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  1. Hey Melanie & Co.,

    Hürth isn't far at all- I'm a canadian married to a german and still in elternzeit with a 21mo. active tot in Erftstadt... really can't find enough playgroups out here!! I currently only have Tues. Thurs. and Fri. am covered, and notice it's still not enough...



  2. I'd have to second westvan. The photographer in our tiny Dorf had no trouble doing the pics, he just had to adjust to the size specifications. Most competent photographers should be fine with that.

    There is a photographer around the corner from the consulate in D'dorf who is also good, he has the pictures done quickly and knows the format since he gets quite a few referrals from the consulate.


  3. Have you looked at the BW education ministry's website? There you will find the infos on what their standards are for foreign teachers. Generally most Bundesländer want a II Staatsexam and Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom (C2 exam) for perm. positions, but in NRW you can start as a "Seiteneinsteiger" with ~C1 level German- they were interested in hiring native-speakers through the "Teacher Acquisition Programme", but scrapped the program since they have too many Referendaren at the moment... could have a look here https://www.schulministerium.nrw.de/BP/LeoAngebote

    Generally, you would have to re-qualify, but as a "Seiteneinsteiger" you would be doing your qualifications with the "Referendaren" as well as teaching. If they would give you a spot in a one-year "Lehramtbefähigung" or a spot in a two-year programme to do a II Staatsexam depends on how many hours you have studied in specific Fächer, or if you have a four-year Bachelor or Masters degree...

    Don't worry if you aren't an EU-pass holder, I'm not either and I still got hired. The only difference is that you can't become a Beamter if you get your II Staatsexam, you can only be an Angestellte.

    I'm pretty sure there is another thread dealing with this issue for RP/Hessen somewhere on TT...


    But if you have a Masters in Accounting, I think there might be enough Math hours in there to qualify as a Math teacher- and man are they desparate for Math teachers here! (as well as chem, physics, latin...) and the Berufskollege are desparately searching for teachers as well...


  4. I emailed the AIWCC blindly a few months ago, they claimed I would need to be a member to participate in their activities (no mention of a trial meet-up, so it wasn't terribly enticing). I am also hoping to raise my 1yr. old daughter bilingually- we live with my german husband outside of Cologne in the Ville (so her contact has been primarily only with germans- not a terrible thing but I doubt it will help her english much). I haven't seen or heard of many english playgroups outside of the cities, I'm hoping that bumping this thread might help ;)


  5. Hi!

    I am an "angestellte" just north of you in NRW. I applied originally through a "Teacher Acquisition Program" - they had an advert on a "German Embassy in Canada " site. I had to do training as a "seiteneinsteiger". To become a "Beamte", you need at least a 4 year BA (Canada)or Masters (UK), at least 30 "Semesterwochen Stunden" (Hours of Weekly Seminars/Courses) in TWO subject areas, complete your two year Referendariat or Seiteneinsteiger program (all in German, with a massive German oral thesis defence at the end), and be a EU or German national. They also have different variations for people who are "Angestellte" - they are quite desperate for teachers here at the moment, and are happy to take on Native-Speakers of English, Spanish, French and Dutch with Uni degrees who have a high proficiency in German. If you already have a teaching degree- usually you will need to requalify here, but some courses will be recognized and you might not have to do everything at least.


    For those looking for work in Bayern, keep in mind they don't even accept teaching degrees from other states in Germany (because they want to have higher standards)!! Each Bundesland does their own thing here - it's interesting to read how others are coping with their respective "system".