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    It still pisses me off too when i think about this cheating asshole...what is even more disgusting is that despite this case having been brought to the authorities notice...the scheming turk got away with it by producing half a dozen affidavits from his relatives in germany saying he has always been here looking for work...!!


    Sadly he's far from the only one... one of my best friend's wife used to check on welfare recipients in Munich - she got so depressed from the level of fraud that she left the job... said the most fraudulent were Afghanis as it happens...



    Parny, having a mini-alien burst through your stomach in one explosive moment is nothing compared to squeezing something the size of a watermelon through an opening the size of a lemon over several excruciating hours.


    Awesome... I have waited for this moment for a long time :


    "Every woman is different you know , your experience may not be the same as any other womans"


    Now that I've managed to squeeze that magical sentence in there - which means exactly fuck all - but to some Oprah watchers it seems to be the most distilled form of human insight yet experienced I'll expand :


    Me Ma didn't even bother her arse with with an epidural to have me - Mrs. P to this day thinks that somehow me Ma's vag must be made out of admanatium - you know that stuff Wolverine from X-men is made from.


    I've a friend who had her last kid upstairs in the bath in 20 mins flat and swears that toothache kicks the arse out of childbirth in the pain stakes.


    Granted I've some female friends who've had +24 hours of labour ordeals.


    Worst pain I've ever experienced was a slipped disc in NYC (4 nights on a wooden floor before I could hobble again) - certainly beats toothache - but in fairness I reckon average childbirth probably on a par with that.



    Chat Noir is obviously referring to the infanticide mother as the first murderer.



    In that case the question is even more stupid :


    Killing 1 (not necessarily murder) :


    Killer is young woman , possible 20 year old prostitute ,possibly abused

    Killed is newborn child


    Killing 2 (not necessarily murder) :


    Killer is executioner appointed following trial to establish facts , background etc

    Killed is young woman etc etc



    You might want to change the interests section of "about me" if you want your views on this subject taken seriously :P


    I didn't say that the Mum was wrong at any stage here ,just that people are being as inconsistent and sexist here as they are with a bunch of other stuff.



    If you kill someone who has already killed isn't this the same? What is the difference between the 1st murderer and our self righteous one?


    Umm now you're saying the baby killed someone ???



    We are not all the same, some people can handle horrible situations some not.


    or logical argument it appears.



    Nathaniel, I said I think you are.


    It is difficult to draw the line. For example I think rapists should not live but what would happen if there was complete remorse, should we still punish? By being vindictive do we change the society we are in? Is there a good outcome from our act?


    Why does it have to be vindictive ?

    Why not out of a will to protect the rest of the population , to rehabilitate the offender and to strongly de-incentivise such behaviour ?



    I am not justifying her deed but just for a second try to imagine yourself being in her shoes. Lets assume her life was hell. So, imagine you have no future, you are almost raped everyday, maybe you are a drug addict and on top of this a baby comes along! What would you do?


    Why assume her life was hell ? The Mum working 3 jobs to feed her kids , I bet she spends some hours in Hades too , I bet many many people have truly shit lives but don't resort to stuff like this - some of the poorest people I've ever known are some of the best , Germany has sooo many services to help someone in truly dire straits (and fuck all to help that working Mum actually).



    Perhaps, if a guy* had been around to support and help and advise her, this would not have happened.


    *or anyone, for that matter



    Perhaps , or "perhaps" if prostitution was illegal and properly enforced as same this person would never have come to Germany in the first place ?


    Your speculation is as good as mine.



    She needs help before being punished. Anyone who sees throwing a child away like a piece of garbage as her only choice was probably treated like garbage herself. Yes, what she did was wrong; and yes, she should be brought to realize that. But as mentioned above, don't judge before you know the facts.


    How do you know it was her only choice , that she was treated like garbage etc etc ?


    If it was a guy who killed his newborn , several prominent posters would be up to their usual bloodthirsty stuff (only for men , natch) - any of this "mental stress/extenuating circumstances stuff" would be roared down.



    Maybe her life was so hellish she thought she would be doing baby a favour by sparing it having to grow up in the dire circumstances that were her life? C'mon, use some imagination.


    Maybe , but maybe doesn't make it so. Short and long of it is that she killed her newborn , violently , the rest of it is just speculation.



    I do not believe in the Poop.


    The Catholic Church has not only sodomised young boys, but committed mass murder (including priests) and helped to overthrow legitimate governments by getting involved in politics. Catholicism is not tolerant, but punishing and revengeful.


    Remember, Adolf Hitler was a Catholic. And Torquemada. And Pavelic. The list goes on ...


    Adolf Hitler was an atheist "We do not want any other god than Germany itself. It is essential to have fanatical faith and hope and love in and for Germany."

    as was Joeseph Stalin and Mao Zedong. In the last century at least atheists have had quite a monopoly on tyrannical mass murderers.



    I should have known better not to use words such as semantics, abysmal or misogyny when talking to a chimp!


    That's very kind of you , using words such as "semantics" , "abysmal" and "misogyny" is truly a fine contribution and I'm sure your ancestors , regardless as to whether they were the "1st human" or the "21st human" must be very proud. Well done.



    Of course not. One can delude themselves with whatever space gods and fantasies they have. As a militant atheist I have no problem with 21st humans believing in space gods. We do believe in evolution and some of us have evolved better than the others


    What's a "21st human" ? Do you have a number stamped on your head? If so what is it?



    If you are going to pick on the semantics, Dawkins said barring, look at the usage of gerund there. Meaning Ratzinger is continuing in the misogynistic traditions of the Catholic church. He did not claim that Ratzinger started these abysmal traditions.


    And here I thought that will be obvious to anyone with a basic education!


    Do you speak English? It appears not.



    Couldn't resist it, had to repost it,


    He is an enemy of women, barring them from the priesthood, as though a penis were an essential tool for performing pastoral duties. - Richard Dawkins on Ratzinger, Protest Against the Pope, London


    Did he bar them from the priesthood or has it been like that for , oh say 2000 years? You and Dawkins seem to share the love of being wrong.



    Pas has reached his posting limit for the week, so won't be able to respond for the moment.


    Shame , I miss him.



    Parnell, oh dear. Ooooh! Girlfriend in "own opinion" shocker!! Thank God I am allowed as a woman to hold and express my own opinion in today's society, and that my opinion holds equal weight with anyone else's, "even" men. Something the Catholic church seemingly doesn't agree with, among other things.

    What do you mean "as a woman" ? Can you point out where the Catholic Church says that women's points of view do not hold equal weight?



    The simple truth is, friend, you do have a big bias (for better or worse) against pretty much anything Pas says. That's your prerogative, but I would kindly ask you not to drag me into your personal attacks on others.


    Well that's not really true is it? Kindly point out a single example of me disagreeing with Pas other than the topic of the Catholic Church? If he spends a ridiculous amount of time posting on this topic then am I to blame? Also it is not a "personal attack" - when someone simply points to the evidence of his bias - as I did. Finally if you have views , and wish to express them , why be shy about them being remembered and quoted - you weren't alone in taking little Pas up on his nonsense as I made reference to above.



    I am not going to start reading the background of a message that was posted almost two years ago. Suffice it to say that I respect anyone who can speak out and say s/he disagrees with something someone has said - no matter whether that person is her boyfriend or not. Although, I somehow fail to see the "taking to task" which you are talking about.


    You'd have to read that first - something you've refused to do.



    Unfortunately I have yet to see you having the backbone to do the same. Maybe it does have something to do with your upbringing. Who knows.


    Umm if there is something you'd like to say about me personally then don't be shy. But do back it up if you can.



    And as far as your saying to someone ...


    Just makes me




    Sure , I'd expect no less from a person who is "proud" of her participation in a terrorist act that endangered the lives of innocents. But carry on preaching.