming.
  8. Older IT Workers in Germany

    If I had stayed on Malta I would be clocking out.. now! Got a letter two years back from the Wasauchimmerstelle saying that if I were to go into Rente right now I would receive 570 Euros, Started to work in 1976, in that time I missed two or three years unemployed up until 2001, then I left Germany, came back in 2018 and will probably work until.. Böh, no idea. Now I have to get my Rente from Denmark, from Switzerland and Malta. The money I paid in the Schweizerrentenkasse seems safe enough, Denmark requires you to have worked at least 10 years to receive a Rente, but that money seems to be transferable, (still in the process of finding all the pitfalls out) Malta, you have to have also worked for ten years but that money is not transferable, so it´s either leave it or pay the remaining three years. All in all I see an enfolding nightmare and a real danger of poverty in my dotage. If only I had made millions. But by far my greatest fear is that I will wither as a Rentner, without a purpose, without work, without the money to be doing the things I love, what is there?
  9. Older IT Workers in Germany

    Getting hold of mine is going to be a grade "A" nightmare.
  10. Older IT Workers in Germany

    Oh hell yes, this!  Just shy of 62 here and for the last two years I work for a company that keeps a large institution running, happy and content. I am one of the technicians at the coalface, crawling under tables, fixing servers, resolving network issues, updating hardware and software. Fixing printers and copiers. Run of the mill IT ticket stuff. I did this over thirty years ago before moving on to greater things with global travel working on multi million Euro printing and prepress equipment. Come full circle now and sometimes, if not always, I feel like a master chef relegated to flipping burgers at Maccy D´s. I see middle management struggling to find solutions where I see an easy fix. I see them in their meetings and meetings and telco´s after which they are totally unable to function, I see them trying to implement procedures where I think that is probably the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Weeks later when it gets dropped the middle M pat themselves on the back for dodging the bullet. There are so many of them trying to justify their jobs, some will listen but ignore, some are just full on arrogant and totally sure of themselves.   It is frustrating at times, but I´ll stick with it until Rente.
  11. I was reading that when the cap expires in the UK next year the price p.a. could shoot up to almost 7000 Quid a year and inflation go up to double digits.  
  12. What a load of codswollop, turning the lights out or slightly lowering the temperatures or keeping the doors closed is just a bit of feel-good activism for the voting plebs. Germany alone uses around 4 Petajoule of energy each and every year, (the US uses around 6 Petajoule.) The main consumers are the chemical industry, followed by the metal industry, next down the list is the fossil fuel industry, then glass, ceramics and stone stuff, then paper and stuff made from paper and the food industry. Does anybody really think that turning the lights out at the library after 22:00 is going to make a dent?  
  13. Moonshot

    This is just me going to be rambling on, but you guys should be used to this by now… Is there anybody else all gooey and excited about the upcoming Artemis 1 Moonshot on the 29th? It will be the most powerful rocket launched since the Apollo program ended in 1973 and after Artemis 2 and 3 the program should culminate in a moon landing in 2025. However I rather doubt that this time round the world will be agog at such a world shaking event as the first moon landing was in 1969. If the landing goes ahead it will have been 56 years since Apollo 11 and during that time we have been stuck in low earth orbit. What could we have achieved if Apollo had been allowed to continue. The Apollo applications program would have continued, the Apollo system was designed to be a moon ship, so a Permanent Moonbase would have happened, there would also have been a manned Venus flyby and perhaps other, greater things from Apollo´s descendents. Perhaps this time round, with the pressure from private and commercial companies operating in space, there will be a renaissance of manned exploration of space.
  14. Moonshot

    The problem is weight and mass. To land something the size of Artemis would push the mass up exponentially. Then again Artemis is using the SLS system from Spaceshuttle, that means that at least the boosters are re-usable, the tank will burn up as will the rest of the ship, except the crew capsule. This system is Von Braun´s dream of course, and I am having a hard time understanding why Nasa went back fifty years. The other way would be to use relatively small payload rockets to escape Earths gravity and build the actual moonship in space. There you could have a ship to ferry crew an equipment in lunar transit, a ship that could effectively last for decades.
  15. Curious little cars???

    Yes seen these Fucwits bombing around without a care in the world. They are difficult to see and you are already having a hard time with your head on a swivel from all the e-scoots and Munich cyclists. One day, mark my words, I´ll have one splattered as a hood ornament all over the bonnet of my Astra. And I sure don´t want to go there.
  16. computer printer - which to buy?

    A thousand a month is not a lot considering that laser printers are rated at around 30 to 50 thousand clicks a month. Something like a Lexmark 415, refurbished and around 100 Euros, they are rock solid, simple and will last you for ages.
  17. Just been gobsmacked at a 250 Euro pricetag for having a 2 kg, shoebox sized package sent from Colorado to Bavaria via the usual suspects. DHL, UPS etc. I was expecting something along the lines of 80 to 100 at maximum. Does anybody have a better idea?
  18. Scam calls, Ausweis/Residence Permit problems

    That´s sad, about a year before my mother passed, my son called her. For a bit of context, I was not married to his mother and she kept him away from my part of the family. It was the first time he had called, mom was 82 at the time and of course did not recognize either the number or the voice so she got annoyed and hung up.  That will haunt me forever, so I hate these scamming buggers with a vengeance. 
  19. Songs that bring a tear to your eye

    Yeah, that one hits me too.
  20. Songs that bring a tear to your eye

    I picked up my mothers things last April. Among the items I found a number of Schellack records. I seem to remember the gramophone but looks like it has gotten lost to time. But I managed to find one which, if memory serves, should be the same device. A HMV 109, I repaired it and restored it and now I can listen to my mum’s old records.
  21. An icon of my youth. I think this is fitting;
  22. Hmm! Could be anything, write back and ask for clarification. If the landlord is serious he will clarify, if not they will be asking for ways to access your bank account. I would not read too much in this but keep your head on a swivel.
  23. Football player earning 200k a day

    There was a discussion about this a few yonks back on a German late night talk show and it came to the conclusion that for taxes to be used wisely it would take a greatly enlarged tax office and the last thing Germany needs is an enlarged Bürokratie.
  24. Football player earning 200k a day

    ...on every transaction over "X" amount, otherwise with the 1% and the capital gain tax and the income tax, a small investor simply wont have any reason to invest.