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  1. I don't know if this counts as 'Life' in Germany but I actually need to know the standard paper size used in Germany for typical document/letterhead type stationery, i.e., the kind that's used in, e.g., laserjet or inkjet printers -- is it A4?   If so, is A4 a Europe-wide standard -- or are there others one encounters elsewhere (i.e., in Europe but outside Germany)?   Also, hanging folders (such as used in file cabinets) -- standard American size (11 5/8" x 9 3/8") is equivalent to 295.28 mm x 238.125 mm. Are the German sizes smaller (in either dimension) or bigger than those?   Thanks and please excuse the boring questions. (Watch for my next post which will be about sex . . . at Office Depot.)
  2. Given that it's now required for an expat to purchase German health insurance (and if I'm not mistaken, from a German -- i.e., not international -- health insurer), how are pre-existing conditions treated by those insurers?   That is, will they deny any and all claims that seem to relate to that condition?   If so, where does that leave the expat if he/she needs medical care for a recurrence of a former problem, or for a new problem which the insurer decides has a cause-&-effect relationship to the former condition?   Are any regulations in effect to limit the ability of insurers to deny such claims?   Thanks.   [if there's a difference, I'm primarily interested in private insurers a/o/t public ones.]