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  1. Songs that bring a tear to your eye

    Yeah, that one hits me too.
  2. Songs that bring a tear to your eye

    I picked up my mothers things last April. Among the items I found a number of Schellack records. I seem to remember the gramophone but looks like it has gotten lost to time. But I managed to find one which, if memory serves, should be the same device. A HMV 109, I repaired it and restored it and now I can listen to my mum’s old records.
  3. Obituary thread of notable or obscure folk: Phil Bennett

    An icon of my youth. I think this is fitting;
  4. Hmm! Could be anything, write back and ask for clarification. If the landlord is serious he will clarify, if not they will be asking for ways to access your bank account. I would not read too much in this but keep your head on a swivel.
  5. Football player earning 200k a day

    There was a discussion about this a few yonks back on a German late night talk show and it came to the conclusion that for taxes to be used wisely it would take a greatly enlarged tax office and the last thing Germany needs is an enlarged Bürokratie.
  6. Football player earning 200k a day

    ...on every transaction over "X" amount, otherwise with the 1% and the capital gain tax and the income tax, a small investor simply wont have any reason to invest.
  7. Obituary thread of notable or obscure folk: Phil Bennett

    I have Aphrodite's Child on my play list.
  8. Food outlet - catastrophe

    Anybody remember the Krefelder Döner wars, where the Dönerläden got into a price war? you could pick up a really top notch Döner for 2.50€
  9. Flatmate attacked me, not sure how to proceed

    Oh grow up... Life isn´t fair, if you don´t like the situation change it.
  10. What the hell have I done to my knee?

    Gout? Sounds like the typical auwie.
  11. Advice on potential contract dispute

    Never know, they may sell your "Debt" to a bunch of Chechnian heavies.
  12. for some reason I can´t stand the self checkout system and I avoid it to the point of standing in line for ages even though the self checkout is empty. I understand the concept, I just don´t like it. Also I have never, and I mean ever met an unfriendly cashier.
  13. Selling Silver Flatware

    These were more hybrid, with traits from the "Schneeball system," the MLM we understand today, and Door to door salesmen, classic with the suitcase, greasy hair and gilb smile. I can´t tell you any names but the range was from expensive and worthless (they didn´t do cheap in them days) to high quality and expensive. The sales spiel was that should the Russ come one would have something valuable to sell. Sorry I can´t tell you more as this is a fascinating aspect of post war Germany.
  14. Vasectomy?

    Just avoid the discounters, or the two for one deals, like "buy one, snip one free."
  15. Was it dark yellow or light red?