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  1. Hi all,


    I am leaving Germany at the end of September and need to deregister from GEZ. I understand I need to fill in the form and include my Abmeldungsbscheinigung from the Bürgeramt via registered post. However, as I am unable to receive this until 14 days before my departure, will this mean I will have to pay another month if I don't give enough notice? I can't seem to find anything on the website about Kündigungsfrist. Does anyone have experience with this? If I send in my GEZ deregistration form 14 days before my departure and request confirmation, should everything *theoretically* be ok?


    Thanks in advance!



  2. If your daughter was a fan of the original Milo bar, send her some Ovomaltine `Choc-Ovos` as they are the closest thing to the good ol' Milo bar. I also send people Elmex morning and night toothpaste :)


  3. Hi all,


    I recently purchased a digital television but am experiencing some reception problems. The antenna socket is in an odd place where I do not want to put the tv. I tried using a small cable to test out reception but could only pick up a few channels. I then moved the tv to the desired spot and used a 3m cable to connect it to the antenna socket. I am still unable to access all channels at one time. I have to move the cable in order to receive other channels but in doing so, I lose others. Could be that I purchased too cheap a cable.


    I dont want to use a 3m cable long-term and am wondering if there is a cheaper solution to having another socket installed. Would one of these things work?


    Thanks in advance!


  4. Hi all,


    I have a narrow bridge and require glasses with nose pads to ensure they don't slip all the time. Unfortunately I only seem to like plastic frames, which generally don't have nose pads. In Australia and the UK there are shops that will drill specially-designed nose pads into plastic frames but haven't found any places in Berlin that provide this service. Any suggestions?


    Thanks in advance :)



    Go here , in the little drop box below choose the first 2 digits of your zip code, hit "Anzeigen" and voila, a list of all butchers near you dealing Neuland meat.

    Free-range, organic, öko-as-fuck and delicious meat from happy little pigs.


    Neuland is not actually classified as bio/organic, but yes, word on the street is that the pigs were probably happier than most :)



  6. Update:


    DHL responded to my email, vaguely apologising for the mistake, but also stating that the sender paid Australia Post for a service and as such, entered into a contract with AP for the package to be delivered to my address. A service that was not delivered. The Australian Postal Industry Ombudsman have confirmed this and I am now waiting for a response from AP, who aren't happy that they have to pay for DHL's screw-up!


  7. Hi all,


    I live in an area where mosquitos are rampant in summer. I would like to install some fly screens of the cheaper variety (special tape, stick the nets on), but this probably won't work due to the design of the damn Altbau windows - as far as I can see, the only place I could stick the tape would be the window ledge. I could also stick the tape on the inside, but the windows would have to remain open all the time. Grrrrrr!


    I have attached a photo so you can see what I mean. Any solutions?


    Thanks in advance!



  8. Hi all,


    I ordered a poster from Australia in January and just found out that DHL posted it back because "Empfänger/Firma unter der angegebenen Anschrift nicht zu ermitteln". This is completely false. It is a perfectly valid address, which my Anmeldungbescheinigung and other packages received (via DHL) can confirm. There are signs with my surname on the front door, the Eingang to my building and my own door.


    I obviously don't think it's fair for me to pay for it to be posted back to Germany but do I have a choice? Is it worth paying a visit to DHL? What are my rights here?


    Thanks in advance!


  9. Thanks for your reply, murphaph.


    Yes, the heater in the living room is on 100% all the time and find that they all feel pretty hot. That said, the Klempner who was here a few months ago thought the living room heater felt "arschkalt".


    The only reason I am keeping the doors open at the moment is because the living room seems to heat up faster as it feeds off the heat from the other rooms. Closing all the other doors and just heating the one room only brings a maximum temperature of 18,5 degrees on a cold day.


    My rent is far from günstig so I don´t really think it is fair to keep paying the full amount when the apartment is cold 5 months of the year. I have spoken to the Mieterverein and was told that the apartment should be able to reach 20 degrees in the middle of the room within four or so hours. As advised, I am keeping a log of outside and inside temperatures for the next week so we can enter discussions with the landlord if the situation doesn`t improve.


  10. Hi all,


    Does anyone else have Gas Etage Heizung with a thermostat on the wall?


    Before moving in, I had only ever lived in apartments with normal Zentrale Heizung, so I am a bit confused. I am fairly certain that my heating system is not working as it should. The thermostat is connected to the heater in the walk-in living room, which is on full power all the time, as advised by the specialist who came a few months ago. In my old apartment, I could heat only one room without any problems. Now, it takes around 10 hours to heat the living room where I spend most of my time (with doors closed) to 20 degrees. It is set to 22 degrees, but only reached 21,5 once (after 15 hours).


    I have been experimenting a little and it seems that if I switch on the heating in all rooms (kitchen, living room and bedroom) and leave all doors open, the living room heats up faster. But is this really how the heating system should work? I am not really a fan of wasting energy when I am not using the two other rooms.


    My landlord is not very happy that I am the first tenant to complain about the heating system but has nonetheless arranged for another specialist to inspect the system this week. So that I don`t appear totally clueless, can someone tell me about their experience with this sort of heating? Is it possible to just heat one room? How long should it take to heat an apartment from 16 degrees to 20 degrees? Does heating other rooms waste energy or do they all run off the main unit in the living room?


    Thanks in advance for any answers to this riveting post.


  11. Ah, okay, thanks for the replies. I just got my hands on a manual, so hopefully I should be able to figure out to heat only when required. Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of when living with gas heating?


  12. Hi all,


    I just moved into an apartment with gas etage heizung and am a little unsure what is normal and how it all works. The main unit is in the bathroom and there is an electronic regulator in the living room.


    Should the main unit only "flame" (and cause the meter to tick) when I use hot water or the heating? At the moment it is firing up every 5 minutes for no apparent reason. Is this normal? Or could it have something to do with the electronic regulator? When I switch the main unit off completely, the regulator also switches off.


    Also, any tips on reducing my gas bills? I was told that I could turn the main unit down to the lowest setting (1) but do I really need it on 5 most of the time?


    Sorry for the dumb questions, it`s my first time living with gas!


    Thanks in advance!


  13. Hi all,


    I am considering going on a day trip with DB's Ostsee Ticket. I have never been to the Ostsee and am hoping to just spend a relaxing day by the water. Also, because it's just a day trip, I don't really want to fuss around too much with local public transport once I arrive at one of the DB destinations. Can anyone recommend any of these places?


    Bad Doberan


    Bergen auf Rügen


    Lauterbach Mole

    Lauterbach (Rügen)

    Ostseebad Binz

    Ostseeheilbad Graal-Müritz

    Ribnitz-Damgarten West

    Rostock (Hbf und Seehafen)

    Sassnitz, Stralsund

    Warnemünde, Wismar




    Plus: alle Bahnhöfe der UBB bis Swinoujscie Centrum (Swinemünde Zentrum).


    Thanks in advance :)