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  1. First World Problems

    Oh BOOO! Just been to the local witchdoctor to shake the chickenbones over my foot and do the Juju and then he has given me Alcoholverbot to boot. Better get used to the Alcfree stuff from now on.
  2. First World Problems

    They havn´t evolved far enough to invent the bottle opener yet.
  3. First World Problems

    The backup beer for the backup beers has gone and now I´m down to the pretend beer. My fridge is generally a biotope in it´s own right where evolution gets a kick everytime the light goes on, then it´s survival of the fittest in my Bauknecht. Just recently I opened it and found the lettuce hunting the radishes and some mystery meat in the tupperware hissed at me when I opened the lid.   Is it just me or is drinking alcohol free beer like sex with your sister? Everything is there where it should be but somehow it´s just not right.
  4. First World Problems

    I have an emergency supply of raman noodles and I found a bottle of Helles, I know it´s not a Weizen but I am used to hardship and will tough it out.
  5. First World Problems

    Not out here in Schondorf, they still eat their dead here and I can just about very painfully hobble to the loo, going down two flights of stairs is out of the question. Amma doomed.
  6. First World Problems

    Here is a good instance of a first world problem. Injured my foot so that I can´t walk and the beer fridge is empty. Only two bottles of alcohol free left.
  7. Shop window monitor...suggestions

    You evidently know your clientel. I dabbled in holograms for a bit and while they are great eye-catchers having specialized content made by a 3rd company can get quite pricy, it´s great fun though and the stuff you can do with holograms is quite amazing.   Having said that jewelry and holograms are made for each other.
  8. Shop window monitor...suggestions

    But then even a TV would be overkill.
  9. Opinions on MMR vaccinations for children

    The words: "medical practice" and "naturopath and homeopath" don´t belong in one sentence.
  10. Shop window monitor...suggestions

    Ahhh! Allgäu, the place where people think electricity is witchcraft. Got it. :-)
  11. Shop window monitor...suggestions

    In my opinion forget the TV, if you want to go for the WOW effect try this: You can also rent for a time or if you have the lettuce have a look at: These system are also rentable, but the basic model won´t set you back much further than a TV system.   TV window displays are so quaint
  12. Atm charge

    Euronet are one step from fraudulant, if you use a inland card then they operate like any other ATM, however if you use a foreign card then they will use the Euronet conversion and for some reason even if you are from a Euro country. Also they have fees that make your eyes water. You can lose up to 30% of your withdrawn cash. I also have a pet peeve when I see the 4.95 Euro fee when I try to withdraw using my VB card on another bank´s ATM. On Malta I also had a 3 Euro withdrawal fee but the bank reembursed me at the end of the month. This doesn´t happen here in DE.
  13. Bike thread

    It is, don´t get me wrong, I think that the LT and the Pan are very close in terms of what they offer, but after 200.000 on two LT´s the Pan is almost but not quite entirely unlike a LT. The seating position for me is just that little bit too cramped, the corner handling a smidgin too rank and the get up and go after opening the taps is a little bit more agricultural than even the LT. I would not mind a BMW 1200 GS or the 1200 LT and I hear that the Pan1300 is a good bike for heavy and tall riders.
  14. Bike thread

    Never liked the KTM´s, especially the newer ones that look like angry insects, I also don´t like the "plasticky" bits that look like somebody glued them on as an afterthought, I know it´s a bit rich coming from a Pan-rider, a fiesta plastica of a bike, but it gives a cheap look on a KTM in my humble opinion.
  15. Bike thread

    Up until now I have been a beemer guy. My first one was a R750 rubber cow, then I got wise and got a 1100 LT, flying brick. That bike lasted until the clock read 239.000 kms and the clutch came, I sold it for a few Franks and got my second LT named “Iron Pig,” a former police bike which was a lot of fun, in fact I had almost that bit too much fun with a former police bike. Anyway Iron Pig had to stay behind on Malta and I was bikeless for almost a year until I could stand the phantom pain between my legs no more and got a new, used bike, sadly the only one I could afford was an older Honda PanEuropean ST1100. I am trying to like it, really trying to like this bike but we got off on a rocky start, first the battery dies, then the cylinder head seal went, then the valve head seal went and now the thermostat is giving me trouble. Add to that the hydraulic clutch is problematic in the lower gears. But hey, it´s a bike, two wheels and an engine and it runs. So what is your bike?