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  1. Hi there, I'm having several problems using *only* Channel 4 on an amazon Fire stick with VPN, and hoping someone can help. (I can't find any existing discussions which help with below) Problem 1) How can you get the Channel 4 app downloaded to Fire stick if you don't have a UK-based credit card? (Via laptop I jumped through all the country + device setting hoops in my Amazon profile, but when I finally am successful in getting the Ch4 app to "at least" display as a downloadable app, clicking download does nothing. Do you suddenly have to add a (UK) payment method to make the clickable button trigger a download/add app? Problem 2) I have several Fire sticks. One really old Fire stick *does* have the Channel 4 app on it. And VPN provider + Fire stick + Channel 4 app allows me to use the app to view archived (not live broadcast) on-demand channel 4 shows. But as soon as I choose the "watch live" option, the Channel 4 app gives a typical geolocation / blocked error message. (Note - on Fire stick, I *am* able to watch live broadcasts of all bbc channels with the same VPN) Now if I move away from the Fire stick to a laptop, and activate the same VPN then use the desktop version of Channel4 website, I *can* view the live broadcasts of channel 4 (as well as, of course, the archived on-demand ch4 shows). I was hoping using Silk web browser on the Amazon stick would let me get around the problem by experiencing the desktop view of channel4 to reach and trigger the watch live option, but sadly when you do that, Silk sends you back to the ch4 app loaded on the stick, and I'm back to the same problem. With the problem proved off the VPN provider (it works fine on a laptop) this means that the amazon Fire stick must be leaking some geolocation stuff - but not leaky enough that it stops viewing channel 4 on demand. Only live broadcasts. (I've cleared cache of ALL apps on that Fire stick - in fact deleted pretty much everything except ch4 app.) Does anyone have any ideas how to solve above problems? Thanks