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  1. real estate

    Please punch in some numbers for better understanding.. so you expect your tenant  will pay 75,% of your EMI (bank interest + some loan amount)!
  2. real estate

    I dont understand the logic in your plan. But is it right that you want to  pay your rent plus partial EMI but not EMI for your own apartment? In my personal  opinion RE is not a good investment  unless you are a expert /professional in this field.
  3. I hope you already visited the apartment physically. first I would use DeepL or google to translate the document and read it thoroughly. That will give you an overall impression and conditions. I think meiteverein will offer such a service.
  4. Allergies and health insurance: what do they usually pay for?

    Nebulizers are covered. Salt treatment like hypertonic saline inhalation makes things better esp during bronchitis. We have tried HEPA air purifier ( Philips model), but this is not making big change as the air quality seems to pure in Hamburg . Have you checked for adenoids? The surgery helped in a big way to my daughter to stop the recurring infection. 
  5. Indian Mutual funds capital gain taxation!

    I am searching/reading a lot but still confused about the taxation points on mutual fund investments. We both are german tax residents and  investing in indian mutual funds for last few years (everything is after 2009).  Most of the funds are equity based. There is some gain in the capital but we didnt sell any of our funds. Should we declare these investments and gain in our german tax declaration every year, even though we did not sell anything at the moment?  We are planning these investments for our retirement and plan is to sell them in 10-15 years. How the tax for the capital gain will be calculated in germany? is it per year taxation or the full tax in the selling year?