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  1. Coronavirus

    This is one source:
  2. Coronavirus

    I wonder if the anti vaxxers are if the same opinion.
  3. Coronavirus

    Hafta Google grippetote Europa, it was 25000 in germany in 2017
  4. Coronavirus

    I think it may because flu is a known virus, we can deal with flu even if (as in case if the 1918 flu) millions die, scientists don‘t know what this bugger can do yet. Will it burn out or is the next pandemic on the way? Watch this space.
  5. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    Quoted the wrong guy, sorry  
  6. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    Uuuh, what? Where do you get this information from..?  One gallon on a concord will get you 16 miles instead of 100 on a 747 at around 120 db on take off.
  7. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    The Zeppelin also flys from the Flugwerft in Schleißheim, it´s huge and gracefull to see from close up and you can only fail when you try to imagine the gigantic scale of the great Zeppelins in the 20ties and 30ties. I have seen the hall, it´s quite amaizing in it´s own right.
  8. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    I don´t doubt that there would be a market but it would only be a tiny market and for that I don´t think that the major players would take the risk. There are a handful of dreamy-eyed startups with pictures of CGI supersonic jets on the website but they are begging for invenstors. I would also think that there is a market for airships doing air-cruises, there was the cargo lifter concept a few yonks ago but apart from a huge building near Berlin where it would have been built if management inompetence hadn´t scuppered the project, nothing has come of the airship. Except of course the Zeppelin NT.
  9. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    I would doubt that, Concord is, or was, a sloution to a problem that never really existed. it was the next logical step in aviation in the post-war period so it was built and at the time they did have military tech to use as a template. You could say that concord was the offspring of the vulcan bomber. But attitudes are changing in the avialtion world, even the A380 is now considered a lemon and production will stop in 2021. I don´t think that there is any reason why an airline would want a supersonic passenger jet.   By the way, Elon´s Starlink sats will be visible over Munch today at 18.16    
  10. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    I don´t think the American shuttle was copied per-se. If you are presented with a certain problem like how to build a resuable orbiter-space-freight-spacshipplane then there is only one realistic way to solve it and you come up with a space shuttle like craft.
  11. Coin collectors

    Seems a few cents have been galvanized for whatever reason.
  12. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    I have always been interested in a "what if" scenario where Apollo would have been further developed, there where all kinds of interesting projects on the board in the Apollo Applications Program, perhaps we could have been much further on in space then we are now.
  13. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    That is in Sinsheim, Speyer is a bit further along the A6. But you are correct, seeing the Concord and the Tupolew together is amaizing.
  14. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    There is a Buran in the Technikmuseum in Speyer, I have always wanted to go and look, maybe in spring. What I find interesting about the Buran is that it was going to accommodate jet propulsion for atmospheric flight instead of gliding like a brick with an anvil attached.
  15. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    It´s interesting to compare the Buran with the Spaceshuttle, it would seem that the Soviets built the better system.