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  1. I know there are not alot of jobs about, I know I should be thankful to have one atall, but I absolutely detest my job, and am gonna quit.   Now, I know I won't be able to claim any dole money, but doubt I would even if I could - I don't do forms.   What I would like to know is, is there some 'special' way to resign in Germany? Sounds like a ridiculous question I know, but I find myself in a ridiculous country, where ridiculous things seem to be relatively common. I would really like to write a scathing letter about my reasons for leaving what is the most poorly managed company I have ever worked in (and I lived in Asia remember) but my good sense will kick in and I will no doubt write the standard "whilst I have enjoyed my time here...all the best for the future" crap.   Is that then it? Is there some stupid form or proceedure (with a 340 syllable name no effing doubt) that I should know about?? Seeing as I designed HR systems for 3 years, and had to study employment law, I should not even have to ask, but this is Germany.   I am relatively pissed off that my notice period is 3 months (!!!) from the end of the calendar month in which I quit, so even if I scribble some shit down now, and hand it to HR, I would not actually be available for work until bloody march!!! Seeing as I have been here only 18 months, I see that as outrageous, and it may cause a problem in looking for a job I think, but its my own fault, I signed the employment contract, so fair play. Maybe I should count my blessings that I have a job, but there MUST be something better out there. I work in the posh-sounding field of "Business Intelligence" and there is plenty of work back in Blighty, but not alot in France or Spain, and SWMBO is adamant that we should stay here another 2 years at least (she actually LIKES her job!), so I'm still gonna be in Germany for a while, and will just have to hope that the force is with me..