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  1. Oh and if you want a German brand - try €1000 for a set of brakes!
  2. You're right that hydraulic are more fragile than cable, but honestly how often have you seen one rupture? You'd either have to be very unlucky or take the kind of crash you're not riding out of. With the guys I work with (different cycling discipline) the majority of damage happens in transit rather than riding.    For downhill use you'd be hard pressed to find anybody racing or at a decent park with a cable brake these days. An everyday/cross/town/road bike absolutely, no problem, but for serious stuff you can't beat the stopping power of hydraulic. For the majority of people the benefits outweigh the downsides.   To add fuel to the price discussion you can easily spend €250 on a single hydraulic brake!   
  3. Where to buy a PC

    What Mac do you have? I hear pretty amazing things about the M1s so if you’re happy with the ecosystem would an upgrade not suit you better?   I’m a long term Mac user but just built an entry level gaming PC. It’s nice but I wouldn’t switch for my work computer. 
  4. If she’s living here and working here I can see no alternative but to be registered and pay tax here.  Get a Steuerberater, register as self employed and investigate the VAT laws. It’s got nothing to do with UK personal allowances.    Since it’s been going on since last year I don’t know how the income from an unregistered business will be dealt with. That’s a question for the Steuerberater. 
  5. I had the same situation, but I closed my company at the end of 2018. About six weeks ago I had a letter to say that I hadn’t filed accounts for 2019 or 2020. I wrote back saying that the company had closed and sent a copy of the Gewerbeabmeldung as proof but a couple of weeks later I received a reminder. I got the Steuerberater who used to do the company books to write to Finanzamt and they must have believed him because I received Steuerbescheids for each of the years with 0,00€ in every box. 
  6. Freelancer tax questions

    Why would you not pay tax on your freelance income?     
  7. I can't see an easy answer for you on this - ether it's an international B2B transaction and they shouldn't been charging MwSt or they've registered under the OSS in DE, adding MwSt and they should have their MwSt number on the invoice. I can't see you changing their practises easily. 
  8. Mini business - kids' events

    Just the obvious - you'll need to get set up correctly with the Finanzamt and a decent Steuerberater will help a lot so start looking now. I would recommend using a bookkeeping program such as LexOffice or Debitor to keep everything in order, this will also help keep your costs with the Steuerberater down as they can just log-in and everything is there nicely organised.