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  1. ^ A lebenslauf covers usually the last 5-10 years / last 2 or 3 jobs. Nobody is interested in offering you employment to keep you away from the Arbeitsamt, based on what you did in 1982.    it's perfectly fine to write "1982-1990: various temporary jobs in gastronomy / office work / farming" etc...
  2. Taking wife's surname after surrendering nationality  
  3. I had an eye infection a few years back, and over the weekend it became swollen. Swollen so much that the pressure was causing headache enough to prevent me sleeping.    As soon as Monday came around I went straight to an eye doctor. (not sure your average Hausarzt will do the next bit)   He got me under the maginfying equipment and gently lanced the swelling on my eyelid. (I was a bit scared about him coming anywhere near my eyes with a pin, but it really did stop the pressure pain immediately.) I then got prescribed antibiotic augensalbe and some saline eye drops. It fully cleared after about 5 days. Had he not lanced it, it probably would have taken longer to go down of its own accord.
  4.   You forgot to add a disclaimer EXCEPT the vast majority of British in Europe (who had no say in brexit) or EU27 in UK who also had no say in brexit.
  5. @lisa13 I'm surprised after all your years in Germany you were clueless about the special arrangements for Turks.   Either you support both Germans in UK and Brits In Germany paying no fees, or you support the destruction of the equilibrium.    You now say you don't support Germans being treated like Americans, ergo you don't support Brits in Germany being treated like Americans. 
  6.   So you agree Germans/EU27 already in UK should be deported if they don't meet a minimum income threshold applied to Americans? So you agree Germans/EU27 already in UK should pay thousands for a resident title, just like Americans? I'll pass on your comments to Priti Nasty - she'll be glad of them...
  7. The fees were cancelled more than a year ago for EU27 in UK. Meaning the EU has had ample time to react accordingly, but jt hasn't. It will only be seen by Priti Nasty as ammunition to start charging EU27 in UK again. None of us want that, hence it's better EU reciprocate now before the witch takes action. And she will - she's only been in office days and has done a great deal of damage already.
  8.   Somebody has to scrutinise things for balance. I'm that person.
  9. She was the one saying Germans in UK / Brits in Germany should be treated like any American etc. (Her argument already falls apart since Turks are not treated like Americans anyway).    I'm the one saying both Germans in UK and Brits in Germany shoud reciprocate cost-free fees, since they exercised treaty rights before Brexit. Neither Americans nor Turks exercised those treaty rights.   We all age. Most of the parents and relatives of British in Germany / British in Europe / Germans in UK / EU27 in UK have parents and relatives in their country of origin of advanced age. The time window for Brits in EU/Germany to be absent outside the country without losing their status is a mere 6 months. That's 54 months shorter than EU27 in UK.   EU27 in UK have a full FIVE YEARS to be outside the UK without losing their status to care for. - Before, during, after terminal illness of relative - Execute wills and tie up affairs.   It is not outrageous, scandalous or illogical to offer the same validity time periods if absent from host country, to British in Europe/Germany, as Germans/EU27 in UK. ie absence of up to 5 years allowed.   Though I'm half expecting some kind of counter argument from you in which you think the deathbeds of relatives of Germans/EU27 in UK, matter more, and deserve more time to tie up affairs than the deathbeds of British in Europe relatives. They don't - they should both be equal and reciprocate the most generous timeline offered - which ever is greater, since everyone exercised their treaty rights.   I'll take a stab in the dark guess that a large slice of Brits in EU and EU27 in UK are in, or approaching, their forties. The graveyard years when invitations to weddings decline, and invitations to funerals increase. 
  10.   For Brits in Germany the application fee is EUR 109. For Turks in Germany, the application fee is offered at a significantly discounted price.
  11.   So you are in favour of the UK cancelling the decision to make the application process cost-free for Germans/EU27 in UK?   Why would anyone want to risk that? Especially with Priti Nasty on duty.
  12. What allegations? It's a simple logical equation:   EU27 said they will reciprocate how EU27 in UK are treated, and vice versa. Deal or no deal.    UK offers EU27 in UK cost-free application for resident title. Ergo EU27 shall reciprocate cost-free application for Brits in EU (preferably, sooner rather than later before UK changes their mind and starts charging EU27 in UK an application fee again)   Priti Nasty is probably chomping at the bit to reintroduce application fees for already resident Germans/EU27 in UK. It is in everyone's interest to make sure she has as little ammunition as possible.
  13.   You have not given one cou ter argument why the notion is bonkers. You have just moved on to other topics. Again, what is bonkers about what I wrote? What is entitled about it, given cost-free is already offered to Germans in UK?   Verhofstadt, Barnier, Tusk, country leaders have all pledged to reciprocate, both on TV, in social media and elsewhere depending how the UK treats EU27. Pretty logical.    I presume you would rather the UK cancels the cost-free application advantage for Germans in UK, since it is not written down anywhere that they MUST offer this cost-free?    According to your argument, Germans (and other EU27 in UK) should be treated like other non-EU, pay thousands in application fees, and have an income threshold applied just like US citizens in UK.   I, for one, disagree that ANY of the already resident Germans/EU27 in UK should have to pay any application fee, just like ANY Brits already in EU27 shouldn't have to either.    Fur those who arrive in UK/EU *after* Brexit, sure, by all means treat them exactly like Americans.    You will not find a single German in UK who agrees with your idea though...
  14.   Both sides said, deal or no deal, they would reciprocate what the other side does.   So please explain what is such an outrage, so highly offensive, such a scandal, such a heinous despicable act, such an illogical and highly bonkers approach, that:   = Since the brexit-related resident title application process for already resident Germans (and other EU citizens) in UK is cost-free,   then, according to what both sides said - they'd reciprocate in kind...   So that Germany (and other EU27) should offer cost-free resident title application process to Brits already in EU. =   ^ To me this seems highly logical, balanced, and not even slightly out of the ordinary. But for whatever reason, you think it's bonkers.