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  1. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Good to know.   According to the CovPass FAQ, they're currently working on an English language version of the app.
  2. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    The process at the Apotheke was straightforward. I gave my yellow vaccination book and ID card to an operator who entered  details into a computer and gave me two printed sheets contain QR codes for the first and second shots. They explained that there were a number of apps that did the same thing, but that the CovPass app from the Robert Koch-Institute was the easiest one to use (and didn't mention anything about the official status or otherwise of the others).   Went home and scanned both codes using the CovPass app. No surprises - the app showed the details corresponding to each shot and told me (in German) that the certification would be complete in 14 days time. I assume my status will be automatically updated and available for the world to see via the app.   And that's about it for now...
  3. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    I'm taking a break to go to the Apotheke now. I'll ask them about it and report back...
  4. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

      If you look at Google Play Store, you'll see a number of apps offering the same thing. Which ones are 'official' and who you're sharing data with are important questions, but I don't have any answers. I guess that's why I went for the Rob Koch app. It's the only 'official' brand I know.
  5. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Looks like every Apotheke in the hood is offering QR codes, which is great.   Impfpass apps, on the other hand, seem to be a mixed bag. There are some with very bad reviews - based mainly on the app's inability to read or accept QR codes.   I'm going to download the one offered by the Robert Koch institute named CovPass but I imagine it might be a continuing topic of discussion as more people get to this stage.
  6. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

      So a specialised app which displays the certified pass? Thanks, I'll check this out.
  7. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

      We didn't get any QR codes with either of the shots. I've only used the Corona Warn app with the schnell tests so far. Will look into it further however, thanks.   I never used Luca either - which I guess might be used for the same purpose. It seemed pretty fiddly and the app had negative reviews on Google play store.
  8. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Does anyone know how long after receiving a second shot one can ask for a digital "passport"? I know the yellow Impfung pass will do the job but I don't want to carry that around with me.   And have there been any firm announcements yet about what exemptions or benefits the passport will give on an everyday basis in Berlin? I mean for someone who isn't intending to travel outside the city.   Got the 2nd BioNtech shot yesterday. Sore and slightly swollen arm, but not much else. Wondering what effect it's going to have on the abstand-ish misanthropy I've acquired over the past year or so...
  9. Over 50s Language Class

    Hi Rickfish01, what part of Berlin were you planning to meet?
  10. Forgot to mention this odd one:,13.3644991,18.36z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x47a853cd44f37729:0xb6ed87c8df5289f4!8m2!3d52.58179!4d13.36538   Next to SBahn Wilhelmsruh. I've got no idea what it's like, but when I cycled past last year it was open - in spite of Coivd restrictions - and looked like it dealt with furniture.   No guarantees though. I'm aiming to visit properly once the weather improves.
  11. I don't know any that have reopened on a regular basis. Between the first and second waves they started up again with regulated entry - which actually made it easier to browse because the crowds were much thinner. I'm really hoping they open up again soon - it's where I used to buy my hand-tools.   As far as furniture is concerned, Leopoldplatz usually has/had a good selection. Mauerpark too, although the haggling can be tiresome. Arkonaplatz is a bit more up-market, though there's great vintage/ex-DDR stuff there.   An interesting one to check out - which doesn't get a lot of coverage - is the HansaMarkt Trödelmarkt in Berlin-Weissensee. It's got a carpark section, as well as a more established set of stalls. The sellers are mostly east-side - there's not so many of the Turkish 'deceased estate' dealers. If it's the latter you're after though, you can't beat Schöneberg town hall.   Damn, I wish it would all start up again...
  12. Not really missing alcohol

    Am I right in guessing that anything not on tap would be served in a small measure?   I was going to recommend Ginger Beer (at least it's still got the right word in it). Otherwise, if it was a warm day, I'd go for a large glass of sparkling water with lots of ice.   Those drinks that LukeSkywalker suggested make me thirsty just reading them, but I figure you're sitting outside an English pub and so perhaps the options are a bit limited...   My wife used to drink a lot of Club Mate, which always gave her an alcohol-free buzz.
  13. Beta-blockers in Berlin

      I'm sure they would, and for good reasons. What I'd like to know is how extensive those tests might be - particularly the cardio ones, and how these compare with the tests for anxiety.
  14. Beta-blockers in Berlin

    Has anyone living in Berlin had experience getting prescribed beta-blockers - either for anxiety or for arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat)?   I'd be interested to know how the assessment procedure for each might be different: for instance, before prescribing BBs as a treatment for arrhythmia, would a German doctor insist on clinical cardio testing? If it were for anxiety, would a consultation with a psychologist suffice?   While I respect individual opinions and preferences for one form of treatment over another, it's direct experiences with the system (if there are any out there) that I'm hoping to hear about.   thanks in advance.
  15. Mieterverein doesn't answer, what now?

    Okay, I understand your situation better now.   When I signed off on a mandate with the BMV, I assumed that it gave them the power to act on my behalf - without also obliging them to take any particular course of action. I can't imagine that they'd formulate a contract that would be otherwise - it would leave them open to all kinds of litigation from their own membership and would be unworkable.   As for where you take it from here - I can only offer general advice and it would be not to search for ways of forcing the BMV to do what you want (and I speak as someone who's been very dissatisfied with my own dealings with them), but look at other agencies who might help you with legal action. There are other, smaller un/official tenancy advice organisations and collectives who advocate at a local Kiez level, and then there are lawyers specialising in tenancy issues, if you feel confident enough to risk going to court.   I can't help with any specific names here, but I think I would go to a local adviser like AWO to get some pointers in the right direction.   And it's just very general advice about dealing with individuals in a large, hierarchical organisation: that you can sometimes get things done by keeping cool and clear and cc'ing someone else in the organisation in your email correspondence. Ideally this would be someone higher on the ladder, but the emphasis is on clarity and good manners.   Good luck.