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  1. The Local worked with 'Invest Leipzig' to produce this infographic to help new people who may want to move to the area understand what this up-and-coming city in East Germany has to offer. What do you think? Is it accurate? Does it line up with what residents have experienced? Read more about the area here:    
  2. Sponsored: Business in 2020s

    Here in the waning weeks of 2019, it’s natural to look back at the decade that’s drawing to an end. But the close of a decade is not just about looking backward - it’s also a good time to consider what the next ten years have in store. Read more here:
  3. We asked our readers across Europe what surprised them most about working and living in Europe. This is what they had to say.
  4. Frankfurt is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities yet can’t shake off an unfair reputation as a dull finance centre. We spoke to alumni of Frankfurt School of Finance and Management to get a better idea.  
  5. Public healthcare in Germany is not as catch-all as one might hope. Find out why going private could benefit both your health and your bank account.    
  6. Berlin’s gritty bohemian allure has long appealed to voguish creative types. But its popularity has come at a cost. The city has undergone rapid gentrification, you’re as likely to hear English on the streets as German and, despite strict rent control laws, rental prices have soared.
  7. Health insurance policies are never one-size-fits-all and life circumstances have a habit of changing. The Local spoke to an expert from leading insurance broker ASN to help you get the best value bespoke insurance policy.Find out more via the article:
  8. -Sponsored content- Moving abroad changes you in many ways but perhaps most surprising is the way it affects your relationship with your home country. The Local in Partnership with Readly asked international residents how they retain their connection to their home cultures while living abroad, read the article here.
  9. Do you find the salary deductions in Germany a bit tricky to navigate? You're not alone. The Local in partnership with private health insurance company ottonova has written a useful guide on how to understand and minimize your salary deductions when working in Germany. See here for more information.