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  1. English speaking dentists that use Nitrous Oxide

    I have the Perfect Storm of a high Resistence to Anästhetika and a very Low pain threshhold. The times I have screamed on the chair from being a kid to an Adult makes me sweat Even Now. And knowing that under Full Anästhetika you fehl the agony but you dont remember it afterwards makes me fear dentists to extremes.
  2. "White privilege" Is that some weird, over the top American thing?
  3. Germans don´t think that it has to do with Muslims, well most don´t, the word terror is for German politicians what the name Voldemort is for Hogwards. It must not be spoken out loud and it must not be named. This goes back to the heady days of the RAF which automatically brings dirty NS-heavy words like "Ringfahndung"and "Zielfahndung" back into memory. And we don´t want that again do we?
  4. Jeeezus Black&Deckering Christ, seven months of amatuer DIY at all hours the government gives you? Amma glad I´m not your neighbour, and to be frank you should be glad I´m not your neighbour.  
  5. Funny observations from daily life situations

    The wheel on my dad´s VW camper started to shake when you got to 80, which was only possible going downhill with backwind and homesickness... :-)
  6. Telekom IP address changes every day

    You can apply for a static IP from your provider, costs around 6 Euros a Month.
  7. Well OP it seems you have been well and truly "Deutschlanded" (run afoul of German burocracy)
  8. What are you cooking today?

    ...a good dollop of HP sauce, lashings of vinegar, a few slices of white buttered hovis and a cuppa.
  9. What are you cooking today?

    Just in Blackburn untill tomorrow and tonight it´s Steak and kidney pud, chips ´n gravy and mushy peas.
  10. What are you cooking today?

    Oh yum!
  11. Divorce and Sponsor second wife

    Prettiness is also a factor, the prettier ones are taxed at a higher rate on import, I think there is a cap at 46% of the original bride price, but then it has to be a grade "A" virgin bollywood supermodel model.
  12. What has disappointed you lately?

    True, but the phrase is a bit dated, like me, and may not have been heard by anybody under 30.
  13. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Wow, this is a new one, at least for me. Got it twice in my inbox just minutes after trying unsuccessfully to book the ferry.
  14. What has disappointed you lately?

    To break a lance for Malta, things are changing, slowly, very slowly but they are changing. The "hunters" for instance are harrased in increasing numbers. Stray cats and dogs are cared for in little "villages," they are fed and watered and neutered by NGO´s and volunteers.  It´s not there yet but it´s moving in the right direction. At the moment it is a thing of inertia by the older traditionalists and will die out in a generation or two.
  15. North Sea ferries

    Many, many moons ago young Slammer worked on the ships, on one, a small Weselmann tramp freighter out of Brake had a state cabin for paying guests, this was "only" for "Kleine Fahrt" or coastal trade from Biskay to Finnland but the cabin was almost never empty, even in winter when passangers wanted to experience a "real" storm at sea. Puke bags were included in the fare.