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  1. Unacceptable noise from construction work

    Jesus. I can't believe with all the sharks with laser beams and other innovations there isn't a better way to do this than an pneumatic hammer. 
  2. Unacceptable noise from construction work

    Thanks for all your advice. Looks like I struck a nerve! It's quite extraordinary how long it's taking them. There is still no actual new building started. Maybe they hired the BER crew! I will join the mietverein. 
  3. Unacceptable noise from construction work

    This is an old string, but topic is the same.  My situation is a bit different though, as it is actually construction work that has been going on for at least 3 months on a building that has been torn down and now the foundations are being put in.   Starting from 7 am most days, I am almost shaken out of my bed by the pounding. I cant work at home as the noise and vibration are too much. Anybody had any luck getting compensation in such a case? Not the landlord's fault, but can the construction people be held liable? This is just getting a little ridiculous now...