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  1. A gastroscopy without the sedative?

    Gastroscopy? I always thought it was the one where they went up your arse while singing "ring of fire"
  2. Just this afternoon, Came out of the parking at Justizpalast into Elisenstr to Karlsplatz, the road there has been graced with a wide cycle lane, one of which you as a driver has to cross if you want to turn right. I am paranoid over two wheelers so I have my head on a swivel... and almost collided with an e-scooter suddenly popping out between two parked cars. Young guy got all prissy about it so I taught him some growup words that he wont forget in a hurry and carried on my way, only to have a cyclist cross the road on red. Not a care in the world but if you touch one even if they are at fault, it´s your ass on the line.
  3. Can’t come this time but interested.
  4. Actually there are two types, one is the Tretroller thingy, they are restricted to 20kmh and the others are the e-roller, there it depends on the wattage of the motor but most go up to 45-50 kmh. Silently, you don´t hear the blasted things coming.
  5. The worst part is when you see two guys on one roller, it looks just so weird.
  6. The greenies are making life hard in Munich, Popup bicycle lanes, or simply close a lane on a previously two lane road for bike use. I have a Handwerkerausweis but it looks like the price for that is to be raised by 600% I drive in and about in Munich and live in constant fear that I will swipe some bike rider to oblivion because these buggers are totally blind when it comes to car traffic. I joke to my colleagues that a Munich bike rider would have a life expectancy of around five minutes on Malta. But my biggest angst are these electric Tretroller things that go a mach 1 and are very difficult to see.
  7. WW3 anybody?

    Very effective as a terror weapon though. But don´t you think that the Ukraine has scientists and engineers who could indeed build a working bomb from leftover devices. Or even scratchbuild a device?
  8. WW3 anybody?

    Mislay as in "Whoopsie, we still had a few in the pantry" as for maintaining them after the collapse of the UdSSR there were a lot of hungry nuke scientists on the streets. And at the end of the day all you need is the fissile material and a barrel of ANFO and boom one dirty bomb.
  9. WW3 anybody?

    I‘m just wondering if Ukraine gave up all the nukes? Afterall they were the third largest nuclear power on the planet for a while. Easy to „mislay“ a nuke or two.
  10. WW3 anybody?

    War. looks like it‘s going to happen. Russia is all: „What, us? Noooo! We not gonna invade Ukraine.“ The Americans hoping to be able to claim the Russkis will do a false flag. They should know how it works after the gulf of Tonkin. Next week will be make or break for peace. But I’ not holding my breath, anybody else got the the popcorn out?  

    Was invited to the court of Neptune on an Atlantic crossing in ´82, and crossing the Arctic circle later in the year. The buggers used sea water, straight from the sea, twas very cold indeed.
  12. Where to buy a PC

    Been using Apple since the OS came on four diskettes, System disk 1, system disk 2, printerdrivers and Fonts, that was in the days of OS 6.4 DOS PC´s simply don´t have the grunt to process heavy duty industrial graphic files and most of the software in the industry is tuned to the Mac OS. Personally I use a mac mini from 2012 and find it great, especially after a SSD upgrade.   Having said that High Sierra is the highest OS I can run on it, so in a few years it will need to be replaced.
  13. We will finally buy a TV

      Jein... Long story short, for starters your eyes can only process up to one percent of your field of vision in high resolution, that´s like a 20 cent coin held ca. half a meter away. I also don´t think that screen resolution and eyeball resolution can be used interchangeably. In theory the hardware, or "jellyware" in your eye and the processing power of your brain could resolve 8 or even 10K, 16 is stretching it a bit. But your eyes are constantly micro twitching therefore losing and regaining focus all the time, the gaps in between as your eyes twitch get compensated by the brain, your brain is infact interpolating the last clear image you see to the next clear image and deleting the unusable data. This interpolating is (to use a term you will understand) is a using a  kind of "lossy format" much like a .jpg instead of a .png, further reducing your resolution. All in all the (looking for a term here) resolution payload is around 4 to 6k on a good day. Maybe more for some, maybe less for others.
  14. We will finally buy a TV

    I can imagine "Wallpaper" TV´s where the screen is laminated to a wall or all four walls, in fact floor and ceiling too for that matter. And from then it´s only a short burst of tech until the Holodeck.
  15. We will finally buy a TV

    Havn´t had a telly for the last 20 years. Everything here goes over the Mac mini. Through my work I once lectured that although there are the so-called "4K" Screens around, but there will never be a 6K, because the human eye is at it´s limit at around 5K. Imagine my surprise recently in MediaMarkt seeing a 8K TV... You can´t see the difference between 4 and 8K mind you, so I think it´t for the bragging rights only or you can command a higher price. But apart from that I don´t see any advantage at all.