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  1. You’re always on time, you think of Angela Merkel as ‘Mutti’ and you’ve even found yourself craving currywurst (well, some of you). You think you’ve assimilated in Germany. But many expats have failed miserably with a vital ingredient for true integration: private liability insurance. (Haftpflichtversicherung). While not compulsory, it’s widely seen as essential protection against the risk of harming another person or their belongings; almost nine in ten Germans have it.    In partnership with Coya Insurance, The Local presents five pathetic excuses (we were being kind when we said ‘reasons’ in the headline) that explain why so many expats in Germany don’t have private liability insurance. Read the 5 reasons in FULL ARTICLE here.
  2. The restrictions on life due to coronavirus offer the ideal opportunity for self-improvement projects. But life remains busy and social distancing is no fun. Learning German as a new language can not only boost your confidence and social circle but also enhance your career prospects. Research even shows it could help protect against dementia. Here are six reasons why joining an online language school like Lingoda could give you the best chance of learning German or achieving your other linguistic goals. LINK How is your language learning going? Have you changed your in-person classes to online only? Have they been effective in extending your learning? Let us know. 
  3. The Local worked with 'Invest Leipzig' to produce this infographic to help new people who may want to move to the area understand what this up-and-coming city in East Germany has to offer. What do you think? Is it accurate? Does it line up with what residents have experienced? Read more about the area here: