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  1. Maria Hörbiger, Germany´s grande ol´ dame of TV.
  2. Where to buy a haggis in Munich

    Get a meat wolf and make your own haggis. Easy enough.
  3. Or in a white cane and dark glasses and call it a service dog.
  4. That would be nice, but you can´t have everything.
  5. British in Bavaria

    There is a small English-German Stammtisch in Schondorf, not too far as the crow flies.
  6. As idiotic as it seems, the Bus driver has the Hausrecht on the bus in the name of the company. He can kick you off his bus without a problem for whatever reasons.
  7. Here is a shocker. Seems that these floating gas terminals will cost....  Wait for it Not three billion, but seven billion... and the infrastructure on land seems to be lacking. On asked why. Harbeck is quoted by saying: "Well it had to be done fast!" Are these people for real?
  8. German Citizenship despite criminal offence

    Oh come on. I have to know... what did you call him?
  9. Airfryers

    Just at this very moment my trusty airfryer is doing three chicken legs and spud quarters spiced up with a fajita, curry, Naga joloka and soy mix with corn on the cob on the side. My one room pokey hole under the roof smells amazing.
  10. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    There has been a spat of shock callers recently in Bayern. Call an elderly person, say that they are from the police and that their grandkid or whatever had caused an accident and that a sum is required to get them bail. The largest one was over a hundred thousand in damages. I would so like to get my hands on one of them.
  11. Would you like to get taller?

    ´Roid free human bouncy castle.
  12. Would you like to get taller?

    Oh you embryos. Try and find something for a 1.95 and 160kg weightlifter. T-shirts in XXXXXXL, or roughly half the size of a IMAX screen, or the mainsail on a small boat. And before you ask, I don´t need the seatbelt extender on a plane, but I do have to duck and go through the hatch sideways.
  13. Shall I take Statins?

    That’s not cholesterol...!
  14. Leoparden und Marder for Ukraine

    Or the gulf of Tonkin incident, or the United Fruit massacre. Etc, etc. The list is endless.