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  1. How long to wait after making an offer on a house?

    On the day of my mothers funeral, just getting changed, there was a knock on the door. I open a guy who I don´t recognize is outside. "Sorry for your loss" he says. "What are you doing with the house?"  Church service over... "Hi, excuse me, can I ask about the house?" Even the neighbour came round a few days earlier and asserted her claim that mum had promised something called "first refusal" whatever that is. Talk about disgusted with it all...
  2. Yup, a few hours ago it was reported as dormant, mistakes were made.
  3. WHELP! Looks like that dormant volcano on the Canaries just went boom.
  4. Isn´t that the big one to be worried about? It is recognized as the area where an eruption would cause a potential underwater slide which would trigger a tsunami like the world has never seen since the Storegga slide 8000 years ago.
  5. Judaism in Germany

    Not sure that has anything to do with being Jewish, I don´t think anybody will bat an eyelid about a person being jewish. You may get funny looks if you run around in a black coat, dead beaver on your head and dreadlocks, just as a muslim woman in the full bin bag would or like Blackadder´s aunt. I would say it´s about the strange and alien look instead of antisemitism. Exceptions apply of course, nut jobs are everywhere.  
  6. Judaism in Germany

    Just like any other Tom, Dick or Harry with a god fetish. As long as they don´t bother anybody, nobody will bother them.
  7. Windows 11

    Sounds about right for a first time setup. Just be mindful that depending on your PC it will have loaded all sorts of bloatware and crap that will need updating every few days.
  8. Radiation hardening and SpaceX

    Not sure about that, at least NASA should not be about that and as we havn`t found any Klingons yet, a NASA military budget would be a waste.
  9. Radiation hardening and SpaceX

    Methinks you are all getting it wrong. NASA was and should always be research and exploration. Going boldly where no man has gone before and all that. IF the projects envisioned had been brought to life without interference from congress, we would have seen Big Gemini, with a manned flypast of Venus, we would have had the Apollo Applications Program, with technology based on Apollo. Basically the plot of "For all Mankind." Pave the way for people like Musk and Branson etc. to come up with ways to generate a space economy, That is how it should have gone down. Imagine space flight now if the British would have developed Megaroc and flown a man in space in 1946?
  10. Computing power rolled back 4 decades

    Strangely enough vacuum tubes are resistent to radiation and there is nothing to stop you from making them the size of a blood cell, a tube computer would work in space without shielding.
  11. The current weather in Munich

    It was reported to be the coldest and wettest August for over 40 years.
  12. Emergency flight to the UK

    That is what I thought too, however this mail came from a person, and was not a generated mail. I have sent the copy and we will see. Since having the dubious pleasure of finding out that there are NHS scammers around I am tempted to mistrust anything coming from anywhere claiming to be official.  As to the overstay, I was planning to do a weekend trip to Austria the next weekend anyway, so methinks I´ll try and wake up a border guard and see if I can get it to stamp me out.
  13. God and the German School

    Many years ago when I was dumb and stupid I got married. She was catholic I was, at least on paper, church of UK. The catholic priest refused to do the wedding as I was not catholic, he then did it when I told him not to worry we would find some other religion that was not so fussy.
  14. Emergency flight to the UK

    Whelp, back in Germany since yesterday. Did the travel registration in the UK, filled in the forms. Went to the airport and actually got through the first time round. I have to tell you though that flying has become one of the worst means of transport, especially if you are flying from Manchester. 5 quid just to drop you off and such a maize of corridors and stairs, broken lifts and corners and checks and, and and. Not having my residence card on my person came back to bite me in the behind...: Uniformed chick behind the desk and a long story short with a lot of bickering. "How did you fly out?" "From Munich!" "Why is there no stamp?" "What stamp?" I can´t let you in without a residence permit, or you get a stamp in your passport...!" Discussion back and forth..."FFS, stamp the bloody thing...!" I was very annoyed at this point. STAMP! "Now you have to leave the country again after 90 days" "Not going to happen!" Did not want to give the chick hassle as it´s not her fault, like all uniformed Germans, she is just following orders, but I would like to throat punch a brexiteer. Back home and checking mails, found out that I have to go into quarantine for ten days. GRRRandFuckfuckittyfuck this in chocolate...  
  15. What's wrong with the German subreddits?

    I don´t understand why people give reddit and others of their ilk the time of the day. Who cares what they have to say?