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    That would be the über enlightened Catholic Ireland or Malta then, because its the only countries I can think of in the EU with blasphemy laws.


    I will proudly stand up and declare myself one of the folks on the forum who go off on anti-religious rants, because that is the problem, not the blind followers of them. Criticising Religion is no worse than criticising an opposing political view or football team, it is nothing special. I would defy any country or land to deny me or anyone else for that matter the right to openly and publicly criticise religion.


    Now I agree that if I were to stand up in public and say "EVERYONE CALLED JMFORGE IS AN IDIOT", but I don't, because that could be construed as a personal attack, (that wasnt meant as a personal attack by the way) but...


    I will not shy away on the grounds of politically correctness from openly criticising the beliefs of catholics that the use of contraception is wrong, from jews who think that the blood sacrifice of a foreskin on the 8th day of life is in any way justifyable, from Muslims who believe that women are the posession of a man and can be treated as they see fit, or indeed from any religion or belief system which systematically demands such ridiculous acts of degradation and suffering on their adherants. I will never hold back from calling a fool and an idiot anyone who mutilates or otherwise abuses another human being on religious grounds.


    An attack on the religion is not an attack on the people supporting it and I reserve my right to do it loudly, clearly, often, publically, frequently or even in cartoon form, and if that so happens to be in Ireland, Malta or the bleedin Vatican, then I'll do it. Human Rights are real, god* is not.

    *replace with whichever one you deem appropriate.


    "and if I'm found wanting, when my case is heard, it'll be by the author and not some interpreter of his word", the proclaimers


    Now, back to the topic, this news does not surprise me, after all it has happened before, the pilgrim fathers wanted to practice religion in the way they wanted, so there is a precident. The US has a huge, wealthy and powerfull religious lobby who in accordance with well observed and almost Darwinian group behaviour, look after their own. But to me, accepting these refugees from reason on the grounds that they can't brainwash their children as they see fit is simply tantamount to child abuse.


    Hope the children grow up to think for themselves.


    YES, You are correct on the Human Rights issue. The thing which I find interesting about all of this is the legal precedence it sets for other asylum seekers. What will be next?


    Another point I have been trying to make is that many in the US who are choosing to homeschool in the US are not doing so for religious reasons. Secularism is on the rise there and so is homeschooling. Many who are secular and choosing to homeschool believe they are doing so in order to give their children a freedom of thought. Not a "boxed in" viewpoint of the world. They have a right to their freedoms too. Many look to Darwin. They see he was taught in an unrestricted way and want that for their children. Since the majority of homeschooling parents are college educated and have the finances to spend on this endeavor they feel they should have this freedom to do so.



    Perhaps, but what you fail to mention is that they are being replaced rapidly by Spanish speaking Catholics. Of course the REALLY funny part about this whole issue is thinking about how if some of the folks on this forum went a bit farther with their anti-religious rants and perhaps directed them at specific people or groups in a more public manner, they might actually be subject to criminal sanctions in a number of coutries in the oh-so-enlightened EU.


    Interestingly enough that is not true. The group that has had the largest growth is those who are unaffiliated with any religion. The Catholic church has experienced the greatest net loss of the Christian groups.



    Also, try for results



    That group of people from Ohio would still be considered Christians when polls are taken. Their group too would be on the decline in the US.


  3. It is interesting that you believe this. Did you know that the US is becoming more of a Secular nation each year.

    Have you read that the US is loosing its Protestant majority? So much so that the Protestant church in the US has been on the decline since 1993. It also has been found that Protestants are now in the minority in the US. The first time since 1776.


  4. Westvan, I picked up on that typo also, but it was too late to change it. Excuse me. I did not say English was my first language. It is not. I come from a multi-lingual home in the USA. That could explain the typo, but it happened because I was typing fast and thinking about something else at the same time. As you can see I am not good at multi-tasking, but reading through many other threads on this particular website I can see I am in good company. And all is not so perfect in the world, except for chocolate. :rolleyes:


  5. VERY interesting. And, Wow. Tennessee repealed The Butler Act in 1967.


    Many people in the US who homeschool today are secular in their beliefs. When homeschooling became popular in the 1980's it was mostly Christian, but time has passed and it is not so any more. Many do it because of various reasons anymore and it is just another alternative choice in schooling. It really is about freedom of choice for many parents who do homeschool.



    We need help. Me and my husband want to get with someone other than TKS. It there someone else we can use? We live on RB. Any help would be great. Thank You,



    Hi Vanessa,


    Before you go anywhere and sign any contracts. Call Housing and ask them that is the best road to take first. I am not positive, I think TKS is it for you.



    I think that its great that he at least tried to speak English. An American politician wouldn't have even tried to speak German. Cut the man some slack...


    I am sure you have know Idea what you are speaking about. Who are Henry Kissinger?, Zbibniew Brzezinski, Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice? Maybe they are US Politicians who speak German among the many other languages which they are fluent in.


    I do agree with you on one point. Cut the guy some slack he is at least making an effort and trying to prove a point by doing so.


    I have met many Germans who do not want to speak English even though they have been taught it in school. But, I have met many more who speak English with Thick American Accents and Thick British Accents. The Headmistress at my daughter's grundschule insisted upon the British English whereas the Headmistress at my son's Gymnasium insisted upon American English. I have met some Germans who stated they learned their English solely by watching MTV and are working as their company's English speaker.


    Many, Many people in the US are bilingual. It is just it is mostly Spanish today. I am and I have no one in my family who is of Spanish speaking heritage. I just learned it and speak it fluently. Many schools in the US are now teaching Spanish to all students starting in kindergarten all the way up to high school and those schools are not just in The South.


  8. The best towels I have bought in the past 20 years have been from Germany and Turkey. I have bath towels from Germany which do not have weird colors or styles and fit the body. I also have huge sauna style towels from Turkey which have lasted 10 years and remain thick plush without shedding. The sauna towels from Turkey are larger and thicker than any US made towel I could find. I also wash my towels every other day using Ariel and hot water and they come out soft and thick. All of them from Germany and Turkey have stood the test of time and washer. Hmm, I also paid a lot less for them here. Jeans are although are better priced in the US.


    The 2 towel rule is old. In the US, at least where I grew up and way back when, we used a separate towel for our body than we did for our face and hair. Ways of doing things have changed over the years, thankfully, for the most part.


  9. If you are living on base there is 110 and 220 so you might want to keep all of your appliances. I would not throw your 110 stuff away or sell them just put them in storage or bring them in your household move. You will use them again after your time here and when you move back to the States. If you live off base you can just see if the things work on a transformer. There are some appliances which do not work on transformers. I just bought a 110 small rice cooker and it does not work on the transformer. I had to get a 220. My crockpot and deepfryer are 220 since I tried with 110 of the crockpot and deepfryer and they did not work on a transformer. My 110 vacuum did not work on a transfomer either. So, somethings you need to get 220 no matter what. Just keep your appliances in storage or bring them in the move since you do not have to pay for the shipping and it will save you money in the end by keeping them.


    Oh and your printer. If it is newer 1-4 years, keep it too. Refills on the German printer cartridges can cost as much as a new printer.



    Really don't get this subject at all.


    Those bikes look like something I made when I was a kid from parts off the scrappie.


    No brakes, no gears, no mud guards, cheapo paint job and odd sized wheels/tyres - yep exactly the sort of thing we used to make.


    Bet they cost an arm and a leg though? They saw you coming

    Yep!! Those who did this back when were happy to have a bike. But, now it is some type of phenom there is someone making money off of those who want to have the newest. And those who are stupid enough to spend their money on something that is really not so spectacular.


  11. Living in Leinfelden-Echterdingen would be a good idea then you could easily commute to work without using a car. There are train stations, U bahn, S bahn and bus, in the area and the airport is very close. If you want to go into Stuttgart you can easily do so. There are plenty of apartments in the area which are reasonably priced. The area also has plenty of shopping and restaurants. So, all in all it is a good place to live and work.