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  1. The restrictions on life due to coronavirus offer the ideal opportunity for self-improvement projects. But life remains busy and social distancing is no fun. Learning German as a new language can not only boost your confidence and social circle but also enhance your career prospects. Research even shows it could help protect against dementia. Here are six reasons why joining an online language school like Lingoda could give you the best chance of learning German or achieving your other linguistic goals. LINK How is your language learning going? Have you changed your in-person classes to online only? Have they been effective in extending your learning? Let us know. 
  2. Google Street View

    Internet search engine Google plans to launch its controversial Street View feature in Germany soon, but users with objections can register complaints before images of their street are made public, news magazine Focus reported on Monday.   The Google Maps addition provides panorama images visible from street level in cities around the world and will be available in Germany "promptly," the company told the magazine from Hamburg. The service is meant to allow people to see and explore a city in detail without actually physically visiting.   Data protection activists have been critical of the feature, saying that the cameras used to collect the images would also record details of residents' lives. Google's special Street View data collection cars, with mounted roof-top cameras, caused an uproar last summer as they trolled the streets of Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, taking pictures for the service.   129 words remaining. Click to read the full article.