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  1. Heart attack at the age of 41

    I´m three weeks into a lot of exercise, low carb, low calorie, one meal a day and then only half. I call it my Auschwitz Diät and it´t working quite well. At least I hope, because of furlough I can´t get into the company to get to the loading scale for the trucks to weigh myself.
  2. Riots in Stuttgart

    Corrct, but I wasn´t talking about America, even there I suppose, it all depends on who you ask. But America is a reason why immigrants should be kept in check, I mean they took over the entire country.
  3. Riots in Stuttgart

    But without the ability for discussions, even political ones there can be no discourse, just because a topic is uncomfortable doesn´t mean it should not be addressed. That is the internet equivilent of sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting LALALA! As to integration, except for the occasional exception that confirms the rule, it won´t work, that is not how we are wired. As long as you fit into the local standard apperance you have a chance to be accepted. But not always, after that it´s a sliding scale
  4. Riots in Stuttgart

    Best way to think of them is pack dogs, loyal only to the alpha, in this case the one with the flashiest car, the beautiful woman and most money.
  5. Riots in Stuttgart

    My thoughts go on another track where it´s no use trying to find a reason where there is non. Humans are a tribal species and it boils down to one bunch of monkeys in a tree hating the monkeys in the next tree, the rest is just cosmetic. At one time, in the good ´ol days a high child mortality, war, famine, disease and hard work hunting mammoth, or what ever culled the population up until the industrial revolution. And now? Well we as a species havn´t evolved much and we are very much an ice age creature, but one with technology and that is biting us in the behind, you can´t expect youths, high on testosterone and the common sense god gave a bag of hammers to behave in a civilized manner according to the rules. Just won´´t work, never has, never will.
  6. Newcomer - Sankt Blasien

    "Out in the sticks??" They eat their dead down there, talk about Badisch Kongo, it´s the place where family trees are pruned so that they look like Yucca´s, people have six fingers and the definition of a virgin is a girl that can run faster than it´s uncle, or brother
  7. Newcomer - Sankt Blasien

    Off the grid in Germany, not really feasible, especially not in the touristy bits of the black forest. Also I don´t want to disappoint you but the world is not going into chaos.
  8. Buying A Bicycle

    Sigh, Zündapp used to be a great name, now they are "made in China. I recently got one similar to this, much the same but with a decent Shimano 21 chain shift gear rig: A former DDR manufacture they are quite a good bike for not a lot of monies, the frame is good and the add-ons not the cheapest but not the expensive ones. I did however have a set of wheels made for it that can take my "gentleman of size" without it folding up like a paperclip. In the meantime I have done quite a few longer tours including some on rather rough roads without a problem.  
  9. Car affordability - best brands, age

    How much is the extension cable?
  10. Car affordability - best brands, age

    Have a look at a golf, cheap as chips to buy and run and the spares are available on every streetcorner.
  11. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    Hehe! Can you imagine in a stressful situation and your fingers are getting all sweaty and the screen stops responding?
  12. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    I did say that it looked analog. I know that Ramstein was an emergency landing strip for the shuttle, but I also heard that Malta´s Luqa airport was also regarded to be capable.
  13. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    Don´t forget that the shuttle was a design from the early seventies, but it does look kind of analog.
  14. Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    Somehow this has made me think of the case of Markus Gäfgen who kidnapped the son of a banker. He was arrested and did not tell the whereabouts of the boy. As the police was still hoping that he was alive the vice president of the police ordered the use of violence as a last ditch attempt to locate the boy. The threat worked and Gäfgen came clean, sadly too late to recover him alive. Gäfgen then sued the police for torture, this ended in the so-called Daschner-Process and a discussion if Rettungsfolter (lifesaving torture, go figure) can be an acceptable method to force sombody to tell the truth. Daschner was ordered to pay a fine of 3000 Euro and is not considered as Vorbestraft.
  15. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    You did? In the end I thought that today is a good day to die and rammed it.