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  1. Brexit- what British Berliners need to do next

    Even if the withdrawal agreement is passed, you will still have to apply for a new status (albeit with a greater set of rights than other third country residence permits). This form counts for that as well, not just if there is no deal.   It only takes a couple of minutes to fill in the form and if Brexit doesn’t happen and it isn’t needed after all then they will delete the data you have submitted.
  2. Brexit- what British Berliners need to do next

    Please share this with any Brits you know living in Berlin, even if not British yourself   The Berliner Ausländerbehörde (Foreigners Registration Office) is asking all Brits in Berlin to use their online form to register in advance for a post-Brexit residence permit.   Current estimates are that only 1/3 of Brits in Berlin have done this and so it’s important to spread the word.   So if you are British and living in Berlin, you should fill in this form if you haven’t done so already (but you don’t need to do this if you are also German, or have another non-UK EU citizenship, eg Irish)   The Ausländerbehörde has also published some FAQs, which are based upon some of the common questions and concerns that me and other volunteers at British in Germany were hearing from fellow British citizens in Berlin.   Further details about this and citizens’ rights more generally can also be found on the British in Germany e.V. website:  
  3. Hi everyone,   British in Germany is holding an Infoabend at Freundenzimmer in Kreuzberg (Mehringdamm 61) on 31st August 2018. It starts at 7pm and is followed by a party from 9pm (€3 plus booking fee in advance, €5 on the door which will help cover costs). It’s a good way for Brits in Berlin to find out about what’s happening with citizens rights in the Brexit negotiations (before then completely forgetting about the stress of Brexit with one or two of your favourite tipple).   More details can be found here:   Hope to see many of you there!   Matt