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  1. Gas Heizung Wartung

    Hi Gambatte,  Do you happen to see what are the work they did during this service? did they checked/cleaned the air ducts as well?
  2. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

    Keto / LCHF is the best way to reverse diabetes and few other metabolic disorders. Because  of insulin  resistance,  the good carb foods such as whole grains, Millett will still spike your blood glucose level. In keto  you don't need to eat meat all the time. There are lot of vegetarian keto options available. It will be shocking to know how much one consume in normal diets. I wish I had known about this diet in earlier time..
  3. Experience building Fertig Haus?

    Interesting! I thought that with proper insulation and indoor climatization the new houses will be better in both aspects. What is the energy  efficiency  value of your House?     
  4. Buying property in Germany

    I don't know you will get a contract in English in "Germany". Ask your notar to send the contract as a word document so that you can use deepl or Google translate. You will get the essential  understanding of the contract. You can clear your doubts with your lawyer and then with your Notar.. BSB lawyers also can help you to check your contract. 
  5. Buying property in Germany

    @fartencore Buying a property will be a long process. It seems you got clearance from the bank about mortgage eligibility. You can start searching for the property which will fulfill all of your needs. If the house is in good location and condition, there will be competition even with agent fees.  You can then decide to go for this property or not..But this will take some time perhaps months, by then you will understand the situation much better.
  6. Stock market investing in Germany for dummies

    Can any one recommend a blog or book to know about the German stock market esp Index fonds and ETFs.  I am particularly interested in back testing analysis of available data to make a low volatile and low maintenance portfolio. My key question is to finding the required asset allocation for safely beating the inflation in the context of Germany. Thanks
  7. Tax refund claims for building a house

    Thanks for the replies. Any ideas about the demolition work invoices? in our case, demolition and construction carried out in two different years.
  8. Tax refund claims for building a house

    Hi, thanks for your reply. In my limited understanding, some part of craftsmen wages of the existing household (means after move in) can be claimed in the tax return. In our case this is mostly for the flooring and gardening work. Please see this link: I am not sure whether my understanding is correct, just wanted to get suggestions from the experienced forum members. 
  9. Tax refund claims for building a house

    Greetings to Everyone. We have built an row house after removing the old house on that land. What services and expenses can be used for tax refund in this process? If I understand correctly, most of the services after the construction (like flooring, moving, gardening costs) can be submitted for tax claim. What about old house removal costs? Is there any costs associated with building construction can be used for tax refunds? Please share your suggestions on this.Thanks.
  10. Indian Mutual funds capital gain taxation!

    I am searching/reading a lot but still confused about the taxation points on mutual fund investments. We both are german tax residents and  investing in indian mutual funds for last few years (everything is after 2009).  Most of the funds are equity based. There is some gain in the capital but we didnt sell any of our funds. Should we declare these investments and gain in our german tax declaration every year, even though we did not sell anything at the moment?  We are planning these investments for our retirement and plan is to sell them in 10-15 years. How the tax for the capital gain will be calculated in germany? is it per year taxation or the full tax in the selling year?