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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Vote on this skynews twitter poll to stop the brexiters taking it over:
  2. What would be a good title for David Cameron memoirs

    "A pig in a poke" 
  3. Anhoerung for late anmeldung

    I just realized I better update this for closure. In the end I got the letter, decided to send back a response to be considered in the Anhoerung (you don't have to send a response).   The c.un.t.y thing they did was not to respond to my response within the 90 days limit which incurs it's own statute of limitations. On the 100th or so day after their letter to me (after I had already heaved a sigh of relief - tough luck they didn't respond in time) they decided to issue me with a small fine (Eur 80)   Had I the energy, and had the amount been greater, I would have lawyered up and fought their tardiness to respond within 90 days. But that didn't seem right considering my tardiness to ummeld. Besides, I had greater fish to fry, so I just paid the fine immediately and sucked it up. Lesson learned. 
  4. Make anmeldung retroactive, is that a thing?

    @jano I was in a similar predicament not so long ago (just not the Arbeitsamt bit). Yes - you can - and MUST retroactively do your anmeldung. The move-in date in any case becomes obvious when you present the Amt with the landlord /apartment offerer -countersigned anmeld document.   Worst comes to worst you will have to be pay a fine. This is not a criminal offence - it is a public order offence, but I can completely understand the worry. I was in bits until I had it sorted.   My advice is to sort it out immediately. In my case I had to pay a fine of around Eur 80, but I had a whole list of counterarguments to support my case, one of them being I was already anmelded, just not UMmelded, so it's not like they had never heard of me before. I paid the fine immediately and sucked it up.