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  1. Tax relief packages in Germany 2022

    Did anybody actually expect anything different?  The interest rate for loans from my bank has gone up 12 times so far this year, the internet rate for savers is still negative. How much of the MwSt reduction was passed on? I didn’t lower my prices.  For a 30c Tax reduction there was only ever going to be a few token cents passed on. 
  2. Freelance income along with Full time income

    The usual advice holds true for anybody going Freelance - get yourself a separate business bank account, some bookkeeping software and a Steuerberater. Doing it properly from the start will save you from a lot of pain in the future. 
  3. Drones In Germany

    1) How do you know you were filmed? Was it posted somewhere?   2) I love the irony of somebody complaining about noisy gadgets ruining the peace and quiet whilst they blast a huge musical instrument around the hills. 
  4. Drones In Germany

    It depends on the model. If it’s actually a drone (i.e. actually capable of independent flight) then it’ll usually return to where it took off from. If it’s multi-copter rather than a drone it’ll just crash when it loses the signal. 
  5. Drones In Germany

    Yes it’s all regulated, but actually quite easy to sort out. There’s a standardised EU framework so it’s not really harder in Germany than other European countries.  What is difficult is where you’re allowed to fly. There are so many Naturschutzgebiet, National Parks etc. that if you do manage to find an area away from people/houses/roads then you’re probably not allowed to fly there. I’m lucky that I have a couple of small areas near me. Check out Map2Fly or DronIQ to see how you’d fare.    As for the bank - maybe they were illegal or maybe they were doing it commercially and actually filming it for a reason. Who knows? 
  6. I’ve started to use Trade Republic for this as transactions only cost €1   Join Trade Republic to make your money work for you! Use this personal invitation link to sign up and receive a bonus: https://ref.trade.re/42vhst2n
  7. I have once had a problem sending in a MwSt Voranmeldung using one of the systems, it wouldn’t connect to the Finanzamt sever. I had to take the figures and enter them into ELSTER myself. Every other time (and we ‘re talking years) it’s been perfectly fine.  I only generate the Voranmeldungen though, the end of year stuff gets done by a Steuerberater.    Why don’t you just generate the invoices using the bookkeeping software? Why do you need to generate elsewhere and upload them.