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  1. Paying casual staff.

    One of my clients desperately needed me last weekend so I got a friend to cover for me at another job. She will be paid for the couple of hours work, obviously I want to make the payments legally, but they don’t make it easy do they?  A couple of years ago, before I was self-employed, I did some coaching for a sports association and I filled out a form that said something like “Here’s my claim form for the coaching fee and travel expenses, I understand that it’s taxable and will declare it all”, I can’t find anything like that for her now though. Looks like I’m going to have to get the Steuerberater involved....  
  2. German bookkeeping and invoicing software

    I’m really happy with Debitoor, multiple language and currency support for the invoices, MwSt Voranmeldungen, a system for my Steuerberater to log-in and access the data in DATEV format, integration with PayPal and card readers, and an English language interface.  I don’t know if multiple people can access it at the same time though.   It also integrates with my bank to import transactions and match them to invoices/expenses, however this is one area where I had a problem. I started using it last year in May, but could only get csv files from my bank for the previous three months. To complete the records I manually entered the first 5 weeks or so of data, but this had to be entered as a separate account in Debitoor as you can’t maually enter data in an account which is being synced. This has really confused my Steuerberater. Not a problem this year though, as everything started on the 1.1.   (If anybody does go for it I have a referral code somewhere for some money off.)
  3. I live just outside Pforzheim, it’s true that it looks like a pretty shitty city and the character is different to many other German cities due to the number of foreigners, but it really is not a problem. (It’s much nicer here than the British town my wife comes from.) There’s (nearly) everything here that we need and I don’t feel unsafe in the town. It’s not perfect, for example the big swimming pool in the centre closed as the town couldn’t afford to repair it, but at the same time one of the parks that had a bad reputation has been cleaned up. There are plenty of parks and outdoor pools on the summer. It is true that there a lot of kebab shops, but other options such as curry or sushi are opening up here.     As with any town there are good parts and bad parts, with that wage in Pforzheim you’ll be fine. Equally the schools are mixed, but some of them do have good reputations, even if the building doesn’t look great.