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  1. A question for all you long-timers:

    At the moment I have a Astra as a company car, and that takes some origami on my part to get into and out of again. However it´s time is up and I have ordered a Opel Crossland, that is similar to the Touran.
  2. Tips for passing a practical driving test

    G´won, tell us, what did the instructor can you on?
  3. "Lattensepp" Havn´t heard that one before. Basically "Plank Josef " 
  4. Anyone ever cried leaving a foreign place?

    Can´t say I have cried, been sad. And in retrospect I think I should have given Denmark another chance after the company was sold. I could have stayed a few years longer in Mexico, try me with a flightticket, Maybe I should have gone to Sweden for that job at Kodak, but the next station was Switzerland, beautiful place but you have to be able to afford it, I couldn´t and found it to be a very cold place when the money ran out. Belgium did not work out and I ended up on Malta before coming back to Germany over 20 years after I left. Malta, now I could imagine retiring there. But that is for future consideration. I think that I am more haunted by roads not taken and now time is running out.
  5. The Vegetarian's Dilemma

    It´s great, do try it if you get it. Especially good in stews and in stir frys or go crazy on the BBQ, marinate it in balsamico and slap it on the grill. Taste is somewhere between beef, which is bland for my taste, and game.
  6. What is the best achievement in your life?

    Not killed any morons yet.
  7. One thing has happened, people working from home, doing their stuff on cheap Ikea furniture have started to get all the aches and pains and other ailments associated with working in a 1970ties company before they had to invest in ergonomic office equipment. It also seem to be ending the American 7 Bucks an hour "slave" labour and it has shown us how inadequate the digital infrastructure actually is.
  8. The Vegetarian's Dilemma

    Wondering if vat produced syntethic food will become the next big thing. Lab grown meat is already being done, you may be eating a cancer but hey. And bugs, as a Biker I know bugs by taste (my favorite are the little black things, crunchy on the outside sweet and gooey inside) but they are easy to farm and provide enough for everybody, normal food, the stuff we eat today will become a luxury for special occasions. Would vegetarians eat bugs?
  9. Indian IT service companies in Germany

    Pretty much so. High level IT is in India, low to mid level in Eastern Europe, the IT call centers, Bulgaria, Malta, Columbia etc. In Germany you will only find the low paid arse-crack showing IT tech weenie crawling under the Users table, covered in dust and dried foot sweat (don´t ask) and some specialist stuff.
  10. I mean, don´t just roll over and show your neck, there are ways to fight this, or at least draw it out for quite a while, quite a long while in fact.
  11. Eigenbedarfkündigung, he is doing it by the book, so should you. Try For some advise.
  12. Not really missing alcohol

    And even there you can get locally brewed beer. Actually won some awards.
  13. Not really missing alcohol

    Not to into pop and other sugary slops, alcohol free beer tastes generally weird, (there are some Ausnahmen though) What I do like are the alcohol free mix beers, Weizen with grapefruit or lemon or orange etc. they are nice and refreshing and you don´t have a bad conscious when you crack another one open.
  14. WWIII, again!

    Despite having corvid on the brain 24/7 and climate change in the backstops is anybody else following what is going on in Ukraine at the moment. Seems that the Russians have had enough of Kiev´s blustering under America´s goading and are set to cream Kiev´s behind Russian buildup south of Woronesch, American arms in Ukraine and American and Russian ships in the Black Sea. Those are the ingredients for some frightened officer to create a Bedford incident and open a shooting war between the US/NATO and Russia. Do the hawks in the Pentagon not realize that Putin was ready to go nuclear in the last tense call over Crimea and the Donbas?
  15. Any prognostic would be speculation, this thing will occupy us for the next five years at least. But if I were to speculate I would say that the rich will get richer, the middle class will slide to the poor and the inequity gap will widen, it´s already tending to this but Corvid will accelerate the process. Vanity projects like environmental protection or social programs and foreign aid will get their funding cut and the big winner will be China.