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  1. Crazy political correctness in the UK

    You need to hang out with American rapture evangelical wingnuts to appreciate wwjd.
  2. Crazy political correctness in the UK

    Wasn´t it Sammy Davis Jr. who converted to Judaism because being a black entertainer wasn´t controversial enough?
  3. What´s a "christian" church, I thought they all were, well, apart from the Mosques, temples, sacred trees and of course the pubs of the Pastafarians
  4. Crazy political correctness in the UK

    It´s interesting to speculate how far this PC could go. Think about it... Classical music is white, the sciences are white, mathematics a tool of oppression for the dumbed down of society. In my opinion PC has created a nation of pampered and imbecile peasants clamoring for society to stoop down to their level. We have at last achieved what Marx only dreamed about, true communism, a dictatorship of the proletariat, with a lot noise and no brains and by looking at Johnson, the rule of the unfit. I for one don´t see why I should be ashamed of being white.
  5. I was going to write that as a EU Bürger there is no reqirement to Exchange a foregn licence. Then I remembered...
  6. The Heeby Jeebies

    Coherency was never my strong point from the beginning. I don´t know why this wish for things that I had at one point is becoming so strong now, never used to be. If I were to be metaphysical I would say that perhaps as you get older and you feel your body deteriorating to it´s inevitable outcome, you get the urge to cling to things that held some importance to you when you were younger perhaps as a subconscious attempt to regain some of that youth back.   Or it´s early onset Alzheimers.
  7. The Heeby Jeebies

    I like the Gerry Mulligan, havn´t heard this before.
  8. The Heeby Jeebies

    Some musings on a cold and damp Friday evening. Huddled in my one room pokey hole under the roof, wrapped in a blanket with a hot water bottle and a glass of red as company while listening to Svefn-g-englar on youtube reminds me that I am on the cusp of having had sixty years on this rock. Not as old as some on this honorable forum, then again not as young as most but I’m coming to the conclusion that there are more days behind me than are in front. What’s left? Ten, fifteen… twenty, love to get at least another twenty, the last two decades went by in a flash, so fast that I got whiplash of the brain, my mind is still in 2010. It hasn’t caught up yet. I feel cheated somehow. Soon in geological terms the Slammer will be no more, sometimes in bed before sleep kicks in, with my mind racing I make a mental note to delete my browser history, you never know. What´s left after we are gone? Remembered by whom? Kids, sure, grandkids, probably. Greatgrandkids… „Who´s that man in the picture mummy?“ „Your great granddad sweetie!“ After that you are just a figure on an old photograph, stored in the Attic until some big clean out, sooner even if your presence is on a digital medium… I have pictures of my grandma getting married 100 years ago, the picture is as clear and as crisp as on the day it was taken. I can’t even access the storage medium I had five years ago. Forgotten, gone without a trace. As I said, I´m musing and three glasses in so don’t expect coherent thought. Last trip to the UK I got a Murphy 104 baffle board wireless from 1946, my dad had one and I had it in my room when we first moved to Germany in 1972, it was the only way I was able to listen to something in English, RTL, AFN from out of Augsburg, Wolfman Jack on a Saturday night, radio Caroline on SW, obviously on a clear night. BBC world service. Numbers stations, little things like that. The old radio vanished after my divorce but it preyed on my mind and I had to get one. I am having my old Pentax analog camera serviced now that Kodak has brought back Ektachrome and Ilford has restarted production of black and white 35mm film. I rescued a few surviving comic books from the sixties mum had in a cupboard, Beno, Bimbo, Dandy etc. not many things left but enough to get nostalgic when I see them. Why am I clinging to things from so long ago? I have started to scour eBay for things that I had as a child or growing up that have vanished over the years and that I have now started to miss. Not that I would spend money but its nice to look at them and remember. Can some of you ancients tell me that it is just a phase and will soon pass or is it going to be like this until the clogs pop? PS. Memo to me, shouldn´t listen to Sigur Ros in such a frame of mind.
  9. What are you cooking today?

    Seems people get only two thirds of the recommended amount of iodine in the mentioned areas, and some people don´t like fish.
  10. What are you cooking today?

    I had to do the google, seems that kosher salt is "flakier" if that can be applied to salt and there is no iodine added to it. However it may not be the best choice in south Germany, as well as parts of Austria and CH where people tend to suffer from iodine deficiency.
  11. What are you cooking today?

    Never understood the allure of Kosher salt, is it somehow saltier than normal salt?  Anyway kosher or not, my favorite at the moment is to slice and big dice pumpkin, leek, onion, celery, carrots and anything else I can find that is not quite compost mix it in a bowl with tomato sauce, pesto and a few lashes of soysauce and bake under cheese.
  12. Yes, ZARDOZ, the gun is good the penis is bad.
  13. stolz sein = proud??

    Make that two, living on Malta in one of the tourist hot spots I was prone to "Fremdschämen" when rubber band touries (rubber hotel recognition band worn around wrist) would enter a pub and loudly shout: "A pint of your cheapest lager love!" We had a game of "spot the tourist" in summer it was lobster red, wearing shorts and t-shirt, or not, flipflops and a silly hat. Or in winter when it was 25° cold and the locals were wrapped up in coats and scarves, shivering and sneezing and the holiday makers, lobster red, wearing shorts and t-shirt, or not, flipflops and a silly hat.
  14. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    Oh that´s an easy one to solve. Just provide him with enough alcohol, the nasty cheap 45% plonk from Aldi will do, and shift his shuffle off this mortal coil into overdrive.
  15. stolz sein = proud??

    On a junket to the States one of the guys said he was proud to be American and proud of America, he must have noticed the slight strained look on my face because he asked if I were not proud to be German and proud of Germany. (Amma British by the way) So I told him that Germans are not prone to outbursts of patriotism as it is seen to be pathetically kitschy to proclaim "Ich bin stolz ein Deutscher zu sein!" I said that in my best 1940ties voice and he agreed that it did come over a tad chilling.