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  1. The current weather in Munich

    Currently 21.
  2. The current weather in Munich

    1.5m is a little exaggerated.  Maybe some of the piles of snow they made.   About 50cm of snow fell in this event.
  3. The current weather in Munich

    Yeh, 2005/2006 winter was out of control.  There was snow on the ground almost constantly from mid November to mid March.  It continued to snow in April and May too.   That snowfall on the 5th of March 2006 was definitely the single biggest snow event since I've been here.
  4. The current weather in Munich

        To be fair, she did state she'd only been here 6 years.  2006 is more than 6 years.
  5. The current weather in Munich

      Yes, we have had a number of bad winters in a row.  Unfortunately it's becoming more of a regular occurrence.
  6. The current weather in Munich

    This is absolutely normal weather for winter in Munich.  Up until now it has been super mild - it was the warmest January on record for parts of southern Germany.  Get studded tyres if you ride a lot.  Normally the bike paths are pretty well cleared though.   I'm glad it's back to the way it should be.