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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    So like Vef & Mytwopups refer to I'm an old timer here at TT - loved this place and the crack that was had , got married and headed down to Switzerland at the tail end of 2008 and was welcomed into the EF fold. As TT hosted some of the funnest and most intriguing conversations I've ever been lucky enough to have with folks from all over this mudball called earth I was a bit annoyed that EF wasn't quite as censorship free. Now we're not talking about personal insults here we're more talking about people who simply see the world differently and want everyone to get a fair shake.   About 2 months ago there was a mod shakeup and like a breath of oxygen to a fella on his death bed the censors were removed and I started to post on EF again. As the two lads posted above this must have mightily upset some powers that be and hence shutdown...   I dearly love and loved both places - would be a shame to see some authoritarian arseholes shut us - and you down.
  2. Swiss sister board to this one has shut down because we had impartial mods for a change so i might be back for a bit...