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  1. Air rifle/pistol imports from the UK.

    Why not go to your friendly neighborhood Schützenverein and ask there? They will know to the laws down to dotting the "T´s" and crossing the "i´s" Heck, if you join up they will probably be able to organize the transport.
  2. fired

      Oooo! Yes, this is a good one, but have it done via a professional company. The ultimate Fornicate you when she has to sign it.
  3. fired

    I have the popcorn out and waiting for the next gripping installment.
  4. fired

    Do...not...sign!! This... (rhymes with itch) is trying to pull a fast one on the dumb Ausländer and if you sign you forfeit all rights. Then go to a doctor, Tell what has happened and ask for a Krankmeldung due to mental stress. That way you can’t be fired and all advantages said itch thought she had are gone and, by thunder, will she have some ‚splaining to do. good luck. Illegitimi non carborundum.
  5. Plotter woes.

    Actually the PC is only three years old and it runs on a new installed Win10. This shop sells PC´s and other equipment that has been in a change. Like when the PC´s in a Behörde run out of warranty. So it comes completely wiped with the OS reinstalled and with a warranty. I see this as a good deal and I have done business with them a while back. These guys by the way:
  6. Plotter woes.

    The only feature that I would require on the "Pro" version is the ability to use layers in the plotter software, but I don´t do that anyway as I create the graphics and cutting layers in the Application SW on the mac and simply feed the Plotter the layers one by one. At most you are using two layers, one layer for cutting and and a crease layer, but as a crease needs a tool change anyway it really is not much of a problem. The I-Mark SW and feeder are separate from the plotter, if I want to use the plotter as a standalone then I an easily use the lite SW provided. It´s just the feeder that needs Illus88 to work.  
  7. Plotter woes.

    It´s not the plotter where i have my problem, it´s this darn feeder needing dedicated software that only speaks in grunts. Also not sure that I want pirated SW on my systems as I use them for work and they need a certain security level. I can understand why Adobe felt the need to use a subscription model, after all Photoshop was the most copied and cracked software on the planet and the solution was to turn Adobe into what amounts as a cult. If you rent a new version of CC then your old licenses are forfeit due to the upgrade terms and conditions, that means if you sell any old Adobe SW you have laying around you are committing a software copyright infringement if you continue to use more modern Adobe products. It is only when you cease using Adobe then you can transfer the license. People know this and that is why you see 10 year old Adobe SW commanding prices up to 700 Euros on ebay. By the way, this is what we are talking about:
  8. Plotter woes.

    Right, so here is the sorry tale so far. A few years back I got myself a nice little pre-loved Curio Silhouette flatbed plotting cutter, it runs its little heart out cutting anything I can throw at it, it uses Silhouette Studio to send files from the MAC, the software has limited graphic capabilities but all in all a good round package. And I love it. It belonged to a woman who thought she could do all sorts of not near defined "things" with it, but soon found out that the learning curve is steep indeed, especially if you don´t know the difference between a vector and a pixel, so I got it cheap. Cheap is my thang and I am far too miserly to purchase the full version of SS and use the „lite“ version that is supplied with the plotter, which is good enough as it does everything I need and it does it well-ish, I have to do an online conversion of Affinity´s SGV to DFX, but hey. If it works, it´s not stupid. But the Curio has it´s drawbacks, for one the machine is plasticy, and, two, it is only A5 and if you want a short run of, say, 50 cards or cuts, then it will...take...time. In short it is limited for the projects that I would like to do in the future. So about a month ago, the printshop I like to go to for printing my stuff announced that they are chucking in the towel and that their Graphtec CE6000 Plus plotter with Autofeed would be available for a very, very reasonable price. And although I whined at the thought of parting with my money, I got the plotter and I have just spent the week setting it up. And now comes the pain. I have long gone over to Affinity for my photo and design requirements, because fornicate Adobe and their subscription based: „Rent-A-Software“ model.The problem I have is that Cutting Master 5, the software that imports outline files and sends the outline to the Graphtec plotter uses a plug-in for Illustrator or Coral and I can´t find a way to import any format I can throw at it out of Affinity, so already I am one software packet down. Graphtec Studio however takes EPS, SVA, PNG. TIFF and JPEG and can send to the plotter. So I am running with that on the plotter side. However, the main part of the Plotter/robotic sheet feeder combo, The actual robotic sheet feeder uses I-Mark, a software that runs only on a PC and Slammer is a Mac man. That obstacle was soon overcome as I was going to get a PC anyway, I found a nice little HP business PC at a used PC shop nearby for 80 Euros and for the first time in my life I am owner of a DOS PC, (I think they call it "Windows" now a days though) I set the thing up, only to find that I-Mark can only import Illustrator 88 files, whereby the „88“ is the vintage of the software format. It should however be able to take EPS as this option is available and shown in the glossy brochure. Now I have done the obvious and exported EPS via Affinity and was able to find and click on the file to import it into the I-Mark software where the whole bally thing crashes. My hopes and dreams were centered on I-Mark being able to import EPS from Affinity... GRRR!  I had correspondence with Graphtec techsupport and they have made it very clear that the EPS import was never a high priority thing and that although I-Mark says it can import EPS... and it should be able to import EPS... It can´t ! BOOM! I now have a workaround where I send my new friendly neighborhood printers an EPS file out of Affinity and they convert it to Illus8, that works but it is a pain in the rectum, if this is the way, then this is the way, at least until I find a CS version of Illustrator. SO my question, does anybody have a old CS version of Illustrator laying around gathering dust? *sigh* *BIG SIGH* Why is everything so damn complicated?
  9. What are you cooking today?

    I see your fancy-schmansy stuff and raise you: Meat and potato pie with onion and leek, hot water suet pastry, bisto, daddies and a cuppa.   Eat your hearts out!
  10. Kaufhof to close another 52 shops

    All the millions spent in the nineties to prop up the inner cities has come to naught. Look at Munich, apart from the tourist areas and the streets west of Marienplatz there is nothing, go towards the Hauptbahnhof and you get the usual plethora of Kebab shops, Turkish hairdressers, cellphone repair and gold shop, spiced up with drunks and Romanian beggers. You can interpolate this trend in any city you like, some more, some less. But the inner cities are dead.
  11. Kaufhof to close another 52 shops

    Sorry, yes of course. It is still there but a shadow of what it once was.
  12. Kaufhof to close another 52 shops

    Quelle, Neckermann, Hertie. Woha, DeFaKa, Horten, KaDeWe. All distant memories. They are and were post war institutions and their time is simply up. Kaufhof has been dead a long time, it just didn’t know it.
  13. Best way would be to go to the local town hall and ask there, I am sure they can point you in the right direction.
  14. computer printer - which to buy?

    Just been doing maintenance on a Lexmark CS 820 with lo and behold 8.557.256-odd clicks since 2019. That is some going.
  15. Böh! How big was the drum for the extension cable?