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  1. I just read this article and don't quite understand it. Does it mean that I would not be eligible for NHS treatment if I were to get sick in the UK (I live in Germany) since I have gaps in my contributions since I moved abroad, and in some cases it's too late to make voluntary contributions from the early 90's?   "This means those who have paid into the system all their lives and have chosen to retire in another country will not have to worry if they need treatment if they fall ill or have an accident on return visits to the country, something many were concerned about."
  2. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Congrats evildudette. It is really exciting.
  3. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Today I collected my certificate. I am so happy. Apparently I will get an invitation to the next celebration in May in Berlin Charlottenburg.
  4. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Congrats evildudette
  5. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      The date to meet from this Friday February 22, 2019 has been rescheduled to next Wednesday February 27, 2019. That's fast. I can't wait. I am rather impressed. I have to say that my experience with both the Bezirksamt in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Berlin for the einbürgerungsantrag and Deutschrenteversicherung has been very good and the case workers have been ever so polite and helpful. I am extremely grateful when I compare it to stories I hear from other people in Germany, and from the 3million EU citizens applying for Settled Status in the UK.
  6. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Thank you Robinson100. Yesterday I also had my appointment with the Deutschrenteversicherung regarding my Tax contributions so it was a busy day.  
  7. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Update -  February 14, 2019 - I got my letter today saying it's complete along with a date to collect the certificate.  I am out of town then so will have to request a new date, and then I can book an appointment for sorting the passport out once I have the certificate. 
  8. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    FYI: I'm almost there and wanted to share my timeline.   May 15, 2018 - Went to Amt in Berlin, Charlottenburg without an appointment super early to ask what was required. I was given a form which listed everything I had to bring to my appointment with a Caseworker. I had gathered everything I thought I might need from info on websites to produce next to the form with the list. I just took everything I could possibly think of. The only things I was told I needed were official translations of things like birth and marriage certificate. I went to another room to book an appointment. It was agreed that 2 weeks would give me sufficient time to get the translations and to present all documents   May 31, 2019 - Received email confirming appointment set for June 29, 2018.    June 29, 2018 - Met a caseworker who took all documents that were on the list. Forgot to take my EC card for payment. Received a request for payment by Post shortly after and sent payment via wire transfer.   August 25, 2018 - Sat Einburgerungstest   September 13, 2018 -Received Einburgerungstest Certificate and sent it to Amt by email.   January 10, 2018 - Amt requested payslips for previous month   February 2, 2019 - Amt confirmed receipt of my payslips, said my application is complete and that I should receive an Invitation for Naturalisation very soon.   To date - Currently waiting.
  9. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    I used it last week and the code was received by my German mobile
  10. The Brompton Folding Bike

    How did you transport the bike from London to Germany?
  11. permanent residency or dual citizenship?

    I read this and see a link has been provided for those wanting to apply for Permanent residency specifically in Berlin.    Berlin assures Britons ahead of Brexit      
  12.   Ah, thanks someonesdaughter Seems really straightforward now. :-)  
  13.   I live in Berlin and found this link which indicates a lot more documents are needed and it appears to cost €109. Did I miss something?
  14. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Ah ok. I'm also in Charlottenburg. I think my application to s relatively straight forward. Congratulations anyway.
  15. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      I'm just curious as to how long it took from you handing in your documents to getting your letter since I also live in Berlin and handed my documents in in September.