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  1. Airfryers

    Aldi has the same kind I have on offer for 40-odd Euros. For an Airfryer novice perhaps a good device to get started with.
  2. Leoparden und Marder for Ukraine

    Well Russia tried that, and they tried so very hard. However the US still looked at Russia as the enemy and yanked them over the table every time they could. But still Russia made deals with the EU, especially with Germany, they made deals with former CCCP member states. In fact with anybody willing. Do you remember Putin´s speech in the Bundestag in 2001, where he states that the cold war is over and that this new Russia wants trade and commerce with their former foes? I think that Putin was sincere. What we are now seeing is "Plan B"  I think you are seeing this too black and white, maybe take a step back and look at the bigger picture.
  3. Leoparden und Marder for Ukraine

    No! NO and no! You are misunderstanding, along with a lot of other people and this is the dangerous part. I wager that you are seeing this war as the opening shots of a return to Imperial Russia or CCCP redux. It´s not. This is Russia looking after Russian interests, the thing is they don´t align with what the Americans want and now we have war in Europe. Putin is a technocrat and he knows to the last minute detail what Russia can and can´t do and he knows that there is no way on this rock that Russia in it´s contemporary form can again be a world power, a regional one yes, just as we are seeing.
  4. Leoparden und Marder for Ukraine

    You are kind of proving my point here. First of all such treaties are not worth the toner they are printed with. Then, as long as UA was Russia-Friendly everything was hunky-dory. Just look at the timeline, the treaty became toilet paper as soon as the US backed revolution came about after the UA´s started muttering about "special relations" with Nato in 1997. My points are quite valid. I´m kind of wondering, if you look at the global conflict points, in context with the looming end of an oil based economy, a coming climate catastrophe, the decline of the US as a global power and the rise of China, if we are seeing the major players getting their chess pieces into position for another "Great Game"  I´ll happily discuss this topic, but on another thread.
  5. Leoparden und Marder for Ukraine

    Not getting your point here. What has size got to do with things. Novospellchecker isn’t the home of the Blacksea fleet. Sewastopol is.  And there is no way in any shape or form where Russia will allow warships of a foreign fleet to use the Harbour. Can you imagine warships flying the Stars and Stripes over Sevastopol? It would be the same as if China were to turn up in Pearl Harbor and tell the Americans to fornicate off. But I now see where you and others are having problems understanding the situation, you are simply not seeing the connection between the Blacksea fleet and the need for the Krim to remain in Russian hands. That is what this is all about, nothing more, nothing less.
  6. Leoparden und Marder for Ukraine

    Yup, also true is that Novorossiysk is not Sevastapol.   I also agree with what Goodby_BlueSky writes, only I would go one step further and claim that it was the constant American meddling and the projected Eastern expansion of Nato that is the root of this war. It is also my belief that without "The West" sending arms to Ukraine, the war would already have been forgotten by the western media and energy would still be cheap, inflation just a scary word and Kiev still in one piece. More or less. Putin drew one of these red lines that the Americans are so fond of and nato crossed it, the rest is just cosmetics.
  7. Leoparden und Marder for Ukraine

    Actually I believe that Russia has already achieved the objectives of this conflict. To understand this we have to go back, the crimea was never, ever going to be anything other than belonging to Russia. As long as Ukraine was friendly to Russia it wasn´t a problem. Queue the American meddling in the Maidan revolution in 2014 with the result that Ukraine became west friendly. This is something that Russian can not have as they need total access to Crimea and their only warm water port. The tiny connection to Crimea over the straits of Kerch is strategically too vulnerable to being cut off. That is why only the eastern parts of Ukraine have been occupied, to provide a secure and stable corridor to the Crimea. There is a really good book by Tim Marschall called "Prisoners of geography" addressing just this topic.  
  8. Airfryers

    I got a cheapo from MediaMarkt for 40 Euros, had it for a year now and love it. Not for everything, don´t put a Camembert in it for instance as it will become a permanent fixture, But poultry, potatoes, mushrooms, corn,  Cevapcici, Sausages, Bacon... Oh lord perfect bacon. Have me a lot of fun chucking stuff in and seeing what comes out.  
  9. Darwin Awards

    My favorite Darwin Award goes to… (Disclaimer, is you are easy triggered don’t read on) …a woman who went to Denmark back in the days when animal brothels were still a thing died after having fun with a dog. Turns out she was allergic to dogs and would get ill just from stroking one.
  10. How to kill a periwinkle

    I had a week, a whole week for myself, the company has decided that overtime is no longer to be compensated with money, but with free time, looks like someone from the middle management saw his bonus in danger and needed to save the pennies. So I had a week thrown at me to do with whatever I please, the only issue I had, was…: What to do with it. I decided that I needed sea, real sea, not the med, not a lake, not a pond, river or puddle, but sea, with wind, waves, salt, ships and sand. My only problem is that the nearest „Sea, Sea“ is a thousand kilometers away and in France. But to heck with it, time to kick the tires and light the fires. The tent and the camping gear was packed and a thermos flask of tomato soup made. I don’t know why but on long trips I always have a thermos of tomato soup, just my thang I guess. I also had my sleek new CPAP with me, and I was really looking forward to firing it up on a camping trip, its about the size of a beer can and just the right size for camping unlike the Breadbin sized one I got from the German health service. Its a long ride through south Germany to the French border. Along the A98 to Memmingen, then on the A7 up to Ulm before I hit the A8 past Stuttgart to Karlsruhe. Then it is a few Kilometers after Karlsruhe on the A6 to the French border and on towards Metz. After Metz the landscape flattens out with low hills and sweeping visuals. But you are riding past the great western front battlefields of the first world war. This war still haunts the towns and villages, some of which were never rebuilt and stand gaunt and in ruin as they have stood for over a hundred years. I rode past Verdun, and past Dead man’s hill, and the site of the battle of Asine. You can’t stop gazing over the landscape and know that you are failing in your ability to imagine what it must have been like over a hundred years ago. The next day I arrived in Calais. I really like the place and have been going there since I was a wee nipper having been dragged there by mum and dad. Just a few kilometers west of Calais there is a small village called „Escalles“ Its a one baguette village with a few houses and two hotels, it also has a nice little two star campsite which was my goal. Have a look on a map, it sits just to the west on the other side of Cap Griz Netz, and a few kilometers past Sangatte, the town where Bleriot made the first channel crossing by plane in 1909. It is a stretch of coast with high white cliffs and wide beaches, where, when the tide is out you can walk for hours in perfect sync with the crashing waves and keeping just to your own thoughts inside your own head. I arrived at the camp site, checked in, got an extension for the electric, pitched the tent in a few minutes, had a shower and half an hour later I was watching the fiery red ball of the sunset sink into the incoming tide from the concrete top of an old German Bunker with a beer in my hand. In the evening I decided to try the restaurant at the campsite. It is known for specializing in local caught fish and was I looking forward to a fishy heaven on earth. I ordered the mixed shellfish, got my book out and had a beer as I waited. The place was quite full with a mix of French, Germans and Dutch campers, across from me at the next table was a family from Birmingham, if I read the accent correctly, and they ordered the mixed fish and shellfish platter. I watched them from over the top of my glass rather annoyed by their rather corse behavior. Big and as thick as two short planks, they were, with added oatmeal. Maggoty white legs covered in bruises poking out from faded shorts, they had not seem much sun by the looks of things, t shirts, neck tattoos and piercings. This was the whole Chav life on one table. I named them „The Hindenburgs“ Mummy Hindenburg, daddy Hindenburg and the Goodyear Blimp. However with my book at operating temperatures I was able to fade them out. My plate came and I was in heaven. Shrimps, big ones, then the little grey snapping shrimps that you eat as they are, heads, shells, legs the lot, Whelks, Periwinkles. Goose neck barnacles. Smoked kippers and fresh bread and butter. Then the Hindenburgs platter arrived and I watched with growing glee as their faces left the rails. „Ere´ wotz dis supoz´d to be?“ „Not Eet´in dis.! „Mumm, it izn´t froiiid“ Unable to make sense of the French menu they were expecting their food to have been drowned in batter, deep fried in hot oil and served with chips, just like you get it in Benidorm and other „forrin“ places. And I was cringing. In Germany there is an expression called: „Fremdschämen“ it is when you are embarrassed on somebody else’s behalf, I was bright red as having the same passport as these creatures from the pit. In the end they huffed and puffed, sent it back and ambled over to the food trailer a hundred meters or so down the road for some chips. *sigh* Big *SIGH!* The waiter came and cleared my empty plate and I just had to give the guy a nodding smile, I wanted to convey and show him that it was sooooo good, and that not all English are that intellectually low on the food chain, only to get the kind of look that an exasperated French waiter thinking that „all zeeeze Iiiigleesch perzons aare eeediots“ can give you. So, how then do you kill and eat a periwinkle? With the thin skewer provided with the dish you remove the lid and stab the periwinkle at the partial wall and gently roll the shell of the periwinkle, don’t try to leaver the periwinkle out of the shell, it will just tear and you get half a periwinkle. My way is easy and if you do it correctly you get the fine whorl at the tip, dip it in condiment and there you go. I have been coming here every decade or so for the last sixty years, mostly when using the car ferry to drive to England when visiting my mother and I have always stood in awe at the great bunkers that the Germans built during the war. And they are some behemoths indeed. Built as part of the Atlantic wall they were designed to stop any invasion along the coast. We know how well that worked out for them. The nearby Batterie Todt where four 40cm were stationed is now a museum, Batterie Lindemann is now at the bottom of an artificial lake left over from building the channel tunnel, and there are also myriads of smaller bunkers and artillery positions all along the coast and it is well worth the time to follow the trail until you get to the landing beaches of Omaha, Utah, Gold, Sword and Juno. Over the years I have been along almost the entire Atlantic wall from Norway to Spain, but this time I wanted to visit the Launch sites of the V2 and V3 rockets. They are both chilling and amazing at the same time and as a testament to folly they must be pretty unique. I love the beaches here with the fine grain sandy colored sand, it is sandcastle sand, sand that gets in every nook and cranny, it is sand dotted with white rocks and tidal pools, but best of all the water was still warm and swimmable. I love trying to stand in the surf and enjoy being buffeted by the waves. I also like to ride riptides, where you let yourself be swept out to see and return in the whorl, with a few swimming strokes you can spend ages being swept out and returned. But I am a strong swimmer and although I respect the sea I am not afraid of it. I mention this not as a flex but to emphasize this next chapter. If you haven’t been living under a rock you will know that this area is a collecting point for refugees trying and mostly failing to get across the channel to England. The so-called „Junglecamp“ in Sangatte is probably the best known example. The French government dispersed the camp a few years back, but all that did was to disperse the refugees and they now live in the abandoned bunkers up and down the coast. However there is another Junglecamp forming just a few kilometers north of Calais. I had noticed a guy sleeping rough on the beach just under the cliff, sleeping and eating and washing and drinking from a small waterfall coming out of the limestone cliff, he was there a few days until a group of French soldiers came and shooed him on. But this day he was going for it. From somewhere he had organized a Children’s paddle boat and a small electric trawler motor used by fishermen on lakes and ponds. It was surreal, he was pumping the boat up with a foot pump with a few dozen beach goers watching on. Nobody believed he was going fishing and everybody knew what he was doing. For most part he was ignored but a few younger persons did address him and I suppose they were trying to talk some sense into his thick skull. But he was oblivious to reason and was starting to get aggressive, so in the end everybody just watched him. He dragged his tiny craft to the surf of the receding tide and tried to launch. Only to be spat out, and again and again and again. By the way he was struggling to keep sure footed in the surf I think that he was not able to swim and I believe that had he managed to breach the surf he would have become another statistic in the list of bodies dragged from the sea. That, however did not worry me as under no circumstance would he have managed to leave shore. At some point he must have realized the futility of his crossing attempt and simply gave up. But for a few hours it was fun to watch. Relaxing in the warm sand sporting a cold beer and listening to somebody’s radio telling of Russia´s partial mobilization for yet another war in Europe while being entertained by a man who had turned his desperation into a spectator sport. It had me thinking about what kind of dystopian 21st century are we building? For my last day I had promised myself a day trip over to Dover on the ferry, it is only 21 Euros and I thought that closing this holiday with fish and chips and mushy peas would be just the thing. I left camp at six in the morning and rode past Sangatte on the way to the harbor. Just past the village „refugees“ had set tires and boxes alight and were trying to stop cars and trucks heading to the port, already they were having pitched battles with the police and fire brigade. I opened the taps and shot past. Frankly I would have no idea what to do with them or how to find a solution, so I did what everybody else does and ignored them. It was a short sea journey to the UK and it took almost as long to pass customs as it did to cross the channel, I wanted to visit the famous Dover castle but to my dismay it cost a whopping 38 quid to get in so I declined. Later that evening I returned to the campsite only to find that some bugger had nicked the extension. So it was a night without a CPAP, how could it get worse...? "PSSSSSSHT" a puncture in the airbed at 3 in the morning, that´s how it got worse. 
 After a rough night it was time to break camp and do the long haul back to Bavaria and a day later I arrived back home, cold and wet but quite happy but what a trip. 
 For pictures you will have to make do with the ones on my facebook site.
  11. Seems that Channel 4 is losing the fight against Netflix and co. I was reading that Channel 4 has bought paintings by Adolf Hitler, Rolf Harris and that gross Pervert Eric Gill, the guy who gave us the Gill Sans font. The planned show will ask the audience if the paintings are going to be destroyed, in which case that odious creature Jimmy (I hate the bugger) Carr will use a flame thrower to incinerate the painting. Other than that the painting will be "disposed" of. Despite the obvious loaded iconography here I find it absolute horrific that art should be destroyed in such a manner for a few cheap viewer ratings. What kind of 21st century are we building here, this isn´t the future we should be getting, this is the dystopian century of shallowness and Panem et circenses, with less and less people getting the Panem, if I may add.
  12. Favorite books in German language

    For me that would be "Briefe in die Chinesische Vergangenheit" Really worth the read.
  13. Cost of Living Adjustment from Employer

    Asked for a rise earlier this year only to be told that the discussions are over and I should apply again in autumn. Did just that but no raise in autumn. Middle management got their bonuses though.
  14. Business advice - finance - your thoughts

    Wow, glad that worked out for you, among all the stories of woe where people start out with big dreams that end in a big floundering on the shores of reality it´s comforting to hear a success story.
  15. 3G in Restaurants?

    Yeah! And if one were to keep them closed, they might work to keep the bugs out. But who does that?
  16. 3G in Restaurants?

    I ride a motorbike and know most bugs by taste, sooooo not seeing the problem here. Having said that some bugs taste yuck, moths and butterflies for instance taste bitter, but there are some small black ones that are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. They are quite nice.
  17. Almost sure that the recovered bits are stamped with "Made in America" 
  18. Russia must pump gas to compensate for the water pressure at 70 meters. Not sure about the damage the Baltic low salt water will cause in the pipes, but they could be a total loss, at least between the stopcocks.
  19. Sensitive/Difficult Neighbour Complaining About Everything

    Evidently she has you in her sights, she sees you as a vector to relieve some of the tedium of living a dull and gray life and you are her only entertainment other than the reality TV show she so craves. I rather doubt that any pacifying will make things better, also any attempt to comply will be seen as conformation of your "failings" she is full of her own righteousness and perceived self importance and sees you as the foreigner as a lower creature than herself. It builds her up a little to have shown the "foreigner" their place. I would think about how far you want to escalate and next time when she springs her grievance to tell her in no uncertain terms to fornicate off and leave you alone. As a German of a certain age she will fear authority, so you have to be the authority and make her flinch.
  20. Winter is when I am quite happy with my tiny one room pokey hole under the roof. Two candles and the place warms up really fast, three if it gets really cold.
  21. How integrated are you?

    Best I can do is that at one time, not too long ago, I had a British passport, a Swiss driving license, a Maltese ID and lived in Germany. Imagine the German burocrats confusion.
  22. How integrated are you?

    Moved here first time in ´72, nineteen that is. Lived for most part in Bavaria, then 1999 moved to Malta via. Denmark, Mexico and Switzerland and since 2019 back in the Fatherland. There is nothing in the UK for me since my mother passed on last year, and I now tend to treat the UK like any other foreign country. Looks like I will make my stand here.
  23. Train Fine

    See your point, if you know you were in the wrong then it´s a fair cop. If, on the other hand, you are innocent or a genuine mistake and the Schaffner is trying to shaft you, well that is another matter.
  24. Train Fine

    That is not the point, it wasn´t a running away, it was more a retreat in a huff. last time I checked one did not need a ticket for a bicycle and before you tell me that I should have known, I didn´t, it wasn´t advertised on the Automat and if I were to read the T&C´s, I would be still on the platform. And if a cycle needs a ticket then I would argue that the woman with a pram the size of a Fiat 500 currently blocking the aisle also needs a ticket along with the oversized Hindenburg family with five giant suitcases would need two tickets each and one for each of their suitcases. Now the Schaffner do not have the right to take your Ausweis, only the police can do that, they can however detain you until the cops arrive. They can detain you like any other citizen in a citizens arrest, then it is a case of how far do you wish to escalate.