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  1. Two Part Podcast Series About Berlin

    Hallo Berlin! We’re Geoff and Alex, the co-hosts of the expat podcast "Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey." We've both lived in Berlin, Germany for a combined 15 years and the city has become a second home to us. Most of our episodes focus on Germany as a whole, however we are so happy to finally have several episodes dedicated completely to the city that is, “poor, but sexy.” We weren’t able to cover Germany’s capital city with just one episode, so today we are releasing a sequel.   Did you know “Berlin” is based off of a slavic word for swamp? Did you know over 777,000 non-Germans are currently living in the city? If you’re interested in hearing more, please do so with the links below:   Podcast Website  |  Berlin Episode Part 1  |  Berlin Episode Part 2 & Special Episode: Best and Worst About Berlin
  2. The Best & Worst Things about Berlin

    Good Idea LukeSkywaler, thanks. I'll take a look at Lear's thread :)
  3. The Best & Worst Things about Berlin

    I've lived in Berlin for many years and the city has become a second home to me. There’s so much that I love about it, however as is true with any relationship, you have to acknowledge the problems as well. There's a new podcast episode out that focuses on the best and worst things about Berlin and I'm very curious if you agree or disagree with the list.   What are your favorite and least favorite things about life in Berlin?
  4. Best Podcasts for Expats in Germany

    An interesting article came out recently from that lists the "Top 10 Podcasts Expats in Germany Should Be Listening To". If you're an expat in Germany and like to listen to podcasts during your daily commute, give this article a read and try out some of these fun podcasts