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  1. Thomas was recommended to us by Patrick Ott and we were very pleased with his quick response to our request. As a working couple one expat/one DE contract with a view toward long-term stay, Thomas addressed each questions we had prepared and then took extra time to provide indepth "what if" details for our specific taxes, investments, and earnings. As we transition I will be utilizing Thomas for our tax planning and reporting.

    G. Rush



    I too had "the decision", with a six figure income and all the stability any Son-of-the-South could ever dream of...I Quit in Feburar and followed my wife to Munchen. I enrolled in deutschSprache kurse and now I'm very happy. Yeah the 3 months of snow was Hell for a Son-of-the-South, but I got up, put on my big coat, and went out to learn of this new place that I call Home-Munchen.


    We get by on one salary now quite well. Loose the 2-cars for 2 new bikes, use the train system, also spend alot of time walking this place is WunderBar!


    If you want to chat give me a buzz. I will eventually find a job here in Munchen, but first I am spending a little time learning the language. I say you do it and don't look back, life's short Go For It!